God’s own land never fails to blow us away with its beauty.  Beautiful beaches and valleys that make Kerala in the list of top states to visit. Last time when we visited Kappil beach we were excited to see such a combination of sea and backwaters. It is a treat for eyes to watch Kappil beach and lake

But the lake which is known to be the most famous and most visited in Kerala is not Kappil. It is the Ashtamudi lake. Ashtamudi lake in Kollam is a gateway to the backwaters.  The lake known for its panoramic beauty has been one of the most popular lakes in Kerala. One unique fact about Ashtamudi lake is that eight channels connect and then make into this one lake.

As eight channels connect and make it one it often resembles an octopus or the shape of Palm Conifer.  Flaunting enchanting beauty, Ashtamudi lake is home to more than 50 different avifauna species and around 95+ aqua fauna species.

Things to do around Ashtamudi Lake

Well being one of the most visited lakes Ashtamudi lake offers you some really happening things.

Backwater Cruise

 Go on a  fun adventure here. Your journey of Ashtamudi lake is incomplete without going on a backwater cruise. Enjoy the lush beauty of the lake and see the silent backwaters of Kerala from here.

Ashtamudi Lake


Another activity which you must try is fishing. Fishing can be done in the rich waters of Ahstamudi lake.  Just sit along side the hush of the lake and then start your exciting fun activity.

Ashtamudi Lake

Houseboat Stays

While if you do one want to go one a backwater cruise trip you must do this thrilling houseboat stay. Ashatamudi Lake is popular among tourists for its lake resorts and houseboats. There is a lot of luxury and comfortable house stays.

You will feel surreal when you will find yourself inside one of the traditional house boats. There are a lot of services which are being provided by these house boat owners. Experience a new world or I must say a new floating world. Feel the serenity and calmness here in Ashtamudi lake.

Ashtamudi Lake

Island Visits

Ashtamudi Lake is one of the most picturesque islands. While you are enjoying your houseboat stay or are on a backwater cruise try to visit these islands here. I am sure you will be surprised by the beauty of these islands. You will fall in love with the charm and untouched beauty these islands have

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Sit Back Relax and Click

The lake is one of the most peaceful and serene locations you will ever encounter. With alluring beauty comes unmatched peace. It servers as perfect location to relax and enjoy. Click some Good photos around and remember your days here. I am sure you will make some of the most beautiful memories here only.

Places to visit around Ashatamudi Lake

Wait did you think that your adventure around this beautiful backwater of Kerala is over then wait it is not. Being one of the most visited backwaters Ashtamudi lake and its surrounding areas have developed into a major tourist destination.

There are many places which you can travel around here. Few which you must not miss are given below.

Munroe Island

 Only around 14 km from the lake side you have this lovely island.  Munroe island is one of the most visited places around the Ashtamudi lake area. The specialty about this island is here one of the most famous snake boat racing is conducted. Munroe island location too is very unique as it is at the meeting point of the Kallada river and the lake. Your journey to Ashtamudi lake is incomplete without visiting Munroe island.

 Kollam Beach

How is it possible that we are talking about Kerala and beaches are not included. Kollam beach which is also known as the Mahatma Gandhi beach is one of the tourist hubs  for people going to Ashtamudi lake.  This surreal beach is famous for its scenic sunset and beautiful waters. This beach is so famous that it has been crowned the Beach wedding Destination of Kerala.

kollam beach

Thevally Palace

Kollam is not only about beaches but also some of the most beautiful palaces too.  The Thevally palace was built somewhere around 1811 to 1819. This beautiful palace remains one of the most beautiful sight of architecture and heritage. This architectural beauty has attracted thousands of tourists, travelers, and even history buffs. Located on the banks of lake this exquisite lake has made its name as one of the major tourist attractions of Kollam City.


 While if you are wondering that places here around are over than please welcome Mayyanad. Mayyannad rather being  beautiful or alluring is more like a experience. The small town is famous for its diversity and heritage.  This small town has developed what we as outsiders are still not able to develop.

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One of the most beautiful and diverse towns here Mayyanad has a rustic charm. You would love the hospitality this town offers.



 One of the most miraculous places Alumkadavu is located only around 23 km from the  Ashtamdui lake.  From houseboat options, serene environment, and natural beauty this place has it all. You will find yourself around a peaceful environment. Take a leisure adventure to this place and be mesmerized with what it has to offer.


Thirumullavaram Beach

 Kollam has quite a few offerings in terms of beaches and lakes. Thirumullavaram beach is one of the few pristine beaches of Kollam. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of this beach.  Thirumullavaram beach  is an ideal place for your beach holiday.  You could swim around, see the golden sand and palm trees around. This serene blue beach has also been listed as one of the most beautiful beaches by the Discovery Channel.

Thirumullavaram beach

Stay options around

Being one of the most famous lakes around Kerala you would have no problem.  There are various options for travelers from Luxury, limited, budget, and even homestays. Ashtamudi lake offers various offerings in the vicinity. You can book a room and watch the early morning sunrise from your room. The sunrise is one of the most beautiful scenes you would have seen as the lake turns golden yellow.

 Best Time to visit Ashtamudi Lake

 The best time to visit Ashtamudi is from Septemeber to March. As the temperature is pretty decent with that you will witness just rain showers.

 While if you look at summers from April to June than the temperature is scorching high. The temperature reaches the highest at this point in time. Humidity too is very high here in the area. You will find it difficult to travel around at this point in time. While the summer season is extremely short just around 2 or 3 months but you should avoid these months if you want to witness the real beauty of this lake.

The second best time to visit Ahstamdui lake would be in Monsoon only. The monsoon season generally goes on from July to September. You can easily experience heavy rainfall at this time. While the monsoon does lower down the temperature and also makes the lake and surrounding extremely beautiful too.  Many visitors plan their journey in late monsoon due to rain showers and romantic weather.

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 As said earlier winters are the best time if you really want to witness the true beauty of Ashtamudi lake. Little or no rainfall, cold temperature, and foggy mornings make Ashtamudi best in winters.  The misty clouds make stay in boats even more awesome. Romantic couples and Honeymooners love  Ashtamudi in winters.

Ashtamudi Lake

How to reach Ashtamudi Lake

By Air

 Ashtamudi is in Kollam and Kollam does not have its own airport.  While the nearest airport is Trivandrum airport.  The Trivandrum airport is around 71 km from  Ashtamudi Lake by air. The airport is well connected to major Indian cities.  You can easily find a taxi and a bus from the airport to reach the lake.

By Train

 Kollam has its own railway station. The Kollam Railway Station is the nearest railway station to reach the Ashtamudi lake.  This railway station is well connected to many major cities in India as Kollam is a well-known place. You can find a taxi from the airport to reach the lake.

By Road

 As the lake is in Kollam so it is well connected by road. You can easily find buses from all over the state and nearby states running day and night to reach Kollam. Both private and public buses run daily for Kollam.

While if you are coming on your own from  Kochi to Kollam than take Nh 66. The distance is only 140 km from there.  Trivandrum is only 65 km and it takes 1 hour and 50 minutes to reach Kollam.

So when are you taking this epic journey to this beautiful lake? When will you be visiting the alluring lake? Do let me know when you take this beautiful adventure. Comment down below about your adventure and stay there.

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Find more information on Kerala tourism official website

Happy travelling.

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