The magical state of Kerala is known as one of the most beautiful places on this Earth. From far stretching emerald backwaters, lush green valleys, enchanting mountains, and beautiful people this state have attracted thousands of visitors every year and the number keeps rising.  

Blessed with all these scenic locations it also has one of the most beautiful waterfalls available too. The staggering 80 ft high and 330 ft wide marvelous falls famously known as Athirapally falls.  In the Thrissur district of Kerala lying around 60 km from Thrissur town is this beautiful cascading water stream.  Often referred to as the Niagara falls of India Athirapally falls is a blessing for all of us.

Athirapally Falls

With dense jungles, azuring sky, verdant greenery of Vazhachal forest Athirapally falls is a whole experience rather than just another place to visit.  The gushing waterfalls here in Athirapally have a charming sight of the lush green Sholayar peaks.  In the backdrop of which is a beautiful dense jungle. The forest is home to much exotic wildlife and beautiful bird species such as hornbill.  

What to Do around Athirapally falls


The way to the Athirapally falls is a treat for all those avid trekkers and trail lovers. IT is a quick and short adventure filled trek till the falls. You will be mesmerized by the trekking route. The route is well maintained and you will have no problem conquering it.  The flora and fauna while on the way too is unmatched.

There are various animals but if you are lucky enough you can spot Samba deer here. With animals, there are thousands of birds in the area which just makes your trekking experience extremely beautiful. The trail is very beautiful and it is well marked all around the way.

trekking Athirapally Falls

There are washrooms available throughout the way. While it not a full fledged heavy rigorous trek but is one short simple yet extremely beautiful trek.  You can also reach the base of the falls if you want one of the most majestic views. The path which leads you to the base is guarded so you need to be careful before going on that route.

 Jungle Safari

Yes, Jungle safari in Athirapally falls. The tourism promotion board of the district in collaboration with Athirapally organizes jungle safari here in the area. The jungle safari is from Chalakudy to Malakkappara. You will be mesmerized with no of places you will see in this jungle safari

From Butterfly garden, Kauthauka Park, Thumboormuzhy dam Vazhachal falls, and of course, Athirapally falls. The rainforest of Athirapally is one of the most beautiful forests. The tour ranges all over the Shoalayar range hence beauty is all around.

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Athirapally Falls

Lush green peaks, water bodies, different waterfalls, valleys overall this jungle safari is one of the best adventurous to take here in Athirapally.

Explore the Flora and Fauna

 Athirapally Is in the western ghats of India. As you know how rich and diverse are the western ghats of India. The same goes for the beautiful forest of Athirapally.  The area is known for its vivid wildlife and intense green cover. The wildlife trust of India has even named this green cover as a Symbol of Best Elephant Conservation efforts in India.  

The area is filled with rare and endangered species of both animals and birds. The flora and fauna of Athirapally are really unmatched. The sholayar ranges offer a wide variety of species which you can spot here easily.  

flora and fauna Athirapally Falls

The ecosystem of Athirapally is so fascinating that the Asian Nature Conservation foundation recommends the area as a National park or Sanctuary. This sanctuary is especially heaven for Birdwatchers. The international bird location pointed out that this is is one of the most exotic places for bird watchers where you can find sparrow, parrot to even some of the most endangered ones like Hornbill.

Places to visit near Athirapally Falls

 Vazhachal Waterfalls

Just 5 kilometers from  Athirapally Falls is another beautiful and majestic falls known as Vazhachal falls.  Actually these falls are situated downstream to the beautiful Athirapally Falls.  The massive 300 ft waterfall is enormous and beautiful.  There is a pool after the waterfall where people love to swim

Like Athirapally these falls also offer a vibrant atmosphere and beautiful landscape.  Being situated at an inclined slope and then leading to a huge pool Vazhachal falls have become huge popularity in the area.

vazhachal falls

Sholayar  Range and Backwaters

Sholayar range and backwaters are one of the most amazing things you will ever see. Just imagine mountains, waterfalls, beaches, sand backwaters everything at once. Yes that,s Sholayar Range for you.

Just 30 km from the falls the dam in Sholayar also has one of the biggest dams in India. The 20 km long dam offers a mercurial view which looks amazing.

Sholayar range
Sholayar range near valparai


As the Athirapally Falls is situated in Thrissur only you will also experience the beauty of this ancient town. One of the oldest and biggest towns in Kerala Thrissur is a combination of culture and heritage. The name Thrissur is a combination of Tiru-Shiva-Peru which means The Town of Lord Shiva. And yes it is the town of Lord Shiva only.

There are many old temples to explore in this beautiful town. The place has a peace and serenity in its atmosphere. Not only in terms of religion but Thrissur is also famous for being one of the most visited vacation places in Kerala.

