Odisha is known as the Hidden Gem in India. It is due to the presence of many unexplored places in this beautiful state.  From exotic hill stations like Daringbadi to beautiful beaches of Rushikulya, the state offers you extensive options.

 Another exotic place in the list of Orissa tourism is Chandipur beach. Chandipur beach in the small town of Chandipur in Balasore district famous for its beauty and mystery too. The mysterious beach is known as receding beach. The sea recedes up to 5 km daily at low tide and returns to normal during high tide. This unique combination of beauty with mystery makes it one of the most exciting places in Odisha.

 This beach of Chandipur is not only mysterious but very serene too. Surrounded by Casuarina trees, coastal vegetation, and sparkling blue water it is one of the most beautiful places. The biodiversity of the place too is very unique. As due to the receding beach you can see thousands of horseshoe crabs, red crabs lying on the beach.

What is unique about Chandipur beach  and why is it famous?

Chandipur Beach
Receding Sea

Chandipur beach is famous due to a strangle natural phenomenon that happens here every day.  The seawater recedes up to 5 kilometers or 3 miles twice a day during the low tide period. The water though returns back at the time of High tide.  There is no fixed time that when this happens but it is a periodic thing.  People love to visit this place as it looks the sea is playing hide and seek with us.

 Why You Should Visit Chandipur beach

 See the vanishing sea

 It is due to this vanishing sea that Chandipur has got so much fame all around the world. You will witness this very rare natural phenonmenon twice a day. You will be mesmerixed to see what nature has got. Such a unique experience which remains lively in our memories for years.

Sunrise and Sunset

 Well, not only it is one of the most mysterious beaches but also it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Odhisa. The sunrise and sunset of Chandipur beach is famous worldwide. Clean atmosphere, blue sky, clean sparkling blue water with that long coastline of Golden sand makes this beach extremely alluring and exquisite.  People not only from Odisha or India but also from around the world come here to capture the beauty of this beautiful sea and beach.

Chandipur Beach

Go for a walk or Drive

The low tide receded water gives you an opportunity to explore the vast coastline of this alluring beach. Go on for a long walk and collect seashells along with it.  Good news you can even ride a bike or drive a car on the Chandipur beach, Odisha.  The exciting yet beautiful drive of this long golden coast is rich and memorable.

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Explore Rich Biodiversity

 Chandipur beach is an extremely biodiverse beach. You can find here from exotic to rare species very easily. As the beach opens up you could see Horseshoe crab, red crabs, prawns, and many more exciting species. As mentioned earlier seashells are also here in countless numbers.

red crab in Chandipur Beach
Red crab in Chandipur Beach

 Delicious Food

 Well, when you find so many exotic species in the area than the food must also be exotic. Seafood lovers, you will be happy to know that Chandipur is famous for its seafood. The special Odia style seafood which is a unique combination of exotic seafood and species is so delicious. Some of the most delicious food which you should eat here are prawns, pomfrets and crabs.

While with seafood you can also try for authentic Odia food. You can easily find Odia food here in Chandipur. The food is very heavily influenced by the sea and boasts of many authentic kinds of seafood.

orissa food

 Integrated Test Range

Chandipur beach is also famous due to the presence of the Integrated Test Range of Indian army.  A small part of the beach Is under DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization)The beach is the launch site of many of the missiles.  Some of the famous missiles which have been launched from here are Akash, Agni, Prithvi, Shaurya, and other ballistic missiles.

 Chandipur Beach Festival 

 When you are at Chandipur beach then you must not miss the famous Chandipur beach festival. This festival is one of the most famous and most celebrated festivals in this region. The four days extremely beautiful festival of Odisha is celebrated every year in the months of January and February. This famous beach festival is also known as Golden Beach Festival.

