In God’s own land lies an ancient town filled with magical scenery all around. From lakes, valleys, to beautiful paddy fields there are many places to visit in Kottayam is another wonderland in Kerla. While Kerala has a rich culture and hill stations like Munnar but Kottayam has its own essence. Surrounded by the western ghats Kottayam is a naturally enchanting place. This beautiful place is famous for its rubber plantation and golden paddy fields.

Kottayam is commercially a very important place in Kerala. From crops, letter latex there are a lot of things for which Kottayam is famous. While as a traveler’s perspective Kottayam offers high lands, backwater stretches, and panoramic views all around. While there are many places to visit in Kottayam but we have sorted 11 best places to visit in Kottayam. These are those places which not only are famous but are alluring too. So let’s dive in and find the best places to visit in Kottayam

1. Nandukani

One of the most beautiful and famous places around Kottayam is Nandukani. The panoramic views of mountain ranges are the star attraction of Nandukani. At an altitude of around 3000ft Nandukani offers, a spell bounded view of Mountains.

This little place is also famous among trekkers due to dense forests around. With dense forest there is a nearby river by the name Muvattupuzha. The scenic view from atop the hill of mountain and river is mesmerizing.


2. Kumarakom

While the whole Kottayam is famous for its flora and fauna but Kumarakom flora is exotic and stunning. Just 13 km from Kottayam Kumarakom will offer you boating and fishing experiences.

The bird sanctuary here is home to many wild and exotic species. From wild duck to Siberian stork this sanctuary is famous for its migratory birds. With beautiful waterways and canal the experience of Kumarakom enhances. This adorable place is filled with coconut trees and green paddy fields all around that’s why we have included it in the best places to visit in Kottayam.

Kumarakom kerala

3. Kottathavalam

Kottathavalam is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kottayam. This is little place is just 2 hours away from Kottayam. Families love this place as a picnic spot whereas history buffs love it due to archaeological interest. The cave carved out of rock is Kottathavalm which lies on the top of Morgan hills. Inside the cave people can see the depiction of legends like Madurai, Meenakshi, Ayyappa, Murugan, and Kannaki. Also with these carvings shaped like chairs are also visible.

Kottathavalam kerala

4. Thirunakkara Mahadev Temple

A popular Hindu shrine that was built in the 16th century by Thekkumkoor Raja. This beautiful place not only attracts devotees but many tourists too. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is built in Kerala style. The places hold many colorful festivals here which makes the visit even more enticing. There is a lot of art and cultural programs organized here. One special ritual is in which it includes the procession of caparisoned elephants. While if you are not visiting around festivals it still remains very alluring. While it and surrounding is all year round open places to visit in Kottayam but the festivals has its own essence.

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Thirunakkara Mahadev Temple, kerala
Thirunakkara Mahadev Temple

5. Pathiramanal Island

Just 30 km from Kottayam Pathiramanal is a bird island. Thousands of migrant bird come here every year which makes it looks scenic. Pathiramanal is only 1.5 km from Muhamma boat jetty. While we loved our jetty ride from Ernakulam to Munnar but this 1.5-hour boat ride is also very fantastic.

The Vembanad lake is clean and is surrounded by forest. Bird watchers and lake lovers love this place due to its cozy environment. This place host around 50 migratory birds and 91 local species. The island remains accessible by boat only. The flora and fauna of this place are awe-inspiring.

Pathiramanal Island
Pathiramanal Island

6. Illikkal Kallu

You all know how much we love trekking around. Just look at the menu we have a dedicated place for treks. So how could we miss trekking places to visit in Kottayam?
Illikkal Kallu or Illickal Kallu is a majestic peak and most sought after destination here in Kottayam. This majestic peak is a part that looks tore off.

This small yet beautiful trek to Illikal Kallu is just 3 km. The trek starts from Erattupetta and takes you to this majestic peak. This is among very famous places to visit in Kottayam and also in whole of Kerala. This Illikal Kallu peak gives you a birds-eye view of the whole place. The places look amazing and the trek is a little steep but easy.

Illikkal Kallu
Illikkal Kallu

7. Elaveezhapoonchira

Well, it looks tough to speak Elaveezhapoonchira but its wonderful to look at. Elaveezhapoonchira is a small hill station which is famous for its valleys and dense forest. While Elaveezhapoonchira is not itself in Kottayam and is 60 km away. But this place is so beautiful that I had to include it.

