Valleys, peaks, and waterfalls are some of the features of an exotic destination which makes it a tourist favorite.  While people are busy finding these exotic destinations outside India they don’t know that many explored places in India are there which are very alluring.

Agumbe a tiny village in the Shimoga district of the Malnad region of Karnataka. The beautiful Agumbe village is known for its serene locations and cold weather. IT is so popular that it is known as the Cherrapinji of the South. The scenic beauty, rich in biodiversity is nestled on top of the Someshwara Ghat plateau. Only 380 km from Banglore this hidden gem in Karnataka is a mesmerizing place.

People from around Karnataka love Agumbe not only because of its serene beauty but also there are a lot of trekking adventures which you can take here. The dense forest here in Agumbe provides you ample opportunity to trek around. With that, if you love flora and fauna then this place is a must-visit.   With that as it receives very heavy rainfall so there are many water streams and waterfalls here in Agumbe. From Kunchikal falls to Onake Abbi falls you can go out on any adventure here.

Agumbe is also special to all of us because the fictitious town of Malgudi town is actually Agumbe only. Those valley, waterfalls, rivers, and what not was shown and we used to get mesmerized with the show itself. Visiting Agumbe provides an opportunity to revisit our old Golden memories.

Places to visit in Agumbe and around

While there are a lot of places to visit in Agumbe but the most beautiful place to visit here are waterfalls. Waterfalls in Agumbe are one of the most beautiful you would ever have seen. There are many big small waterfalls here in Agumbe which add charm to this exciting place. As being named the Cherrapunji of south the waterfalls too are flowing continuously here.

 Barkana Falls 

Known as one of the highest waterfalls in India Barkana waterfalls is an absolutely stunning piece of beauty.  With a staggering height of more than 850ft the Barkana falls come in 10th position in the list of highest waterfalls in India. There is a viewpoint in Barkaan from where you get this extremely beautiful view of the dense jungles.

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These dense jungles provide an ample opportunity for trekking around. Through this lush green forest, you can see the great western ghats of India. The waterfall here in Barkana is formed due to the river seeta which flows here in the valley.

 Barkana Falls
 Barkana Falls 

Kunchikal Falls 

 Kunchiukal waterfalls are yet another beautiful waterfall in Agumbe. The Kunchikal waterfalls flow from a staggering height of more than 1450 ft.  With this height, it makes in the list of highest waterfalls in India. The Waterfall is not only beautiful but with that height, you will be spell bounded. The waterfall is formed due Varahi river which flows in the valley.

 Jogi Gundi Falls

While the first and second waterfalls of Agumbe were one of the highest in India. The Jogi Gundi falls are a small yet beautiful waterfalls. As the name suggests Jogi Gundi Falls is named after a saint who used to meditate at this place. I am sure why he would have loved this place. The peace and serenity Jogi Gundi falls have is truly unbelievable. Jogi Gundi falls are also popular in the area due to its short trekking.

There is a fun-loving short trek that leads to these waterfalls. While the falls are only 4 km from the main town but the last 1 km has to trek down. The waterfalls here flow in multiple folds which look very beautiful. Falls with the trekking adventure has made Jogi Gundi one of the most famous places in Agumbe.

 Jogi Gundi Falls
 Jogi Gundi Falls

Koodlu Theertha Falls

Koodlu Theertha waterfalls are 20 km away from the town. One can reach Koodlu teertha waterfall from the sunset point which is another great destination which I will mention below.  Koodlu teertha waterfalls have become a great trekking destination here in Agumbe. The route is loved by trekking enthusiasts. What makes it so special is the combination of waterfalls and the lovely view from the top. The trekking is fairly easy and short which makes this place even more tempting.

Koodlu Theertha Falls
Koodlu Theertha Falls

 Onake Abbi Falls

 Onake Abbi waterfall is another great place to hang out with your friends. Onake Abbi waterfalls are few kilometers away from Agumbe village. Just a 5 km trek from the rainforest will lead you to this small yet pretty waterfalls. The waterfall flows from a height of only 400 ft but it looks amazing to watch it in Monsoon. The gushing waterfall cascading down the rocks looks brilliant.

While this fall gets dried up in summers so it’s better to visit the falls in Monsoon. The muddy trails in monsoon and trek make the overall extremely pleasant.

