So are you planning your next beach holiday? Or are you in Maharastra looking for a weekend trip? OK, Let me hold you back before going to Alibaug or other fancy beaches of Goa. Do you know about the Bordi Dahanu beach? The lovely beach in the Thane district of Maharastra is one of the most refreshing and beautiful beaches. The calmness and serenity has already attracted thousands of visitors every year and still do so.

The Dahanu beach is about 130 km from the Mumbai city around the borders of Maharashtra and Gujarat.  Now you must be wondering why I am suggesting you a beach which is 130 km away from Mumbai when the city of Mumbai itself has so many beautiful beaches. We all know how dirty our Indian beaches are and Mumbai beaches or any other beaches are not very far away from the list.  But do you know the Dahanu Beach was recognized as one of the cleanest beaches?

The Dahanu beach is a clean beach, especially good for families and friends. The place is far from any urbanization so it is very private and calm there.

dahanu beach

How is the experience in the Dahanu Beach

Let’s start in the morning. The morning here is bright and fresh. You can see start afresh in the morning watching fishers fishing. The boats coming back from the fishing.  The place is nice and refreshing. You can see a few people jogging around but not a lot only a few.

The Dahanu town is a residence of Parsis and Warli tribes. You can interact with the community and tribe here. Both of these Parsi community and Warli tribe are extremely helpful and are a great host with a big heart.  Visit the market to eat fresh seafood. Go eat fresh foods like Prawns, lobsters, crabs, and many other things here.

dahanu beach

The  Bordi Dahanu beach is nice and open where you can find Palm and Coconut trees. The open space provides ample opportunity for camping and overnight stay if you want to do so.  The nights on the beach are pretty mesmerizing as due to the dark sky and you are  Gazing the moon and stars. The night camp experience enhances when you are camping particularly during full moon night (Poornima).

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 The water here is pretty clean. While usually the beach currents and the water level is low and that being said swimming I don’t think it will be a great option here. While the low tides also give the opportunity for cycling and walking. The shades of Palm and coconut trees are great to relax around. 

What to do in Dahanu Beach?

Long walks

While on other beaches you would see a load of tourists, garbage, and no peace at all. Dahanu beach is the complete opposite of that. A nice little beach as we saw in Galgi Baga beach Goa in our blog of secret beaches in Goa. The place is clean, minimum crowd, and full peace. This is due to the fact that Dahanu beach is away from the urbanization and also remains fairly less popular. While the locals love this place and maintain cleanliness too.  

Take your time around the beach. You can come here for your morning session. In the evening long beach walks with family and loved ones is a perfect time spent.

dahanu beach

Enjoy the mesmerizing sunset and sunrise

Sunrise and Sunsets are the most amazing part of any beach. The sunset and sunrise here in Dahanu beach are mesmerizing. One must not miss any case.

 Collect the  Seashells

While you are already taking the long walks and enjoying sunset so go find some seashells. The clean beach is heaven and treasure for those who love collecting sea shells. Get some souveniers for your loved ones from Dahanu beach.

Snacks and fruits

You will of course try that. But try out all the snacks, chats, and fruits here on the beach and around. You can get Bhel Puir, Shev Puir, Corn, Candies, and in fruits do try  Chikus here.

The Irani’s were the first to cultivate Chikus here.

dahanu beach

What can you do around the area of Dahanu beach?

 The place around here offers a lot of adventurous activities. You can indulge in any of the activities such as trekking, gliding. While there are a lot of activities to get excited about but here is a place named, Tarpa.

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 Why should we get excited about Tapra because there are many challenging activities organized there? From activities like rope climbing, rappelling, and many other adventure activities.

In Tarpa Ecotourism is one of its booms. There is a museum related to the environment and agriculture here in Tarpa. A famous festival around here is celebrated to promote the local culture. The Chickoo festival is organized here around which you must not miss. Tourists can see many activities such as Dance, music, and Kite flying.

dahanu beach
Trekking opportunity

 There is a Depchari Dam and Reservoir nearby where you can spend some time with nature. The place is very serene with its greenery weather.

 Another famous and interesting place here is the Kalpataru Botanical Gardens. The Kalpataru Botanical garden is the same place where some famous shots of Tv series Ramayana were shot. The place is great for movies and tv buffs.

 There are more beach options also around the area if you want to explore. There is a Narpad beach if you want to explore more around the area. There is a small Saibaba temple near the beach and a nice little place to explore.

 Temples  which you should not miss when visiting the  Dahanu Beach are Gajanan Maharaj, the Mallinath Jain Tirth Kosbad Temple, Mandir, and Mahadev temple

 Few other very popular places here in the area  include the Dahanu Fort,  and also you must not miss the Bahrot Caves

dahanu beach

How to reach Dahanu Beach

Dahanu beach is situated on the Arabian sea coast in thane district. It is around 140 km from Mumbai. The Beach is located near to Dahanu road and below are ways how you can reach Dhanu beach.

 How to Reach By Air

 While there is no airport in this small coastal town of Thane. But the nearest airport to Dahanu is not very far. The nearest airport to Dahanu Beach is Mumbai airport, which is approximately situated 150km from the beach. There are innumerable flights connecting Mumbai to major cities around India and across the world as well.

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You can take bus and taxi from Mumbai airport for Thane and then Dahanu Beach.

How to Reach  By Train

The train will be one of the best options for dahanu beach. The nearest railway station is Dahanu Road which connects the beach to major cities via Veraval – Pune Express, Jodhpur – Pune Express, and Ahimsa Express.

 Shuttle trains run frequently between Dahanu Road and Virar, making the beach more accessible. While if you are coming from outside the state of Maharashtra then the Mumbai railway station will be your first station and then you can go to Dahanu road station.

How to Reach  By Road

One of the best option to reach the Dahanu Beach is via road. Road trips are best, especially with loved ones. And this trip is very lovely and memorable if you take a long drive.  Dahanu is connected to Mumbai via the NH 8 and there are buses from, Mumbai to Dahanu. While there are a lot of other buses also running from loke Thane, Vasai and Virar for Dahanu.

Distances from some famous cities


It is 140 km by road. You can take the western expressway and ride through Dahisar to Manaor and then to Dahanu.


Thane is approximately 120 km from Dahanu You can reach here via Ghodbunder then Versova and then to Ghol then take Dahanu Jewhar road and then Dahanu.


Pune is approximately 265 km from here. While you can take a train also but if you want to take a long rode then take Pune- Mumbai highway. Then drive along Lonavala, Khopoli, Rasayani, then Thane to Vasai and at last the Dahanu beach.

So do tell us about your trip to this marvelleous beach and share your experience below with me.

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Happy travelling.

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