Kerala is one of the most beautiful states in India and known for the sheer beauty this place has. Famously Known as god’s own land Kerala is pure heaven on this earth. From the tea estates of Munnar to the backwaters of Ernakulam this state has almost everything to offer.  With a number of hill stations, exotic beaches, mind-boggling beaches to off beaten destinations Kerala has almost every sort of place in its list.

One such extremely beautiful place which is rich in culture and boasts of serene views is Palakkad. The name Palakkad comes from the name of Pala trees which were earlier here in high density. But as of today, it is about green landscape, lush valley,  fantastic weather and of course tourist places in Palakkad.

In the foothills of Nilgiri Palakkad is known as the gateway to Kerala. And for me personally it feels it is the right place to start your epic journey of Kerala. From forts, temples, waterfalls, national parks to heritage village there are a lot of tourist places in Palakkad for which it is famous.  With the abundance of natural beauty and biodiversity, Palakkad is surely going to excite you with its breathtaking locations. So let’s find 13 Stunning Tourist places in Palakkad.

Palakkad fort

 In the heart of the city lies this ancient fort which was built around 1766 AD. The Palakkad fort which is also commonly known as the Tipu’s fort is one of the famous tourist places in Palakkad. This glorious fort was built by Haider Ali.

 The interesting thing here is on the campus of the fort there is Lord Hanuman (Anjaneya) Temple,. The unique architecture of this fort will surely leave you spellbound. The architecture of this fort is very unique. This fort is built on a tiny hill.  Famous historians say that the colossal architecture was built as a purpose of improving communication between Palakkad and nearby place Coimbatore. While today the fort is a reminder of history. There are tales about this forest of valor and bravery.

The spectacular view that this place has is surely mesmerizing. As it is up on a hill so the views outside are also beautiful. The fort is opened from 8 Am to 6 Pm. It is located on the sides of the Palakkad highway. To enter this fort there is a mere 15 to 20 rupees cost.  

Palakkad fort
Palakkad fort

 Dhoni Forest and Waterfalls

 15 km from the city of  Palakkad lies a  beautiful place known as Dhoni. Yes, Mahi magic here too. With towering peaks and river streams, Dhoni is one of the best tourist places in Palakkad.  While the serene valley was not enough the forest in Dhoni gives you an opportunity to trek around in the forest. A short walk from the road and you would see mountains, streams, and forests in the area. The Forest is filled with animals like leopards and elephants.


Now combine that with the Dhoni waterfalls and together it is the best opportunity to beat the heat and humidity of Palakkad. Dhoni hills are known as the gateway to many trekking destinations in Kerala. This little hamlet is a gem in Palakkad has an abundance of natural wealth.

Dhdhoni Forest and Waterfalls

 Malampuzha Dam

Malampuzha Dam is one of the most beautiful places. Since its establishment in 1955, this has been one of the most exotic tourist places in Palakkad. The beautiful park, water, and nice weather has made it an exotic location.

 The largest reservoir in Kerala the, Malampuzha Damis staggering 355 feet tall. The dam which was built on the Malamuzha river boasts of a garden in front of it.  The garden is extremely beautiful with all those grasses and fountains. The Japanese park, Malampuzha yakshi, Krishna park, nandi park and are music fountains are the top attractions here.

 While for the dam it is built on the Malampuzha river which is a tributary of  Bharathapuzha, which is  Kerala’s second-longest river  Malampuzha dam is around 8 km from the city center and is opened from 10 Am to around 6 Pm.

Malampuzha Dam
Malampuzha Dam

Kava Viewpoint

 While we are already here in  Malampuzha Dam there is yet another beautiful attraction near it called Kava Viewpoint. In the lap of mother nature, this viewpoint is great for those who seek trekking and hiking opportunities here.  Nestled amidst the rich valleys o western ghats the Kava viewpoint is best cherished in Monsoon. Kava’s viewpoint is surrounded by forest-clad hills from all around.

There is a serene lake which make adds charm to this exquisite tourist place in Palakkad.  Kavi viewpoint is best for those who love the lush green mountains and want some peace. Not only this place is a great place for travelers like us but it has become a hot destination for romantic couples of the area. The dense forest provides ample opportunity to click pictures.

 The Kavi viewpoint is only 12 km from the city center and the best way to reach here is through the roads of Malampuzha Gardens.

Kava Viewpoint
Kava Viewpoint

Siruvani Reservoir

The beauty of Palakkad is not only in the area but also around it. Only 50 km from Palakkad and you will be in the lush green terrains of Siruvani Reservoir. Not only Siruvani is one of the best tourist places in Palakkad but it also favorite locally.  This dam was built by the Kerala government as for water requirements of Coimbatore but soon enough it became a bustling spot. It was made somewhere around 1927 and since that, it has been a sweet little location

The panoramic beauty of this place is really captivating with its clean water and dense forest. It is a visual treat for any nature lover. To reach Siruvani there are a lot of taxis and jeep available from the Palakkad to Siruvani,.

Siruvani Reservoir
Siruvani Reservoir

Rock Garden

You must have heard about Rock Garden in Chandigarh the same here is the Rock Garden of Palakkad.  The garden is known for its waste management and it houses impressive mosaics, sculptures, and artworks which designed by the Late Nek Chand, the man behind the creation of Rock garden of Chandigarh.

