We all love travelling, earning around whole year for just this one hobby which we love and working hours and hours for this just one single trip. Travel is more than a journey it is about creating moments, feeling the moments and being with those who we love.
Travelling has also been accredited in history as it has made bonds of countries. But the truth is can we all really afford travelling. A single trip can shake a budget so heavily that we don’t even tend to do another trip for many years.

Travelling doesn’t mean luxury, of course traveling is your escape route from this hectic life. But that doesn’t mean that you go berserk on your budget. We are not privileged as many who have millions of sources of income and can travel lavishly. Still we love to travel, so I have 9 tips to travel cheap, which I have learned through years of travel.

  1. Pre-plan your visit
  2. Book plane tickets early
  3. Know the local currency
  4. Don’t over shop
  5. Board into hostels
  6. Use cab-hailing services
  7. visit unexplored places
  8.  Have a lot of cash in change
  9.  Use the internet

Pre-plan your visit

 This one is the most common mistake which we all make. We don’t plan our trips. It is usually a single night plan which you make around 1 or 2 days before the trip. It is then you book hotels, flights and everything in a hurry. Those 2 or 3 days before the trip prices are soaring high.
Generally, people will say that they usually plan their trips but most Travellers don’t.

I would suggest planning your trip at least one month before arriving as it not only gives us the freedom to adjust our dates but you can travel cheap too as you would be planning very early.
Generally when you travel in hurry prices given online generally are high. But when you plan you can compare the prices given online in the given time frame so that you can grab the cheapest deal. To travel cheap do check prices very early.


Book plane tickets early

 To travel Cheap you know how tickets increase your budget. It’s somewhat a part of number one but it is one of the most expensive things. We all know how much ticket price is cost nowadays. From going one country to another it is like 50% of our budget and when people make a trip plan in a very short time frame these very clever travel companies generally show you the expensive prices of tickets. What I will suggest to you here is pre-plan your journey and buy your tickets early so as you can see the lowest possible amount and save a lot of bucks for yourself. Our detailed post on getting the cheapest air ticket is here.

Know the local currency

Generally, people don’t consider this as the main point but over the years I have come to know that when you know the currency exchange rate of a particular place you have Upper Hand. As when you know the currency rate you can have a better deal. Whenever you are buying some stuff in the local market if you know the local currency rate and local prices it will be very helpful for you saving a lot of bucks.

People generally buy stuff and pay any money what the dealer is asking for and when they exchange the price in their own currency it feels very cheap. But still, here there is a lot of room for a bargain and you can save up to 50% of the deal. Over the years for all the places I have visited I have come to know that by these small cheap bargains I saved a lot of bucks to travel cheap. you can travel cheap if you know the local currency.

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Don’t over shop

 Yeah, we all know that we are here to enjoy and we all want to buy something. Whenever you shop in a Foreign market you generally don’t know the price of the thing and What happens is generally tend to overpay. Your suitcase gets loaded you have a lot of stuff in your bags. You have to pay the price at airports for the extra amount of luggage.

Carrying this all adds up to a significant amount and then when you count at home you feel that this was not worth it. I generally don’t overbuy stuff. May be small mementos like a keychain or small gifts would be fine but I would not recommend some high prices stuff which you don’t know you will use or not. To travel Cheap don’t buy in a foreign land.

Board into hostels

Hotels are one of the biggest money eaters while travelling. For all the years I have travelled hotels are the next big thing which consumes a lot of money. We, travellers, roam around the city and places the whole day exploring it and pay a five-star hotel just to sleep at night is just not worth it. There are hundreds of hostels and boardings in a place where you can rent or share your room with other Travellers. These hostels are very cheap compared to those 5-star hotels and it will save you a lot of money. To travel cheap book a hostel rather than hotel.

Use cab-hailing services

 Generally, it is seen that local cab services which are present at airports are very high in price. What happens is whenever you travel in the City if you ride a local taxi you have to give the price which they ask. In my opinion you should download the local ride-hailing apps as the price here is pretty less costly and these apps are a good place to find the local pricing of the place where you want to go. Some ride-hailing apps also provide a full day service on a very cheap amount which can be very useful as you would be traveling for the whole day.


Visit unexplored places

 Of course, you should visit famous places in that place but visiting all the famous places generally accounts for a lot of money. Also sometimes these unexplored places have a lot more to offer than these famous ones.
As the less number of tourist are there so the services here are also pretty cheap, but if you go to a famous place you will find everything pretty expensive. These unexplored places show you the real city around like the unexplored version of the city.

Have a lot of cash in change

 Yes it is very important to keep cash in change. Sometimes what happens is you pay for something and these clever shopkeepers do not give you the remaining money back. They will say that they don’t have the change and from that money, they will tend you to offer you another product, Even if you don’t want to buy it.
I will say keep a lot of change in hand so that you can get your remaining money back as it would be the exact amount of money he is asking. 

Use the internet

 Living in era of internet we can make use of this tool. There are thousands of websites and forums especially for travellers to help them. Go on these forums there are local residents of that place which tell you about the city. Also there are fellow Travellers who have gone to the city and experienced what sort of atmosphere is there. These forms provide a better insight of what happens when you visit as a Traveller. It will help you who to make a decision. These forums also help you by suggesting you some of the places that are not that famous.

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