Western Ghats of India has always fascinated travelers from around the world.  People from all over the world come here to explore this beauty. People from big cities of Mumbai, Banglore run to view these epic valleys. These Ghats are not only filled with lush green valley and panoramic views but is an escape for all of us who are busy in their lives.

While the Western ghats itself is very pretty but what adds charm to these are waterfalls that are at different places around the Ghats. Waterfalls are a natural feature of hills which adds charm to these, Bandaje Arbi waterfall is another such beautiful waterfalls in the Western Ghats of Karnataka.

 Bandaje Arbi Waterfall lies in the beautiful Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. The amazing waterfalls which are surrounded by clouds look extremely alluring. The waterfalls from a height of more than 200 ft which looks extremely dazzling when it flows.

Bandaje Arbi waterfalls which are in Charmadi Ghat are only accessible via a good enjoyable trek. This Bandaje Arbi waterfalls trek is a special blessing for the people of Banglore. Not only these waterfalls are accessible via Banglore after few hours of the journey but also the natural beauty here is unmatched.

The  Bandaje Arbi waterfalls is a picturesque place which disconnects you with the world and takes you to the heavenly surrounding. The mighty 200 ft waterfalls look even more stunning in Monsoon when these waterfalls flow with full turbulence.

The Bandaje Arbi waterfall trek is a short yet extremely beautiful trek that can be completed in a day. While it’s not like Trek in northern India where you will have to trek for days and then see the amazing views. This short trek offers you some of the most exquisite views in a few hours only.

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Facts about Bandaje Arbi Waterfall Trek

Location: Charmadi Ghat section, Western Ghats, Dakshina Kannada district
Base Camp: Bandaje village near Mundaje near Ujire town
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Total trek distance: 20 Km approx
Total Trekking time: 8-9 hours in total
Distance from Bangalore: 310 Km approx

Bandaje Arbi waterfall Trek Permission

 While this is a short trek but permission is required to do this trek. The permission comes with added cost. For getting permission you will have to reach out to the forest department which mandatorily provides a trekking guide with you. The guide charges around 1000 rupees and it takes around 200 per person to enter the forest.  But while if you are coming from Ujire or staying there your driver itself can arrange permission for you. By the time you reach there, you will have permission.

 Bandaje Arbi waterfall trek

 The nearest town to reach Bandaje Arbi waterfalls is Ujire. Ujire is a small local town and Karnataka roadways buses run till UJire which can be booked here.: http://ksrtc.in. From Ujire you can hire a taxi or jeep to reach the Bandaje village.

Bandaje village is known as the base camp for this trek. Bandaje is few kilometers from Ujire and drivers take from 500 to 1000  rupees from Ujire. Bandaje is the last point where you can have food after that it is nowhere to be found.

Another alternative route is Via Dharamsthala. Dharamshtala is 20 to 25 minutes from Ujire. From Banglore, you can directly come to Dhramshthala and then Ujire.

Bandaje Arbi waterfall trek tends to become tough initially. At first, the path becomes a little steep and soon you reach in the dense forest. The ways are way too confusing that’s why it is kind of mandatory to have a guide with you. While the price looks high for a one day trek but the expertise these guides have is remarkable.

bandaje Arbi waterfall trek
Hard to tussle here

There are lots of streams in between the initial place till the falls.  Few hours after trekking we encountered a big stream. While you are going around the monsoon season than this stream becomes extremely tough to cross. But we crossed this stream with a bit of difficulty. 
In the initial path, the forest is very dense and the sunlight is scarce. But after a few hours of trekking, you see the rays of sunlight which injects a new stream of energy in your blood.

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Soon after the sunray s comes the open grasslands. There are two things to be happy about. One the beautiful serene atmosphere around and second you can get a bit of glimpse of the Falls. While from here it can look that falls are very near but keep calm my friend an hour of trek is still there.  The trail till waterfalls comes with its own problems. The track is a bit steep and can be a little demanding.

open grassland in bandaje Arbi Waterfall
Soon comes the open grassland

But after a bit of tussle, you cross the Bandaje river to watch this extremely alluring and dazzling falls known as Bandaje Arbi Waterfall.

Explore the surrounding because  I am assured you would not have seen such enormous yet beautiful falls. The path till this waterfall is tough for many and sometimes it becomes difficult to cross the streams but as soon you this stunning falls you seem to forget all your pain and tiredness

bandaje Arbi Waterfall
Bandaje Arbi Waterfall

Best season for Bandaje Arbi waterfalls trek

 The best time to tale Bandaje Arbi waterfall trek is the post-monsoon season from September to March. This season is best because the waterfalls flow with full turbulency and the surrounding looks very serene.

In summers the waterfall water decreases and hence the tough trek is not worth taking at this point in time. The temperature is very high at this point in the whole of Karnataka. While initially, you would have no problem because of the dense jungle but soon when forest open there is not a single place where you can find shade.

In monsoon season it is a big no to take this trek. First of all the waterfall itself is extremely turbulent and the streams are on there highest level. We were having difficulty crossing the streams in Post Monsoon season so I can imagine what would be the atmosphere in the monsoon itself.

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 Winters are a great time to take this trek. The weather remains very beautiful and the temperature is also ambient. Streams seem easy and the waterfall looks amazing. Also, fog adds added beauty to these falls.

camping in bandaje Arbi Waterfall
camping options are also available

How to reach Ujire the nearest Town?

 Ujire is the nearest biggest town from this trek. Reaching Ujire is no big task as there are a lot of options available. The transport system is robust

Reaching by air

While the town itself has no airport but Bajpe Airport in Mangalore is the nearest airport to Ujire. Bajpe airport is only around 53 km from Ujire. You can easily find buses and taxis from the airport to reach Ujire.

Reaching by train

 Ujire does not have its own railway station but Kabakaputtur is the nearby railway station. The railway station in Puttur Karnataka is only 30 km from Ujire. There are a lot of buses and taxis available from Puttur to reach Ujire.

Reaching Ujire via Road

There are a lot of interstate buses running all over from Karnataka to Ujire. Also, few nearby states buses also run till Ujire. You can book buses on the official Karnatak bus website here. http://ksrtc.in

While if you are coming from Banglore than take NH 75 to reach Ujire. Ujire is around 309 km from Banglore and it takes around 6 hours to reach Ujire.

From Mangalore take the Nh 73 via Dharmastala. Mangalore is around 67 km from Ujire and it takes around one and a half hours to reach here.

What to carry for Trek ?

  • Water Bottle
  • Trekking Boots
  • Camp shoes
  • Socks
  • Jacket if going in winters
  • Daypack
  • Lip balm
  • Light Sunscreen
  • Flashlight/Headlamp with extra batteries
  • Trekking pants
  • Energy bars
  • Extra passport photos

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