Himachal never ceases to amaze me. From Shimla, Manali to Trecheoures treks like Kinnaur Kailash Himachal is surely a wonderland. When last time we visited for our Kinnaur Kailash trek we missed the Dainkund peak trek. With beautiful deodar trees, colorful flowers, lush green valleys we were already impressed with Dainkund peak.

Dainkund peak which is also known as the Singing hill is at an elevation of around 2755m above sea level. This stunning hill is in the Dalhousie which offers some of the most splendid and alluring views. The Dainkund Peak is the highest point here in the area so it is sure that you will be watching valley as a bird’s eye view.

Tall deodar trees all around with lush green valley which never seems to end. The slow breezy wind passing by and a sunny day. With that, you will see the charming Khajjar lake which is covered around the greenery and houses. The Dainkund Peak trek is a treat to eyes.

How to reach Dalhousie

As our trekking starts from beautiful Dalhousie so we should reach Dalhousie a night before. Dalhousie is a very famous hill station itself. You can explore the beauty of Dalhousie itself before starting your beautiful trek to Dainkund peak.

By Air

The nearest airport to Dalhousie s Gaggal Airport which is around 130 km from here. Gaggal airport is well connected to Chandigarh and Delhi airport. There are various taxis and buses available from the airport for Dalhousie.

By Train

Pathankot railway station remains the nearest railway station from Dalhousie. Pathankot is around 80 km from here. This railway station is very well connected to Delhi, Bathinda, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and many other important cities of India. From the railway station also you can take a bus or taxi for Dalhousie.

By road

There different public and private buses are available form big cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Pathankot, and many other. Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HPTC) is the public bus carrier working from nearby states. While if you have your own private vehicle then you can reach Dalhousie from Delhi via NH 1. It takes a good 10 to 11 hours to complete 565 of this long journey.

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Dainkund Peak Trek

Dainkund Peak Trek is one of the easiest and fun-loving Trek in Himachal. Like the Triund trek, this Trek is also a 1-day long trek. As you all know trekking is about exploring nature and yourself. While big long Treks in Himachal like Hampta pass or Kinnaur Kailash will surely entice you but their longevity is an issue. While I surely love these treks but some people don’t really love long treks. Dainkund Peak Trek is the perfect solution for you. Not only it is short but also it is one of the most beautiful treks out there. Even this trek can be done in Winters and it soon becomes a paradise for those who love to trek on a cover of snow.

Dainkund peak trek
Dhauladhar ranges

Facts about Dainkund Peak Trek

  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Max altitude: 2755m
  • Total distance: 5 km
  • Trek duration: One day
  • Location: Dalhousie
  • Nearest railway: Pathankot

We started our trek around 9 am from Dalhousie. The Lakkadmandi remains the base camo for Dainkund peak trek. Lakkadmandi is only around 9 km from the main town of Dalhousie and is only half an hour away via a taxi.

We reached Lakkadmandi around 9:30 and started our journey upwards. The route is pretty scenic and the journey is very beautiful. The first few initial steps could be hard for some but after that, the trek is relatively easy. You will be walking through dense Pine and Deodar forests. The gentle breeze which flows around the valley makes your experience even more beautiful.

Sometimes you will find you will be going through hard steps and some times on muddy trails. Few trees are also fallen in the trek but they don’t bother much. After a few kilometers of trek, you will find yourself at the end of the forest near the ridge. From this ridge, the trek is only now of about 1 and a half kilometer. This small distance is very easy and soon you will find yourself ar the top.

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Dainkund peak trek
Dainkund Peak Trek

At the top, there are few benches to sit and relax. See the charming Dhauladhar ranges. This panoramic view of Himalayas is not for everyone. The one who trekked hard deserves it. You will see the lush green valley all around.
At such a height you feel blessed to be able to see such astonishing views. There is a Pholani Mata temple nearby and I must force you that you must visit it. Even though you are an atheist but that place is something different. At an altitude like such everything does feel godly.

From the hilltop first thing I did was to breathe this fresh air. In cities like Delhi where we inhale the poisonous oxygen here it felt so calming and soothing. The plush of air injects a dose of adventure and adrenaline in your body. We also saw less no of tourists there which further enhanced our journey as in such amazing places generally there are thousands of people.

The View uptop

After a good 3 to 4 hours stay up there and exploring there it was time to come back. After soaking in the views we started to trek down to the endpoint. The trail ends at a bifurcation which is near the Dainkund viewpoint. While coming down the trail feels even easier and you would reach in less than half time.

What are the things to carry

While there is no such use of any particular things. The main benefit of having a short journey is that you don’t have any luggage but having proper arrangements is a must. Few things before going on Dainkund peak trek are

  • Warm clothes: While you are in Dalhousie you can feel warm but up there conditions are a little different.
  • Food: Pack your lunch as up there on the hilltop there are no options for food and stuff.
  • Good trekking shoes or even sports shoes will work
  • Cap and Hat
  • Sunscreen: As you know that you how bad sun rays are in hills that harm your skin.
  • Flashlight: It can get dark while coming back so having a flashlight with spare batteries is always useful
  • Medical kit: Take a small medical kit having few painkillers, Dettol, Band-aid, and Bandage. No one knows what can go wrong.
  • Guide There are many local guides that are available for a cheap price. It is always advisable to have someone who has knowledge about the trek.
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Weather conditions in Diffrent Seasons

Dainkund Peak Trek is one of those few treks which remains open all year around. Trekkers can come here any time and can enjoy the serene beauty of this place. But you need to rethink what are you expecting from the trek and view above.

In summers

Summer is best for those looking to get out of their heating cities. From the months of late March to June the temperature generally hovers around 25 to 30 degrees celsius. The trek also remains pleasent at this and the views of Dhauladhar ranges remains clear.

In monsoon

I generally don’t recommend people going to hills in monsoon. As you all know how things change in hills during monsoon. From heavy rainfall to sometimes even erosion monsoon makes your Dainkund Peak trek experience bad.

In winters

You want to trek over the sheet of Snow and want to experience snowfall at the same time. Winter season is blessing for those who want all those mentioned above. While the temperature can be freezing some time but overall the journey is pretty fabulous. The month of November to February are best for Winter trek lovers.

Camping Opportunity

If you want to extend your stay further around the Dainkund peak then there is a camping place for you. Around the Dain Kund there is a fabulous place for camping. Dain kund which means Witcher’s Pond is exciting place to Camp at night. The Place is best to pitch your tent, start a campfire and cook some tasty food.

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