Onake Abbi Falls

The Sunset Point

As mentioned earlier Koodlu Theertha waterfalls can be accessed via the sunset point. The sunset point in Agumbe is one of the most mesmerizing places you can be. The alluring sunset will surely leave you to spell bounded. Not only sunset point is one of the most beautiful places here in Agumbe village but also it remains one of the most popular places too.

sunset point agumbe

This is due to the fact that the Sunset point is only 10 min away from Agumbe village. A brisk 10 min walk will lead you to such a peaceful and beautiful place.

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Gopalakrishna Temple

Not only waterfalls Agumbe village has a rich history too. The Gopalakrishna Temple is one of the most sacred and highly revered temples is not only Agumbe village but in whole Karnataka. This is a very ancient temple and dated back to around the 14th century. The Gopalakrishna temple was during the reign of Hoysala yes the same empire that built the famous Hoysaleswara temple in Karnataka too. 

The temple is not only famous for its religious value but also due to the fact that how magnificently it has been built. The main diety of the Gopalakrishna Temple is Lord Krishna. There are 108 steps leading to the Garbha Garha which symbolizes 108 names of Lord Krishna. Hoysala Dynasty has done some phenomenal work during their reign and Gopalakrishna Temple remains living proof of that.


How can someone miss Doddamanae when in Agumbe village? Doddamane or the big house is the home of Swamy. Swamy was the main character of India’s most loved fictional series Malgudi days. The big house still stands strong and it is said that it is more than 100 years old. 

This house brings back all the memories from our childhood which we loved. This show based on the book of R K Narayan connected all of us with the story of Swamy. If you are lucky enough you can stay here too. Yes, the landlady of this house offers a homestay option which is you must do.


Adventure activities which you can do in Agumbe village


These waterfalls provide such a great opportunity to trek around. You will be mesmerized with the beauty these waterfalls have. There are lot of trekking destination in Agumbe village few of them are

  • Trekking in Kundadri
  • Koodlu Teertha falls trekking
  • Onake abbi trekking
  • Jogi Gundi falls trekking
  • Barkana falls trekking
trekking in agumbe
Trekking adventures

River rafting

Yes, you can do river rafting here too. Seeta river in Agumbe village is your opportunity for river rafting.  River rafting in Seeta river is often named as White water rafting due to the clear water of Seeta Nadi. Adventure lovers love to raft here.

river rafting in agumbe
Seeta Nadi


IF you are with your friends and family you will love to camp around also. The rain forest of Agumbe village is nice for camping as long as you are not camping in monsoon.

Best time to visit Agumbe

 The best time to visit the Agumbe village is from late November to March.

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While you can visit Agumbe village at any time of the year and it remains brilliant and beautiful anytime you visit.

In summers you can visit these famous places mentioned above but few waterfalls dry up in summers. Temperate in Summers also hovers around 40 to 43 degrees Celsius which is not very good for traveling. Trekking too becomes a bit tiresome

In monsoon, the valley is painted in green color. Agumbe village becomes one of the most beautiful places in Monsoon. But don’t get into the beauty trap as this place receives one of the highest rainfall at this time of the year. While the temperature does get low to around 36 to 38. But if you visit in monsoon you will the most beautiful view of waterfalls which flow very turbulently at this time.

Winters remain by far the best time. Not only temperature is around 30 degrees which are great for adventure but overall weather too remains cold and beautiful. Trekking adventure, camping other adventure activities can be done very easily at this time of the year. Waterfalls to flows very nicely have to give you a wholesome experience of Agumbe village.

How to reach Agumbe Village?

Agumbe village is connected by all three means of transport. Below are the ways you can reach.

Reaching by Flight

While Agumbe village does not have its own airport but the nearest airport is not very far. The nearest airport from Agumbe village is in Mangalore which is 100km away. The Mangalore is very well connected to many big cities in India. You can easily get a bus and taxi from Mangalore to Agumbe. While the International airport is in  Bangalore International Airport which is around 350km from here.

 Reaching  by Train

Like airport Agumbe does not have  any railway station. The Shimoga railway station is the neareat railway station from here. It is only 90km from here. Shimoga railway station is well connected to station like Manglore and Banglore.  You can easily get bus and taxi from Shimoga to Agumbe Village.

Reaching by Road

 You can visit Agumbe village via bus from many big cities of Karnataka like Banglore and Manglore. There are various private and public bus which runs day and tight to this village.

While if you are by on your own from Banglore than take NH4 from Banglore. Then from NH4 take NH 206 and drive till Shimoga. From Shimoga take the higway to reach Teerthahalli. Teerthahalli is only 30 minutes from Agumbe village.

So when are  going to this extremely beautiful and exciting village. Do let me Know in the comments below.

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