Odisha here I come. For a long time I had been thinking about visiting some off-beaten place in India. While again I was looking for some trekking adventure but this time I wanted something simple and smooth. Yes of course the trekking adventure is what I love but sometimes these small unknown places have a lot more to offer.

Daringbadi tour was next on my list. The Kashmir of Orissa Daringbadi has created a lot of buzz in Orissa tourism. While the beaches of Orissa very already very popular but now this hill station is also getting attention from tourists.

Daringbadi tour is one such wonderful experience that takes you to this alluring place. Daringbadi is already famous all around the Orissa for its lovely atmosphere and lush green valleys. The smell coffee all around the valley with dense pine forest entices you more.

Small history of Daringbadi

Like many other Indian hill stations Daringbadi was also made popular by Britishers in their era only. The officer in charge in those days was Daring saheb and this place is named after him only. Daring his name and Badi means village.

How to reach Daringbadi

Daringbadi is a tribal village and I am surely not expecting an Airport there. Daringbadi tour is an Adventure via road. The adventure via bike gives you even more comfort. Open roads, thousands of turn and breezy atmosphere overall a perfect bike trip. However if you really want the info about the nearest railway and airport that is given below.

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By Air

The Biju Parnaik International Airport in Bhubaneshwar is the nearest airport to Daringabdi. The airport is around 246 km from Daringbadi. It takes more than 5 and a half hours to reach via road from this airport to Daringbadi.

By Train

Berhampur is the nearest railway station from Daringbadi. Berhampur is around 125 km from here. You need to hire a private taxi to reach here.

By Road

Daringabadi is accessible via road only and the roads here are connected to cities like Bhubaneshwar, Berhampur, Visakhapatanam, and Taptapani. NH 59 leads you to Daringabdi from Bhubaneshwar.

Daringbadi Places To Visit

So let’s come back to our main topic. What are the places to visit in Daringbadi? As earlier in the post I surely said it as a small hill station but with these many places are here to explore I will have to rewrite it. Daringbadi has a lot of good places to visit. Some places I visited in my Daringbadi tour are

Lover’s Point

Came to Daringbadi and visited Lover’s point first😍. Well not sure why it is called Lover’s point but it is a lovely point for sure.

The small spring which is surrounded with natural beauty all around. The surrounding is quite calm and serene. There are big rocks to enjoy sunset and sunrise. The river gushing by adds charm to this lovely location.

While the road to Lover’s point is a bit tough and rocky but the serene environment will we worth it. You must visit this extremely beautiful place when you are in your Daringbadi tour.

Lover's point daringbadi

Madiubana Waterfalls

Our love for waterfalls is still there. Like when we went to Kodaikanal and Calicut this time also we went on to find a waterfall on our Daringbadi tour.

The Madiubanda waterfall is just 30 min away from Daringbadi. The place is surrounded by thick dense forests. The Pine forest looks very lovely and refreshing.

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The waterfall is also very beautiful. When I visited the water was flowing turbulently from these falls. Locals say that this turbulency is only seasonal. The small pond under the waterfalls is a swimming destination for many. The overall aura of this place quite lovely and it is very peaceful here too.

Madiubana Waterfalls daringbadi tour


Sapanala river valley is near Baliguda which is around 75 km from Daringbadi. The distance is only 2 hours long if you are on your own vehicle.

This is a place that is generally not seen by travelers when coming to Daringbadi. This place is a little offbeat and if you have some local guide it will be helpful.

The river is good but the main attraction here is the Sunset which is very beautiful. The water flowing from these rocks is a visual treat. The river gushing is powerful so be careful about that.


Emu Bird Safari

On the way from Baliguda to Daringbadi this Emu bird safari is another nice place to visit on your Daringbadi tour. The farm is only a few kilometers from Daringbadi and you can visit it while going for Sapanala.

There are a lot of Emu’s which is quite unique to see. While it was really astonishing to see Emus in India. This little farm is famous for its emu eggs. This will be quite an adventure in your Daringbadi tour.


Hill view 

The name says all. The hill view is a nice little garden which is inside the Hill view park. The park is quite well maintained here also it is very clean.

The hill view offers a panoramic view of Daringabdi. This panoramic view is even more beautiful when you are watching sunrise or sunset. The orange sheet over the valley looks extremely beautiful.

The Hilltop is actually a children park so there is already a lot going on. The place is quite popular around the town and people love to spend their evenings here.

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Hill view  daringbadi

Coffee Plantations and Pine forest

While on your way to Daringbadi the dense pine forest and coffee plantations you will love the aura. The area of Daringbadi is widely covered with healthy vegetation. The flora and fauna of Daringbadi have attracted many visitors.

The plantations are also worth watching. You can visit here and do some trekking around while on your Daringbadi tour.

Best Time to Visit Daringbadi

I would suggest the winters are the best time to visit Daringbadi. The purpose of Daringbadi is a hill station and it can be best experienced in winters only. The temperature at night dips below 0 degrees which makes it chilly yet lovely.

While for Summers the place is a bit hot. The average temperature ranges between 28 to 35 degrees celsius. While at night you can expect somewhere between 15 to 22 degrees.

Monsoon rains are pretty heavy and due to it being in the coastal state you must not visit it in monsoon. We all know how much Orissa suffers from storms and heavy weather each year. And if you are stuck in Monsoon then conditions can be very bad.

Average temperature in Daringbadi

Some common FAQ’s

What is the best way to reach Daringbadi?

The best way would be fly till Bhubaneshwar and then hire a car or bike to reach Daringbadi.

Is Darinbadi a Naxalite area?

There are no such incidents of naxalities attacking in this area.

What is the best time to visit Daringbadi?

Winters. For full explanation see above.

Is there Snowfall in Daringabadi?

According to locals they had witnessed snowfall here but it was long back. Though temperature here in winters goes below freezing point but snowfall is a rare occurence.

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