Lush green mountains, greenery all around, nice beautiful weather, the temperature so good that you want to wander outside all day long. These conditions can only be met in only one place on our earth. It is dazzling in northeastern India. The exotic, beautiful and culturally rich northeast offers such unique experiences.

While in the northeast every single state has its own charm and essence but Tripura though small in area but is blessed with so many exotic locations.  While we were last time here we made a full-fledged guide of Tripura for you which you must see.  We saw vast orchards, lakes, tea plantations, forts, and many other exotic destinations. But one destination which I loved the most was the Jampui hills.


The lush green valleys here have enticed not only me but thousands of travelers who travel here every year.  Not only the valleys but orchards here, tea estates here too lure you too.  Jampui hills are known as  ‘eternal hills of spring’ due to their beauty and unmatched views.  The mind-boggling views of the endless green valley are home to some of the most famous tribes of India.

The enchanting valleys not only is about looks but also about adventure activities. Trekking in the Jampui hills is so famous that avid trekkers from around the globe come here to see this beautiful place. Adventures, valleys, and atmosphere are what make this place so alluring.  The most beautiful sunrise and sunset views are guaranteed and will take you aback for sure.

Places To visit Around Jampui Hills

Beitlingchhip Peak

The highest peak in the Triupara Beitlingchhip peak is one of the most famous places to visit here in the Jampui hills area.  When I talk about the exotic peaks I must not miss the adventure here. Trekking, rock climbing, boating there are lots of options in this area.

Beitlingchhip peak is also the highest peak in Tripura which stands at 3600 ft high. This peak is famous for its trekking mostly. As you see such a surreal view up from there as you can not believe.  You can see the magnificent hills of even our neighboring nation Bangladesh from here.

jampui hills

With trekking adventure, you must go on for the boating adventure here in the area. The Sabual lake near Beitlingchhip peak is one of the most beautiful lakes. With boating rock climbing around the Beitlingchhip peak is also pretty famous.  


How can you miss the adventure of Unakoti when you are here in Jampui hills.  Only 75 km from Jampui hills Unakoti is a mystery and at the same time our old heritage. The place which is popularly known as the Open air art gallery is a place surrounded by enormous rock-cut shapes of various Gods and goddesses.

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The place is so exciting and also it is a little bit mysterious too. Historians believe that these rocks are around 11 or 12 AD. While not only this place is a highly revered and sacred place here but also reflect the art and craft which was here at that time.


You will be stoked to see such intricate carving and cuttings. You will intrigued to know how they would have shaped these rocks so perfectly well.  Whatever be the reason today it remains a place for adventure and to see the rich culture.

The literal meaning of Unakoti is one less than a crore and as people believe here that the sculptures of this area were given a task to complete one crore figures of different gods and goddesses like Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Vishnu, Ganesha, and many other. But they could not complete it before the dawn and hence it was left here.  

The central figure of Unakoti is Kal Bhairav. The height of the central figure is around 30 feet high and it looks absolutely stunning.

Festival in Jampui

Jampui Orange Festival

 Jampui is one of the highest fruit producing areas in Northeast India. The main specialty though remains the Orange. Jampui hills are one of the highest orange-producing areas in India. The lovely Orchards which are lush and green with orange fruits look absolutely stunning.

The combination of these funky colors makes Jampui even more colorful and interesting. The season of Oranges is from the Months of October to December and the orchards at this time are loaded with oranges.

So as to celebrate this fruity occasion there is a happy Jampui Orange festival. The locals celebrate this occasion by hosting the annual festival in the months of November.  You can see the various variety of Oranges that are being displayed. 

Not only this occasion is about fruits but also about culture too.  At this festival, you get a chance to see the locals wearing their traditional dress. And I must tell you that in a traditional dress everyone looks absolutely fantastic.

Do some Shopping here at the festival. Buy some handicraft items. Also, taste fruity oranges. Eat out the authentic dish of this beautiful state. Jampui Orange festival is not just about oranges it’s a show of culture., history, tradition, customs, and how these people have saved their heritage for so long.