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Elaveezhapoonchira is another star in Kerala’s and places to visit in Kottayam. Elaveezhapoonchira is famous as it is said that the leaves never fall out here. While it looks impossible but it is amazingly true. This place is lush green all year around. Many tourists come here to experience the majestic sunrise and sunset which is famous worldwide.

The valleys here are covered mostly in clouds and the weather remains mostly pleasant. Gigantic hills, serene landscape makes this place feel like home. The pristine beauty of this place yet remains unknown to many but slowly Elaveezhapoonchira is gaining its popularity.


8. Marmala Waterfalls

Marmala waterfalls are another great place to visit in Kottayam. Marmala waterfalls have a staggering height of 200 ft from which clear and turbulent water flows.

Marmala waterfalls are just one and a half hours away from Kottayam. While these waterfalls are inside a private rubber estate but it is open for public. The clean turbulent water is the reason why it attracts thousands of visitors here. The water flows from 200 ft to a small pond down which further joins the Teekoy river.

The location is also very scenic. The natural environment here is very lovely. With that the waterfall is also surrounded by Blue hills. The dense forest makes the journey even more exciting. To reach up to Marmala waterfalls you will have to trek a little. Also, around the waterfalls you can trek but it seems a little risky. Slippery rocks and rocky obstacles make the path tough. While trekking would not be suitable but the scenic view itself is very enticing.

Marmala Waterfalls

9. St. Mary’s Church

St. Mary church is popular not only as a religious place also due to its architectural beauty. St. Mary’s church was built by King of Tekkemur in 1579. The church is built in Portuguese style but the Hindu influence over it makes it fascinating.
While we were in Shimla or Nagaland we went to many Churches but this one is very unique. In those places churches were built by either Britishers or were very much influenced by European architecture.

The Hindu style structure to St. Mary gives it a unique style. The walls are ornamented by stone carvings and murals depicting themes. These unique things are very common in Hindu temples especially in the south. This theme not only integrates 2 popular cultures but also shows how beautiful the outcomes look.

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St. Mary's Church kottyam kerala
St. Mary’s Church

10. Poonjar Palace

Poonjat palace in Meenachil is a glorious palace of the Bygone era. The majestic palace has various collections of furniture to antiques. This collection also includes weapons and palm leaf engravings.

While the main attraction remains the walls of this temple. the temple wall has sculptures of stories from Puranas(Sanskrit sacred writings ). Another fascinating thing here is the row of lamps known as Chuttuvilakku which is carved out on the stone walls of the temple.

Poonjar Palace
Poonjar Palace

11. Vaikom

In the west of Kottayam lies this beautiful place Vaikom. Vaikom is ideal pcinic spot, recreational spot and also a very famous relegious place.

The famous Vaikom ashtami celebration are held here only in the temple. The temple was constructed in 1594 and since then has a great relegious value. While other than temple many families visit Vaikom due to it lake. While there are lot of places to visit in Kottayam Vaikom gives you by far the most options to play around.

From historical places, temples and lakes Vaikom is a full package when you visit Kottayam. Vaikom also played a great role in India’s independence. This place is famous for Vaikom satyagraham.

While there are many other places to visit in Kottayam but these 11 should be first you should visit. Kottayam and Kerala are natural beauty blessed by god. The natural landscape of Kerala has always attracted many tourists and places like Kottayam add charm in the list of Kerala Tourism.

You can find more information on Kerala Tourism’s Kottayam website here.


How to reach Kottayam

Well you should also know how to reach Kottayam. Also should know the shortest way possible to reach here.

By air

Nearest airport from Kottayam is Kochi airport which is around 67 km away from Kottayam. There are various buses and taxis available for Kottayam from airport.

By train

Kottayam has its own railway station. Train service remains the favourite option for visiting the places in Kottayam. The Kottayam railway station is connected to cities like Banglore and Mumbai.

By road

There are many public and private transport buses available for Kottayam from nearby states. The buses are affordable and runs smooth.

If you are not from nearby states so flying to Kochi airport will be the best option whereas if you are from nearby states then train and road transport is affordable and scenic.

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