While we passed by many times through West Bengal during our Northeast tour but never had a chance to see beautiful places in Bengal itself. While we had many options in Bengal to visit. But we choose one of India’s most favorite Hill station. We couldn’t wait more and went out to explore tourist places in Darjeeling.

The Queen of Himalayas Darjeeling is one of the most famous and beautiful Hill stations in Eastern India. Spread over steep Mountain ridge and nestled amidst lush green valleys Darjeeling is a beautiful location. The serene landscape and the snow-capped Himalayas adds charm to this already wonderful place. Darjeeling is not only famous for its serene landscape and valleys but also for its tea plantations. The fruity and delicate tea has garnered attention all over the world.

Darjeeling is not just loved by Indians. Like many other hill stations in India Darjeeling was also one of the most famous hill stations in the British era. The rich history of Darjeeling is such that it was summer capital during the British era. With such a great image in our mind we went out to explore tourist places in Darjeeling and wanted to see what Bengal has to offer us.

How to reach Darjeeling

Reaching Darjeeling by Air

The nearest airport to Darjeeling is Bagdogra in West Bengal. The airport is only 95 km away from the city of Darjeeling. There numerous flights from Kolkata, Guwahati, and Delhi for Bagdogra airport. From the airport, you can hire a taxi for Darjeeling city.

Reaching Darjeeling by Train

The nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri station. This railway station is very well connected to stations like Kolkata, Guwahati, and other nearby states.

Reaching Darjeeling by Road

While if you are coming from northeast than cities like Guwahati, Gangtok and Kalimpong are very well connected to Darjeeling. From Gangtok it is around 100 km and Kalimpong Darjeeling is around 51 km. Whereas another city like Kolkata is really far away and it takes more than 14 hours from Kolkata to Darjeeling.

Tourist Places In Darjeeling

The amazing Darjeeling has a lot of places to visit and it is filled with tourist attractions. We have some of the most famous tourist places in Darjeeling listed below.

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Tiger Hill

The historic tiger hill is one of the most famous tourist places in Darjeeling. The chilling atmosphere and snow-capped mountains are a visual treat. Tiger hill is loved by families, solo travelers, and most by couples.

The sunset from Tiger hill is a mesmerizing view. The place gets covered with a sheet of orange light that looks phenomenal. You will love it more in the evening under the stars. The place gets a little cold but the aura is really amazing.

Tiger hill Darjeeling
View Tiger Hills

Batasia Loop

The track of Famous Toy Train of Darjeeling is the Batasia Loop. The spiral track is well decorated with a garden all around. The panoramic view of hills is also amazing.

Batasia Loop is not only among famous tourist places in Darjeeling but also is a visual treat. Sitting on the Toy train with earphones is an experience that can’t be described. The train covers a 360-degree turn. Soon the train descends with speed and the little adventure is exciting.

Batasia Loop
Batasia Loop

Nightingale Park

A small park in Darjeeling is a perfect place to relax. The park is open to the public and you can see the Mountain ranges from here. There are various cherry flower trees in the park which looks extremely beautiful here.

The garden inside this park is well maintained. Not only this park is among the favorite tourist places to visit in Darjeeling but it also is popular locally. There is a big fountain in the center of the park and numerous benches around the park. Sit and relax for a bit and enjoy the nature around you.

Nightingale Park best tourist places in Darjeeling
Nightingale Park

Peace Pagoda

While we are already talking about peace so how can we miss Peace Pagoda. It’s a place to sit and relax. Peace Pagoda is located near to Nipponzan Myohoji temple. This Buddhist temple reflects the different avatars of Lord Buddha.

This Buddhist place was built under the guidance of the Japanese monk. The structure of this building is outstanding. Do visit Peace Pagoda on your next visit to Darjeeling.

Peace Pagoda

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

Oh, come on We Have come to Darjeeling and we will not visit the adventure institute here. Darjeeling’s Mountaineering Institute is famous all over India for its training. The Institute was established in 1954 and since then has trained thousands of people.

It is so popular that it has become one of the favorite tourist places in Darjeeling. There is an entry of 50 rupees and you can visit this Institute. The mountaintop seen from this place has made it so popular.