Backwaters in Thrissur

 Where to Stay

There are lot of accommodations in Thrissur and near Athirapally falls too. As being one of the most visited falls in Kerala there are plenty of stay options even in the rain forest.

Some of the most famous ones which I could Find are

  • Rainforest Resort
  • Plantation Valley
  • Hotel Elite Palazzo
  • Riverok Villas
  • Lal Ranchan Homestay
  • Bethania Resorts
Athirapally Falls

 Stay here near Athirapally falls is extremely beautiful. The view which you get is unmatched. With that, you can hear the gushing water stream in the backdrop. The Rain forest looks absolutely fantastic. I will suggest getting accommodation here around falls only rather than in the city.

Some Amazing Facts about Athirapally falls

  • Athirapally falls are famous in the Movie industry too. Various films and music videos have been shot here. Some of the most famous ones are Barso re Megha, Jiya Jale, Bahubali, and many more. Not only Indian films but Hollywood movies like Before the Rains and Pirate’s Blood are also shot here.
  • The waterfall and the forest area today is alive because of the efforts of the local communities here
  • There was a time when the government wanted some sort of Hydel project here but due to the continuous efforts of people at last this beautiful place was saved.
  • The forest here is also home to some primitive tribe known as Kodars. The Kdoars tribe is famous for collecting honey, wax, and spices like Ginger and Cardamom. They specialize in these things.
  • You have a chance to interact with this tribe when you are on your trip to this beautiful place.
  • Also, there are two amusement parks situated nearby. The amusement parks are Dreamworld and the Silverstorm.  IF you love rides and other adventures then you must visit any of these parks. These adventure parks bring a uniqueness of amusement with an energetic feel of elegance.
Athirapally Falls

Best Time To Visit Athirapally Falls

 The area of Athirapally is due to its waterfalls and Rain forest. Athirapally falls,  Vazhachal Waterfall, Rain forest, and  Charpa Waterfall make this place one of the most famous tourist destinations in Kerala. The best time to visit Athirapally falls is from October to February., This time is perfect for those who want adventure, and also a full view of these scenic waterfalls.

Athirapally Falls

While in summers you can visit and trekking is easy at this time but the falls are not as what you will see in other seasons., The temperature is little high and trekking, jungle safari is a little tough at this time.

Monsoon is best if you want to see the falls gushing heavily down.  While I must also tell you that your trekking and safari adventurous will be not possible because at this time Kerala receives very heavy rainfall.

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So the best season is post monsoon and winters. You can go for trekking, safari, shopping, picnic any possible thing at this time. Also, Waterfall at this time looks fabulous.

 The timing to visit the Athirapally waterfalls is regulated. You can visit the falls between 8 am to 6 pm.

How to reach  Athirapally Falls

Reaching By Air

 The nearest airport to reach Athirapally by air is the Cochin airport.  Cochin International airport is well connected with all the major cities in India and around the world. The airport is only around 3 hours away from here. You can easily get a taxi or bus from the airport to this beautiful location.

Reaching By Rail

 The railway station is also not very far from here. There are two railway stations which are near this beautiful location. The Cochin railway station and the Coimbatore railway station is the nearest railway station from here. You can easily get railways from the major part of India to reach here. While if you are coming here from Mumbai  then` special trains like Mumbai CST- Ernakulam  will drop you directly till Cochin,

Also if you are coming from Chennai then Egmore- Guruvuur Express will leave you Till Cochin. You can then take a taxi from the railway station to reach the falls.

 Reaching By road

Athirapally is very well connected via road too. IF you love valleys and scenic locations then a bus ride, bike ride, and car ride is the best option to reach here. You can easily get buses from all popular places like Munnar, Kochi, Thrissur, and Palakkad.

While if you are coming on your won then Chalakudy village is just 30  km from here, Munnar is around 100 km, Thrissur is only around 70 km, Kochi is also only around 70 from here. Regular buses from all the above places run till Athirapally.

Athirapally Falls

So when are you taking this epic journey to this alluring and Majestic waterfalls?  I am sure you will be in shock when you will see such a marvelous waterfall. The experience you will get after visiting this adventurous and beautiful place is very rich. Also. do not forget to comment down below and tell me about your travel, experience, stay and all the activities which you enjoyed around these beautiful waterfalls. 

While you are here if you love adventure and travel around Kerala Then do check my blogs about Kerala tourism. I cover some of the most off beaten places of Kerala here. From treks, waterfalls, backwaters, beaches, hill stations, and even waterfalls like these Kerala is blessed with every sort of thing which is on this earth. You can see my journey here at Ixplore

Happy travelling.

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