Trekking in Jampui Hills

Not only trekking near Beitlingchhip peak but also trekking in Jampui hills too is very serene. The trek is not only thrilling but also very enjoyable. Being a short trek it just feels right for a  weekend trip with your friends. The short trip is best for those who are looking to unwind from a hectic life.

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 The trek is surrounded by majestic views, a very dense forest, and juicy orange orchards. The mystical sound of valleys is absolutely fantastic. The route being relatively easy the trekking feels more like leisure walks.

 As the Jampui hills are in the borders of Mizoram and Tripura so you will see the cultures here living happily. While trekking or strolling around you have a chance to visit the tribes here.  The trek starts from the base of Jampui hills and soon takes you into the dense forest.

Trek around

As you hike around the forest you find yourself in a peaceful zone away from the crowd. You will soon pass from the small hamlet Phuldanga. There are various orange trees around the area and the hike becomes tasty too.

As soon as you reach the top you see the magnificent view of Chittagong and Tripura hill ranges.  You can even see the ranges of Bangladesh.  The hill ranges are surrounded by clouds and look extremely beautiful.   Take some time to appreciate this beautiful moment as you will surely not see something like this again.

Where to Stay

 Talking about stay there are a lot of options here.  Jampui hills are only 3 hours away from Agartala and there you can find many hotels and lodges.  While in Jampui itself there is a Lodge which has been constructed by the Tourist department of the Government of Tripura.

eden guest house jampui hills
View of Eden guest house Jampui hills

The Eden  Tourist Lodge at Vanghum village in the Jampui hills can accommodate around 20 people. The lodge is nice and beautiful where you can find good facilities. While if you want to explore the culture then you should be living in the Paying guest here. The local Mizo people have started this paying guest facility which is best if you want to explore their culture and heritage.    

Best time to Visit Jampui Hills

 The best time to visit the beautiful Jampui hills is from November to February. While you can visit this alluring place at any time of the year but this season is perfect for all your activities and adventure.

While if you are thinking to visit here in Summers then please do keep in mind that Tripura receives a good amount of heat in Summers. You can easily expect a temperature of around 35 degrees. So trekking seems a bit tiring at this time.

Monsoon season is pretty bad here in the region. It receives very high rainfall. While monsoon brings new color and life to the valley. If you love that foggy mornings and rain showers then you must visit Jampui hills in Monsoon.

dumboor lake
Dumboor lake

Romantic couples and Honeymooners love to visit this place in Monsoon.  The clouds hover around the peaks and it looks absolutely magical.

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Post monsoon and winters remain by far the best season. Be it your trekking adventure or visiting the festivals you can do every possible thing here in this season. Temperature is nice and cold and it is lovely to be here in winters and post-monsoon.

 How to Reach Jampui Hills

 Reaching By Air

 The nearest big city from the hill is Agartala only. So the nearest airport from Jampui Hills is in Agartala only. The Agartala airport is a well connected airport and you can easily find flights from major cities of India to reach here.  The distance between the Hills and the airport is around 198 Km. You can easily get a taxi from the airport to reach the hills.

 Reaching By Train

 The biggest and nearest railway station from the hills is at Dharmanagar. The railway station if Dharamnagar is around 70kms from here. Other major ones are Panisagar and  Pecharthal which are 60 and 55 km away from Jampui Hills respectively.  The main station though remains the Dharamnagar one. You can get trains from many major cities here. You will also easily get a taxi from here to reach the hills.

 Reaching By Road

 The nearest big cities from the Jampui Hills are Agartala, Panisagar, and Dharmnagar. You get buses from around the state and also nearby states to reach any of these cities. Then from here, you can get a taxi to reach the hills.

While if you coming in your own vehicle then take the NH 44 to reach the Jampui hills. The rides to the hills are one of the most beautiful experiences.

How to reach Jampui hills
Road in Jampui
So when are you taking this epic journey to these beautiful hills? When will you be visiting the alluring hills? Do let me know when you take this adventure. Comment down below about your adventure, trekking experience, and stay there.

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Happy traveling.

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