The magical land of Uttarakhand needs no introduction. Not only Uttarakhand is famous among Indians but now it is been recognized as a new booming place in the world. Thanks to the combination of what this state is. Uttarakhand is a perfect blend of culture and beauty. While Uttarakhand is also known as the yoga capital but for years it has been about the queen of hills and lake cities.

The exotic places in Uttarakhand have mesmerized us for years.  While Places like Mussoorie, Nainital, and Auli are filling fast people are looking for other exotic destinations here in Uttarakhand.  The state delivers what you ask for. There are hundreds of undiscovered and unexplored places in this hilly state.

Dhanulti is one such extremely beautiful place that has remained unexplored for years. While the people of the state ofcoure knew about it but outsiders were still unknown.  Dhanaulti trip has been a treat for me and fellow travelers who discovered this hidden gem.  This place is so stunning that it was also in our list of Secret hill stations in Uttarakhand.

Dhanaulti in Uttarakhand is known as sister to Mussoorie. Being close to Mussoorie this hidden gem is your next perfect getaway. Dhanaulti trip will be one of the most beautiful trips you will ever have.

 A little bit about Dhanaulti

   The Icy heaven of Uttarakhand Dhanualti is in Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. The bustling town has now become a sensation among travelers for its serene views, lush green valleys and panoramic Himalayan views.  The magical hill station is ar a height of more than 2300m and receives a good amount of snowfall in winters.
With panoramic views, the dense forest of Dhanaulti is alluring too. The big pine trees, Oak forest, deodar trees, and others make Dhanaulti worth visiting.    busy cities like Delhi Dhanaulti trip is a perfect weekend getaway as it is very close to Delhi and you can reach here in a few hours.

Dhanaulti Trip: From Delhi to Dhanaulti

How To Reach Dhanaulti

Reaching by air

 The nearest airport from Dhanaulti is the Jolly Grant airport. Jolly grant airport is in Dehradun and is around 82 km away from here. Jolly grant airport is well connected to Delhi airport and few other nearby state airports. From the jolly grant, you can find a lot of taxis for Dhanulti and you can start your Dhanaulti trip. Also in Dehradun  ISBT is the place to find Buses for Dhanulti.

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Reaching by train

The closest railway station from Dhanaulti is Rishikesh. Rishikesh is approximately 70 km and it takes around 2 hours from Rishikesh o reach Dhanaulti. The railway connectivity of Rishikesh is very robust. Trains from all over North India and also from Mumbai runs for Rishikesh. From Rishikesh only you can take bus or taxi for Dhanaulti

Reaching Dhanaulti via  Road

 Dhanaulti is well connected via road. To reach Dhanaulti via bus you can take a bus from Kashmere gate from New Delhi. While if direct bus Is not available than you can take bus till Dehradun and  then take another bus from Dehradun for Dhanauklti

 Dhanaulti Trip via Bike

 .This where our trip gets interesting. Dhanaulti can be best experienced when done on a bike. We started our journey from Delhi and it was one of the most beautiful trips. The distance between Delhi to Dhanaulti is around 300 km. IF you are going by own vehicle take NH 44 that will take you Dhanaulti.  It takes around 7 to 8 hours of leisure ride to reach Dhanaulit from Delhi

dhanaulti trip

 The Route from Delhi to Dhanaulti is

Delhi>> Ghaziabad >> Muzaffarnagar>> Mohand>> Dehradun>> Dhanaulti

 The Dhanaulti trip from Delhi to Dhanaulti is extremely beautiful. You get to see the beautiful city of Dehradun, exotic Mussoorie if you come from that way and of Course then Dhanaulti.

 Delhi to Dhanaulti route map

  Every place which comes in the route has a story to tell. You can stop anywhere around the route take a sip of tea and relax. I will advise you to start early your day when going to Dhanaulti from Delhi. In hills, it gets dark very early and it will be safe if you reach before 6 in the evening.  Also, there are so many stops that you tend to explore more places on the way

Places to visit in Dhanaulti

On our Dhanaulti trip we saw a lot of places in Dhanaulti and around it

Eco Park

 Eco-park is in the heart of the town of Dhanaulti. The eco-park is situated very close to the main market in Dhanaulti. In Dhanaulit the eco-park is one of the most popular places to visit. Eco-park is one of the most beautiful places here in Dhanaulti. The sunrise and sunset views from eco-park are something you would not have seen.  The place is also very famous among the locals as you could see kids playing around and people roaming. The sporting facility is an attractive feature here in Eco-park.

dhanaulti eco park

 Surkhanda Devi Temple

 Surkhanda Devi temple was our 2nd place to visit in this Dhanaulti trip. The temple is located around 8 km from Dhanaulti. This temple is highly revered and scared, It is said that this temple was built where the head of Goddess sati have fallen.

