Uttarakhand is a land of Mystery, from high towering Himalayas to lovely green meadows this place is heaven on earth. Uttarakhand is well known around India as well as in the world for its exotic hill stations and trekking routes. I myself love Himalayas and hills so much that you can see that most posts here are of Himachal, Sikkim, Northeast, or of Uttarakhand. While all of the places we earlier saw were pretty popular among common Masses. But do you know that there are many secret hill station in Uttarakhand? Not only these hill stations are very beautiful and alluring but also they remain away from the crowd.

Yes, I am talking about some of the less explored but equally enticing hill stations of Uttarakhand. These hill stations are extremely beautiful as they are surrounded by the Himalayas all around. Most of these secret hill station in Uttarakhand also receive a good amount of snowfall and it enhances our stay here. Some of them are famous for its valleys and some are for its trekking routes. So let’s find these exotic yet secret hill station in Uttarakhand.

Secret Hill Station in Uttarakhand


As in our Pithoragarh hill station blog, I mentioned that there are a lot of other Hill stations here in Pithoragarh. One of the most beautiful among those is Chaukori. Chaukori is a small UNEXPLORED place nestled in the Kumon region of Uttarakhand.

Chaukori like other hill stations of Uttarakhand was a favorite of Britishers. The enchanting view of Himalayas from Chaukori is a blessing. The Panchachuli MOUNTAINS are the stars of Chaukori. The Nanda Devi Parvat, the Nanda Kot remains the other two visible from here.

Chaukori also boasts of nice clear weather with snowfall in winters. while this Place is so beautiful but still it remains a secret Hill station in Uttarakhand.


How to reach

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The Nearest railway station is Kathgodam in Nainital. From there you can take buses and taxis for Chaukori via Almora.  

Khati Gaon

Khati Gaon or Khati village is another absolutely fantastic and brilliant Hill station of Uttarakhand. The Khati village is in the Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand. This small hamlet is a paradise of nature lovers. Not only for Nature lovers but avid trekkers.

The famous Pindari glacier trek starts from Khati Gaon only. Khati gaon remains the first base camp of Pindari trek. The trail starts from here this beautiful place and soon leads you into dense oak forests and then the great Himalayas. Plush greenery, stunning Himalayan, and lovely people what else can be a better holiday than this one. While this Khati gaon is blessed with such natural beauty it still remains a secret hill station in Uttarakhand.

khati village
Khati village

How to reach:
 Khati Gaon is in Bageshwar. The nearest railway station is Kathgodam in Nainital. There are various taxis and buses available from Kathgodam for Bageshwar.


Mussoorie is already popular already all around India for its beautiful valleys and beautiful weather. But there is a place near Mussoorie which is also extremely beautiful with its pine forests, blooming flowers, Temples and lustrous valleys. This secret hill station in Uttarakhand is 38 km ahead of Mussoorie.

Actually Kanatal means a lake and the name of the place is over a lake only. But unfortunately over the time lake dried up and now the lake does not exist here anymore. But that does not mean this place is any less than other hill stations. Lush green valleys all around, Apple orchards in the town and beautiful dense pine forests make our stay in Kanatal extremely beautiful. Kanatal is a land of beautiful landscape and valleys but still, it remains a secret hill station in Uttarakhand.


How to reach
 Either Rishikesh or Dehradun you can reach from any stations. These both remain the nearest railway station for Kanatal. From here you can take taxis and Buses to reach Kanatal.  

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Dhanaulti is a famous hill station locally but remains a secret hill in Uttarakhand for many.  Dhanaulti is famous for its adventure sports all around Uttarakhand. The place is slowly creating a buzz among not only adventure lovers but romantic couples. The view of valleys with a romantic atmosphere is loved by everyone.

Dhanaulti is near to the famous hill station Mussoorie. While on our way to Chamba from Mussoorie you will reach Dhanaulti. Chamba is another beautiful small hill station if you want to explore.  Dhanaulti could be your next weekend getaway from the hectic lifestyle of the city. Not only Dhanaulti is very near to cities like Delhi but it also is very affordable.


How to reach
Dehradun and Rishikesh railway stations are the nearest railway stations to this beautiful hill station. From both the railway station you can take buses or taxis to Dhanaulti or Chamba.


You all have already heard about the treacherous Chopta Tungnath trek. If you wish to see the trek blog click here. While the trekking is already so famous but do you know Chopta itself is extremely beautiful. This beautiful small hamlet though remains secret hill station in Uttarakhand for many.

With popular places like the great Tugnath temple, this place is already loved by trekkers. While for tourists many have named Chopta the MINI SWITZERLAND and I agree with them. The splendid views of the Himalayas, the lush green valleys, and the dense pine forest will surely give you a European feel. Chopta is also famous for its scenic Himalayan views. Nanda Devi, Trishul, Nanda Kot remain the dominant Himalayas range seen from Chopta.

while Chopta Tungnath trek

How to reach

 The major railway station and nearest railway station is in Rishikesh. From Rishikesh, you can take buses and taxis for Ukhimath from where you can reach Chopta.


The amazing land of Uttarakhand has so many places that I was confused about which to put on the list. But when there is a list of Secret hill stations in Uttarakhand how can we miss our beautiful Pauri. Pauri is another small hill station in Uttarakhand. With splendid views of Himalayas Pauri has always mesmerized me with its beauty.


You will be glad to know that not only Pauri has Himalayan vies but snowfall in winters is also common here. The valleys, gushing river, and tasty local cuisine will make you fall in love with Pauri. There are a lot of places to visit in Pauri too. From Mahadev temple to Nayar river you can visit a lot of places here. Pauri remains fairly popular for its swimming and Cycling activities. I would suggest making your next trip with your loved ones to this scenic place.

Pauri Uttarakhand

How to reach

Kotdwar railway station is the nearest railway station from Pauri Garhwal. There are various bus and Taxi service from Kotdwar for Pauri. Pauri is around 101 km from Kotdwar and takes around 3 hours to reach.


Pithoragarh is filled with scenic places. Be it Munsiyari or Dhanaulti Pithoragarh amazes us every time. Askot is another such beautiful landscape in the Pithoragarh district. It is a perfect destination for those looking for a nice cozy place. The weather of Askot is amazing with lush green views of Himalayas.

Askot is also famous because the famous Mansarover yatra goes from this way only. This small hamlet also boasts of Himalayan peaks such as Panchachuli, Nandakot, and many others.

Askot also has a Deer sanctuary which is quite popular for its many exotic species of deer. While Askot also receives heavy snowfall during winters but still it is one of the secret hill stations in India.

Munsiyari Pithoragarh

How to reach

Kathgodam railway station is the nearest railway station for Askot. You can take a taxi or Bus for Pithoragarh from Kthgodam. From Pithoragarh, you can reach Askot.

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