How do you feel when 175 meter high single fall cascades down.  How do you feel when you see such an enormous waterfall. Well, I feel tiny in front of nature. We see the sheer power of Nature.  While Odisha itself has always shocked us with many of the beautiful places it has to offer.  From exotic hill station of Daringbadi to offbeat and beautiful beaches of Rushikulya and Chandipur Orissa is mesmerizing.

Talking of beauty and exotic here comes one of the highest waterfalls in India Duduma waterfalls. Duduma waterfall in the Badigada village of the Koraput district of Orissa is known as one of the highest and mightiest waterfalls in India.  The towering waterfall is in the borders of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh attracts thousands of visitors every year due to its alluring beauty.

 Travelers who love nature and adventure and who try to find new places always love to visit places like these. Duduma waterfall is an offbeat place that shatters the boundary of what stereotypical tourism looks like.  Falling off from Machkund River the alluring sparkling waterfall looks absolutely gorgeous.

Duduma Waterfall

Machkund has got its name due to local pilgrimage site Matsya Kunda presence in vicinity.  As the waterfall in the borders of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh so it is accessible from both sides of the state.   The stunning beautiful waterfall also has a  hydel power project plant which gives out electricity to nearby area.   

The grandeur is at its full display during the monsoon season when the single fall waterfall flows turbulently and cascades down heavely. You will be stoked to see the sheer power of these waterfall. With that there is an opportunity of trekking and scientific exploration which adds charm to this already beautiful visit to Duduma waterfall.

Places to visit Near Duduma Waterfall

Not just these beautiful waterfall but there are many more places which you can explore around the waterfall.  

Duduma Waterfall

Onukudelli Dam and Powerhouse

The dam is on the way from Machkund to the Duduma waterfall.  You will notice the Onukudelli dam which is the source of energy for the area. The dam is vast and big. You must stop for a minute and appreciate how well build is this dam

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 The powerhouse is 6 km downhill from the Duduma waterfall. You will need a written application to the Makchund police station which then gives you permission to visit the dam. Only approved applicants can visit this power house. While once you reach there you can see how water generates so much power. The trip overall is a nice knowledgeable one.

The Waterfall

Well, when you are done visiting the dam then comes the beautiful Duduma waterfall itself. The staggering 175 m tall waterfalls which cascade down heavily. The waterfall collapse into gushing white foams.  Park your car there in the parking area and 50 km from there you will one of the most spectacular views of the Duduma waterfalls.

Duduma Waterfall

As I told you earlier that this beautiful  Duduma waterfall is in the borders of A.P and Orissa so there are 2 more sub falls one of which is in Andhra Pradesh and another one is in Orissa. Capture the most splendid view from the parking space, Shoot all those awesome videos and cinematic shots as this is one of the most wonderful things you will ever see.

While you will already be in awe to see such a splendid waterfall but to uncover the real beauty you will have to go down. There are around 700 steep steps which take you to the base of the waterfall. Keep in mind that these steps are way too slippery so Old people must be really careful.

Duduma Waterfall

But as soon as you reach there you will see this breathtaking waterfall cascading down which looks enormous yet extremely beautiful. It is one of those refreshing experience where you see such beauty of nature. You can try to shoot this whole waterfall but it is really tough. Not only this tough as it is enormous but edges there are sharp so just keep in mind about that too.

Spend some time there around the base of the waterfall. People especially couples love to visit Duduma waterfall as they love to capture these special moments but Solo travelers love this place, The combination of beauty with adventure turns into excitement and delivers you an exquisite view.

Visit The nearby Market

 So as your adventure of Duduma waterfall ends today but do not miss hitting the markets here. In onukudelli only you will see vibrant and colorful markets. If you happen to be here on Thursday then you can have a glimpse of what Bonda tribe is. People on that day wear traditional attire with that you will see the market all glittery and colorful.

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How was my experience Visiting this Beautiful Waterfall

The weather here in the area changes very suddenly and believe me it is one of the most wonderful things to happen. We reached the parking lot of the fall and saw the view. The first word out of the mouth was OH MY GOD what a view. The Duduma waterfall frother over the precipice fell from 175 m high to the frosted valley below. Some 700 steps later we looked at this enormous fall even closer.  When we reached the waterfall it was drizzling a bit but soon the weather changed into a sunny day as if nothing happened.

Duduma Waterfall

We then went to the power house. You need to take a pass from Machkund police station before visiting the powerhouse. It is only a 15 minute process which is hassle free. The power house is mostly for engineering buffs as it is mostly about machinery and kinds of stuff.  

However in all that the roads while traveling were extremely beautiful. The valleys are one of the most beautiful ones.  We then went to see some Bonda tribals who live here. The Bonda tribe wears all their finer, their necks, and upper parts of their bodies which are covered with strings of beads. You can get these beads from the local Onukadelli market. They also had a unique head gear wrapped like a turban.

Those who love photography will surely love to capture these beautiful women. It was so wonderful to experience a completely different culture and we really loved it.

Bonda Tribe women

Best Time To Visit Duduma Waterfalls 

While you van visit Duduma waterfalls in any season but the real beauty of Duduma waterfall is seen from July to November. You can see the most brilliant view of the waterfall at this time.

While summers too are good but the waterfall is not as beautiful as you would see in monsoon or post monsoon. In summers too temperature of both the states is very high which makes traveling tiring and tough. In winters though temperature falls and traveling becomes easy. That’s why winter is the second best time to visit. Monsoon and post monsoon though especially July and August have the most splendid view of Duudma waterfall. Wildlife exploration at this time is more wonderful and adventurous.

Duduma Waterfall

How To Reach Duduma Waterfalls 

 You can reach Duduma waterfall in two ways. One is from Jeypore and the other one is from Semiliguda via Nandpur to Lamptaput. However, via Jeypore, the journey is far better and you reach here via Vishakapatnam.

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How to reach Duduma waterfall from Visakhapatnam Side

 Fly till Visakahaptnam and then from here travel to Araku. From Araku continue to travel further till Jeypore road ( take right side road after 7 KM from Araku, left side road goes to Chaparai – Paderu ).

vizag to araku

After that  Enter into Odisha at Chatwa. You will reach Padwa, Padwa is in  Odisha state.   From Arkaku after driving 30 KM ahead you will reach Padwa. And further 9 KM  from Padwa you will reach Handiput Junction.  Then from this junction Take the left road to reach Sagar Junction. Sagar junction can be reached just by traveling another 10 KM.  As soon as you reach Sagar junction you will have 2 roads to reach Duduma waterfall.   Take the left one will take you directly to waterfall via Jalaput where you can see 2 reservoirs with dams.

 So when are you taking this wonderful journey to this extreme and alluring waterfall?  I am sure you will be amazed to see such a beautiful and adventurous place. Do let me know when you take this beautiful adventure and tell me in the comment down below about your travel, stay, and adventure of these alluring waterfalls.

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Happy travelling.

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