Hello fellow travelers and trekkers, JITENDRA from Ixplore here.

You must be wondering what is with this name Ixplore. IXPLORE is mainly about solo travel blogs, trekking blogs, and adventure. This little blog is about how you yourself can plan your own trip. 

Ixplore means you yourself are exploring. I also started a journey like this only. 

Exploring places has given me a new perspective on life and it also makes me calm.

What I do?

Well, I am a mariner by profession. I sail for months and then go back to land to explore these fantastic places and share my journey with you beautiful people. Long Holidays due to this profession enables me to travel some of the most beautiful places. I work Hard on Ship to earn these holidays and enjoy the beautiful side of life.

Why Post so Irregular?

Well, because most of the time I don’t get time but whenever I travel and i get time to travel I Share it exclusively here with you people.

How can You connect with me

If you would like to connect with me than why don’t you follow me on these social media handles given below

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