So you are traveling to India next. Great choice. You must have researched a lot about India before coming here. I know how hard it is to visit a country which you don’t know. While you would have visited many countries from east to west but I must tell you India is different. With over 22 recognized languages and more than 19,500 native languages India is big man. On top of that Every type of climatic condition can be found in India. From the Himalayas to Deserts and even Delta’s India has every type of landform available.

While the data above seems a little daunting but I assure you this only the surface of how diverse this country is. While in the early days it would have been a problem traveling different countries and regions without knowing their language but now due to technology it very simple. On one click you can find every sort of information which you need about the place you are visiting. From languages to culture to history everything. But having knowledge is not everything. Once you experience that particular place then only you know what really that country is.

Travelling is like meditation to me. It makes me calm and happy. Travelling all over the country I have found some great resources which you can use while travelling around India. Below are my used and resourceful App when travelling to India.

Tour Planner Apps

If you want your travel journey to be smooth and without hassle there are multiple tour planner apps you can use when traveling to India. India has few big companies which plan your next travel destination. From food, lodging to sightseeing everything is managed by these operators only. While having this approach is of course tension free but they charge a good amount of money. Nevertheless these are few good Apps for trip planning.

Make my Trip

One of India’s biggest travel sites running for decades. This company is in business for years and has served millions of happy customers. They plan your trip and make the whole experience worrisome for you.
More than 50 million-plus downloads on both play store and app store it surely is one of the most favorite apps.


Play Store link: Make my trip
App Store link: Make my trip


Another very popular app in India in terms of trip planning. Make my Trip and Yatra go head to head in competition. They are also running the business for over a decade and have served millions of customers. This app has more than 20 million-plus installation on both platforms.

Play Store link: Yatra
Apps Store link: Yatra

Other popular Travel planning apps are

Clear trip
Play Store link: Clear trip
App Store link: Clear trip

Play Store link: Ixigo
App Store link: Ixigo

Ease my trip
Play Store link: Ease my trip
App Store link: Not available on ios


Apps for navigation

So traveling around India you will of course need your routes sorted out. While there will be many times when you will have to ask people about places but these apps will surely benefit you a lot. These navigation apps have made so simple to roam around. This navigation is a must app when travelling to India.

Google maps

I know this app would already be on your devices but still just to remind you google maps are the best in business. While there are thousands of companies that provide this service but hands down nothing can beat Google Maps. With over 5 billion installations on both platforms this is the best app out there.

Play Store link: Google Maps
App Store link: Google Maps

Apps for Traveling around

When you have sorted out your routes than you must need a ride. I have sorted apps according to vehicle type


In urban areas taxis are the main source of transport to move from one place to another. There are two major companies which dominate the Indian market in terms of taxi-hailing service.


World giant Uber is extremely popular in India. Its network is in more than 60 plus cities in India. Uber is expanding at an extreme rate and has invested billions of dollars in India over the years.

Play Store Link: Uber
App Store Link: Uber


Ola is the main competitor of Uber in India. I think Ola is much bigger than Uber in India. Ola operates in more than 160 plus cities and they are also expanding their network fast. Ola is an Indian startup so it knows how this business works in India. Not only India Ola is now operating in countries like United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand which takes total operating cities to more than 260+. You must have Ola app when travelling to India.

Play store link: OLA
App Store link: OLA


Yes buses are also very much relevant to travel from one city to another. Some time these buses even cover states too. Buses are not only affordable but also has a large variety to offer. From public to private, buses are there for luxury, extra luxury, ordinary, and many other categories.


Red Bus

Red Bus is one of the biggest Bus booking apps in India. It operates all over India. They take bookings from there app and place their order to a particular bus company on your behalf. The prices are affordable and the service is quick. From customer service to refund, everything is sorted out via the app.

Play store link: Red bus
App Store link: Red bus

Other apps like Make my Trip and Yatra also offer bus booking services.


The most used, most affordable option in India is train services. Trains carry millions of passengers every day and the Irctc website is one of the most visited websites in India.


The National railway has its official app. They take bookings and offer customer support from their apps also. Irctc is one of the most used apps in India. Trains travel all over India and you must have the Irctc app when travelling to India.

Play store link: IRCTC
App store link: IRCTC

Other companies like Make my trip, yatra, Ixigo, etc also take bookings from their apps.


Like other Indian Companies there are many companies that offer their native applications to book flights.


India’s biggest company in the aviation market is Indigo only. They have over 47.5% market share currently. They are very aggressive with their prices and offer you some of the cheapest air tickets available. You need to have this app when traveling to India.

Play store link: Indigo
App store link: Indigo

Spice Jet

The second biggest in terms of Market share is Spicejet. They are serving India for decades and have good 14% control over the Indian market. They are also very aggressive with their pricing. It is generally a battle between Spice jet and Indigo in the aviation market. After the fall of Jet airways Spicejet was quick to respond and they expanded their business insanely after that.

Play store link: Spicejet
App Store link: Spicejet

You can also book air tickets from Make my trip, Yatra and other travel companies. They don’t operate flights but work as a middleman between consumer and Company.

Apps for hotels

Hotels are booming business in India. The hotel is so big that not only Indian companies but big foreign companies like Holidify and are actively present in India. All major International companies provide their services in India from to Airbnb everyone is present in India. While if you use any of these apps so finding your perfect hotel will be very easy.

But here I will be mentioning Indian companies as they have their connections with some far off places where International companies can’t compete. Also these Indian companies provide such affordable hotels that it does not hurt your bank balance.



The largest Indian hotel chain and the World’s 3rd largest hotel chain is one of the most active companies in India. This startup was by a teenage boy who now has over 10 billion valuations. You must have an Oyo app when traveling to India. OYO provides a hotel as cheap as 10 dollars a day.

Play store link: Oyo
App store link: Oyo

Make my trip

Make my trip also offers Hotel booking services. The service provided by Make my trip is excellent that’s why I had to mention it twice.


Like make my trip Yatra too is in this business with excellent command over India. They are also a major player in the Hotel booking market.


Trivago is a great app. While it does not have any sort of tie-ups with hotels. But what it does is it gives you the cheapest price of a hotel available on different websites and apps. This app scans more than 100 websites to give you the best price. You must have at least Trivago or Oyo app when traveling to India.

Play store link: Trivago
App store link: Trivago

Apps for Food

So the main headache while traveling is food. Some are scared to try out new dishes and some just dive in. There are two main competing apps in this food delivery market also. They both are Indian startups and have changed how food is delivered in India. Their connection is all over India only leaving a few rural places.


Zomato is one of India’s biggest companies in terms of Food delivery services. They have a wide variety of restaurants, stalls, dhabas which cater to food 24 hours. Their delivery service is excellent and all payments can be made cashless.

Play store link: Zomato
App store link: Zomato



Another food delivery giant competing for head to head with zomato. They also offer great service and have all sorts of restaurants and stalls. Their payment system is also cashless and delivery is one time.

Play store link: Swiggy
App store link: Swiggy

So these were some of my most recommended apps when traveling to India. These apps are very useful and serve regularly millions of customers. I have recommended these apps based on their popularity, availability, people’s review, and affordability.

While you must be wondering when Make my trip and Yatra can offer you most services then why should we consider other apps. Of course, they can offer you services but generally, you will have to pay a high amount when booking via them. Instead book directly on the particular app and save some money while traveling.

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