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute  darjeeling
Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

Singalila National Park

Wildlife lovers this is for you. This national park 7000 ft above the sea level and is a blessing for adventure lovers. A small trek up to here will lead you too mesmerizing views.

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You would see Panoramic views of the Himalayas from here. The Singalila Mountain range starts from Nepal and goes up to Bhutan. The Place is lovely you can trek around here to explore what else this park has to offer you.

Singalila National Park  mountain view

Tea Estates

Come on! We have come to Darjeeling and we will not include Tea estates on our trip. The list of tourist places in Darjeeling will be incomplete without a visit to these lovely tea estates.

The world knows how these tea estates have dominated all around the world and still do. After seeing the green lush valley you will fall in love with this place even more. The aroma of the place entices you more and spend hours exploring Tea estates.

Tea Estates darjeeling


This little hamlet situated around 30 km from Darjeeling is another awesome place. This little hamlet is near the Sikkim- West Bengal territory. Now you would be wondering why this place is one of the most favorite tourist places in Darjeeling.

The lush green valley, the serene atmosphere makes this place alluring. The orchards here in Tinchuley is a peaceful getaway from your busy schedule.


Botanical Garden

The Lloyd’s Botanical Garden is a conservatory filled with more than 150 rare species of cactus. This garden also has some other rare species of plants like Oak, Magnolia, and Rhododendron. This place is so serene that it had to be in our list of favorite tourist places in Darjeeling.

The botanical garden is near Chauk Bazaar and is open all day. There are many flowers blooming here all around the year. The orchids here are lovely having more than 2500 in number.

Botanical garden darjeeling

Things To Do In Darjeeling

Darjeeling is not only about exotic locations but also many adventure activities. There are thousands of things to do in Darjeeling and you will love every bit of it.

Visiting the Himalayan railway station and taking a ride on Toy train

The famous toy train was started in 1881 and since then it has been running. The Himalayan railway station starts from New Jalpaiguri and terminates in Darjeeling.

This railway station is so scenic that several movies, music videos have been shot here.

Toy train in Darjeeling

Darjeeling Ropeway

Visiting the famous Darjeeling ropeway is of course one of the most favorite things to do in Darjeeling. You get a panoramic view of the Darjeeling valley all around. Sitting up there watching the lovely valley is an enchanting experience.


The ropeway starts from Singamari and takes you above these scenic tea estates. The scenery looks beautiful and enchanting. The estates here are well maintained the small track from up above is a mesmerizing view.


Yes we love trekking and try to find treks everywhere we go. So why would we miss a trekking opportunity in Darjeeling? Sandakphu Trek and Singalila National Park are two best trekking opportunities.

Not only trekking is a great thing to do in Darjeeling but also the ambient atmosphere is good for the trekking environment.

River rafting

River rafting in the Teesta river is another great thing to do in Darjeeling. The river Teesta is one of the main rivers here. The turbulent river is a great opportunity for all the rafters looking for an adventure experience. While the river rafting business is seasonal but people love to come here whenever it is open. The river rafting has a series of rapids from Grade 1 to 4. In layman language overall and exciting adventure in Darjeeling.


You all know how shopping in Hill stations is a great activity. You get the finest clothes made by local people which shows not their hard work but Culture too. I have always supported local craftsmen more than some big multinational company and shopping in Darjeeling gives you that opportunity to help these local people.

The traditional clothes are influenced by Sikkim and Tibetan culture. The clothes are warm and furry which not only looks excellent but also is made excellent.

Visting Museum’s

Darjeeling has a long rich history from the invasion of the Gurkha army to Britishers Darjeeling has seen a lot. This museum here Known as BENGAL NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM is a great place to see culture and history at the same time.

There are more than 4000 specimens which are exhibited here. The place is filled with old artifacts and is also a great place to hang out.

Best Time to Visit Darjeeling

WINTERS is the best time to visit Darjeeling. The charm of Hill station is always in Winters. Not only Darjeeling have a great atmosphere but snowfall is also common. Generally, Hotels are packed in Winters so one should make arrangments accordingly.

While if you don’t love cold weather then you should experience e Darjeeling in summers. From late March to June is the best time to visit here.

So Which amazing tourist places in Darjeeling you loved. Also which exciting tourist place in Darjeeling you will visit next. Do tell us in the comment section below.

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