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The garden is full of figurines and statues that are made with waste materials like tiles, bangles, dishes, fuse carriers, etc.  The rock garden is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Palakkad as there are Gigantic mountains in the backdrop of the park  which add to the beauty of this park

 Rock Garden palakkad

Kalpathy Heritage Village

Let’s take an insight now On the cultural side of Palakkad. As mentioned earlier Palakkal is rich in history and Kalpathy heritage village is one such place that proves that. This 14th-century village has been preserved for centuries and the existing buildings are maintained by the people and government. Kalapathy heritage village is best for heritage tourist places in Palakkad and Kerala.

 This temple complex here in the village is one of the most sacred and beautiful temples. The Heritage Village is just 3 km from the city center on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala state.  The temple is known as  Dakshin Kasi or the “Varanasi of the South”, has been proposed as the UNESCO world heritage site by the Kerala government.

This ancient village is surely a must-visit whenever you are in Pallakd as not only it shows how rich Kerala’s History is but also how rich Indian community and their history is.

kalpathy village
Festival in Kalpathy

Chinakkathoor Pooram

Our cultural insight in Palakkad just not stops in heritage villages. Chinakkathoor Pooram temple is another great historic temple here in Kerala. This temple is famous a festival famously known as  Chinakkathoor Pooram Festival This festival is celebrated on the day of Makam star of Kumbham month in the Malayalam Calendar

 The temple is the discovery of Lord Pashuram himself. Historians and priests believe that the temple was set up in just a mere 12 days by the servants of Lord Parashurama. Inside the temple, the main deities are Goddess Mahishasuramardhini and Goddess Annapurneshwari. This place boasts of serenity and peace, This big temple is very beautiful and extremely peaceful.

Chinakkathoor Pooram
Festival in Chinakkathoor Pooram

Silent Valley National Park

So with an abundance of beautiful places next in the list is the Silent Valley National park. The silent valley national park is spread in an area of over 90  sq km. It houses the largest population o Lion-tailed Macaque.

With that there are over 34 species of mammals, 31 species of reptiles, 22 of amphibians, and many other species are which are hard to list.  This national park is perhaps one of the densest in terms of wildlife and that’s why it is one of the most famous tourist places in Palakkad.

The lush green valleys, the jungles, and the peak which are covered by clouds add charm to this beautiful park. This park is so rich and beautiful that it has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Tourists love to visit this place for its beauty and the adventure this place has to offer. From jungle safari to hiking around there is ample opportunity for adventure lovers here

 Silent Valley National Park

Kollengode Palace

Another great example of how vibrant the history of Palkkal is is this Kollengode Palace. The palace is a great example of the unique Kerala architecture This palace was built by Raja Vasudeva in around 1904 for his daughter.

This palace is unique because it exhibits European influences and it has emerged as one of the top tourist places in Palakkad. The Palace is around 24 km from the city heart. It is opened from 12 in the morning to 12 in the day. Strange timing but it is what it is. This  Palace is located near Kollengode Kunisseri Road and you can take a bus or taxi to reach here from Palakkad.

Kollengode Palace

Meenvallam Waterfalls

 Last but not least in our list of top tourist places in Palakkad is  Meenvallam waterfall.   This exquisite waterfall is just 30 kilometers from the city of Palakkad. The unique thing about these waterfalls is that it is a 5 step waterfall. This waterfall is very pretty and people try to cover these steps. Many try but farthest they can reach is up to 2 steps. Families and friends enjoy this refreshing place. You can enjoy swimming and bathing sessions here.

Meenvallam Waterfalls
Meenvallam Waterfalls

Best Time to Visit Palakkad

 Palakkad is pretty beautiful all year round. The place boasts of awesome weather which in turn is great for travelers. But the Best time to visit Palakkad is from October to March.

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Palakkad in Summer

 The summers in Palakkad is not like pricking heat. Instead, the hottest month is April which hovers around a temperature of around 35 degrees,. Summers start in Palakkad from March to June. But there is not much variation in temperature during these months.  There is a bit of drizzling here and there but overall the temperature remains hot and a bit humid.

Palakkad in Monsoon

  With monsoon comes the beautiful rainfall. The monsoon paints the valleys of Palakkad. Palakkad receives more than 200 cm of rainfall which is evenly distributed all year round. The temperature in the monsoon season is from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. Overall Monsoon remains one of the best time to visit Palakkad as long as you don’t have much problem with rain while travelling.,

Palakkad in Winter

Winter is the best time to visit Palakkad since the temperature is pleasant and there is little rainfall.  The temperature also drops sharply as it hovers around 22 degrees. The month of December and January remains the coldest in Palakkad. Palakkad sees the most amount of tourists in this season only. Not only travelers but romantic couples also love the winter season.

Overall winters remain the best time to visit these favourite tourist places in Palakkal.

How to reach Palakkal

The transport system is robust in palakkal and below are the modes by which you can reach Pallakal.

 By air

The nearest airport from Pallakal is the Peelamedu airport which is in Coimbatore. The Coimbatore airport is very well connected to Bhubaneshwar in Orissa, Mumbai in Maharashtra, Chennai in Tamil Nadu, and many other states of India. While to reach Palakkad you can find taxis outside the airport.

By Rail

The Palakkad Junction is the railway station in the town. This railway station is connected well to the railway station of  Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

By road

Palakkad is very well connected by road too. Buses from all over Kerala run to Palakkad. Not only from Kerala but also from Chennai, Munnar, Ooty, and other places of Tamil Nadu. With that Karnataka buses also run for Palakkad.

So when are you planning your trip to Palakkad? Do let me know when you visit these 11 exotic tourist places in Palakkad.

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Fore More Information on Tourist places in Palakkad and Kerala Please check this Kerala govt website.

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