The Golden beach festival hosts thousands of cultural and regional programs. This colorful program varies in style. Some of the most famous ones which are performed here are Chhau, Ranapa, Kathak, Bharatnatyam apart from those some traditional and regional dance styles are also hosted here. Those traditional and regional ones are  Kuchipudi, Ghumar, and Bihu, apart from Odissi and Sambalpuri.

Chandipur Beach festival
Chandipur Beach Festival

Not only dance programs but there are many other sports activities and fest which are organized here. These sports activities and fests are a great opportunity for locals and for people who come here from all the different places. Locals participate in these fests and show enthusiasm which is the correct gesture in sports.

The fair looks even more beautiful at night due to lighting and people. People from around India and the world come here to see, feel, appreciate, and admire this beautiful cultural fair. The cultural fair gives us a great insight into how rich and diverse Odisha is. Also, you can see how rich our great country is in terms of diversity.

Best Time To Visit Chandipur beach 

While the Chandipur beach is open all year round and it looks beautiful wherever you go. The months of November to February though remain the best time to visit Chandipur beach. Not only at this time, the weather is pleasant here but also it is the best time to visit the beach festival.

Summers here are very harsh. Temperature exceeds very sharply in summers which makes it almost impossible to travel around. With pricking sun there is the humidity too which adds extra burden on this difficult situation.

While monsoon does bring the temperature low but it is not very safe to travel beach at this time. The Beach States especially Odisha receives one of the harshest weather in Monsoon. Various typhoons and cyclones are active in Monsoon only.

So as to get the best benefit out o you must visit this beach in Winters only. Evening and morning are a bit cold but blissful. The afternoon during winter time is cool too so as you can Soak in the beauty of the beach. You can enjoy the festival, weather, temperature, and long coast beach at this time.

Chandipur Beach

How To Reach Chandipur beach 

 Reaching By Air

The nearest airport from Chandipur is the Bhubaneshwar airport. Bhubaneshwar airport is 210 km from the town of Chandipur. The airport is very well connected to major cities all over India. You can easily get a bus or hire a cab from the airport for Chandipur.

 Reaching By Rail

The nearest railway station from here is the Balasore railway station. This railway station is well connected to places like Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, and many others.  The distance between both places is around 10 km. The railhead is a very popular and bust one. You can find a taxi to reach the beach.

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Reaching By Road

The road condition are good here in Chandipur and it remains accessible by road. The bus stand which is very near to the beach is well connected to nearby cites, The bus station is only around 4 km or a 5 minutes walk from the beach. If you are coming from Bhubaneshwar than take N h 5 to reach here. Bhubaneshwar is only around 200 km from here. While all the distance between all the major cities is below.

Distances to Chandipur from major cities

  • Bangalore to Chandipur distance is around 1644 kms (approx 25 hrs by road).
  • Jamshedpur to Chandipur distance is around 208 kms (approx 5 hrs by road).
  • Kolkata to Chandipur distance is around 255 kms (approx 4 hrs by road).
  • Patna to Chandipur distance is around 644 kms (approx 11 hrs by road)
  • Delhi to Chandipur distance is around 1524 kms (approx 22 hrs by road).
  • Lucknow to Chandipur distance is around 1034 kms (approx 17 hrs by road)
  • Bangalore to Chandipur distance is around 1644 kms (approx 25 hrs by road).
  • Ranchi to Chandipur distance is around 328 kms (approx 7 hrs by road).
sea shell in Chandipur Beach
Sea Shell in Chandipur Beach

 Few Tips before Visiting Chandipur beach 

  • Ask locals about the cylcel of the tide
  • Be careful of the sudden High tide
  • While the sea won’t attack the empty space all of a sudden during the high tide,  but still it si better to talk to the locals.
  • Try local cuisine if you want to add spices to your adventure.

So when are you taking this wonderful journey to this extremely beautiful beach?  I am sure you will be shocked to see such a beautiful and mysterious place. Do let me know when you take this beautiful adventure. Comment down below about your travel, stay, and experiences here.

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Happy travelling.

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