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You would be thinking what so exotic about visiting a temple. Well first of all the place itself is very peaceful and second a 2-hour trek. Yes, Trekking to the top of the hill where the temple is one of the best experiences. Who would have thought we would find trekking here in Dhanaulti too.  The mesmerizing view from the top is very serene.

The trek is a short and easy one so generally everyone can cover it. Whereas if old people are also going than horse rides are also available till the hilltop. Overall the journey till Surkhanda Devi temple is extremely beautiful and the trekking journey is mesmerizing

View from Top


 Deogarh is a magnificent fort that was built around the 16th century. This fort is near Pratapgarh. Some beautiful Jain temples can be seen in the vicinity of Deogarh.

 Himalayan Weavers.

 The local weavers of Dhanaulti make some very well produced shawls, stoles, scarfs, and all of your winter gear. The Himalayan weavers are located on Mussoorie-Dhanaulti Road. They use natural dyes on their wools, silk, and pashmina giving you an all-natural look and feel. You must check them out when on your Dhanulti Trip.


  Mussoorie is only 60 km from Dhanaulti and is one of the best places to visit in your Dhanaulti trip. Mussoorie needs no introduction to anyone. The queen of hills has always mesmerized all of us with the sheer beauty it has

It takes around 2 hours from Dhanaulti to reach Mussoorie and you can further explore Mussoorie  Few places which you can explore in Mussoorie are


 At a height of 2024m Gun, the hill is a very popular and scenic location of Mussoorie. A cable car runs from Mall road Mussoorie to reach the Gun hill. Gun hill is a very beautiful place. The serene valleys seen from the up top makes it a very popular destination here in Mussoorie


 Kempty falls is a very popular destination here in Mussoorie. The beautiful falls are in Mussoorie Tehri Garhwal road. The falls are only around 15kms from Mussoorie.


 While you are already on Mussoorie kempty road so you must visit Lake mist too. The beautiful lake is about 5 km from the falls and is one the most beautiful lakes around here, The alluring lake is surrounded by beautiful valleys and dense forest all around.


 Mussoorie lake is a Man-made lake made by the MUSSOORIE DEHRADUN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY.  The lake is only around 6 km from Mussoorie and is one of the most popular places here. You must not miss Mussooorie lake while on your Dhanaulti trip. You can also here Pedal Boats for sightseeing here.

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Kanatal is also a secret hill station of Uttarakhand is 38 km ahead of Mussoorie and around. You must visit this secret hill station on your Dhanaulti trip. The literal meaning of Kanatal is Lake but unfortunately, there is no lakes present here. But what is present here is extremely beautiful valleys, orchards, and Himalayan views. The  Apple orchards of Kanatal is famous around Uttarakhand and the dense pin forest too of Kanatal is very beautiful.

The lush green valley of Kanatal makes it a must visit.


What activities to Do Around in Dhanaulti


  Many hotels and lodging here offer Camping. Even in Mussoorie, the hotels name the camoing destination Dhanaultia as their preferred choice. Dhanaulti is best for camoing as under the open sky with your loved ones in jungles is a very memorable moment.


 Like trekking to Surkhunda Devi temple, there are various other treks that can be taken here in Dhanaulti. While the treks are short but are very alluring.

Nature walks

 The lush green valleys of Dhanaulti entice you to take nature walks around the valley. The dense pine and Deodar forest are best to roam around. The jungles are very beautiful and best to connect with yourself.

Local shopping

 From winter clothing to small gifts the local shops have a lot to offer. Dhanaulti produces some of the best woolen clothes which you must buy.


 Best time to take Dhanaulti Trip

 Being a hill station the best time to visit Dhanulti is in winters from December to February.

 Dhanaulti in Summers

 In summers too you can reach here in Dhanaulti. Temperature is pretty good at this point of the year. In day temperature hovers around 33 degrees Celsius and at night it goes down to around 25 to 28. Dhanaulti is best to beat the heat of Summers when you are in big cities.

Dhanaulti in Monsoon

IN Monsoon the place gets full green. The valleys become more beautiful and alluring. The temperature dips further down in Monsoon and the drizzling rain adds some adventurous effects. While you must be cautious while visiting Dhanulti in Monsoon. Hill generally has a bad track record in the monsoon months. You should do a thorough check before going on Dhanaulti trip in Monsoon

Dhanaulti in Winters

. The best time of the year is to visit in winter. Dhanaulti receives a good amount of snowfall in winter and it becomes a paradise for snow lovers in Winter. Also, add the visit to Mussoories and Kanatal where the snowfall is common the package seems extremely beautiful.

dhanaulti kanatal
Dhanaulti Kanatal

So when are you visiting Dhanulti? Do tell me in the comments down below about your adventurous  Dhanaulti trip.

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