Karnataka is one of the most beautiful states in India has always received love from thousands of tourists who come here every year in search of peace, beauty, and tranquillity. This vast state hosts some of the most exotic destinations. Be it temples, forts, hill stations, ancient sites, and beaches.

With a coastline of more than 300 km, Karnataka is one of the most exotic states for your beach holidays.  Mangalore is the heart of Karnataka and the beaches of Mangalore have always enticed all of us.  Like Ullal beach in Mangalore, there is another exotic beach the Someshwar Beach.

someshwar beach

Someshwar Beach is famous for its golden sands, a long coastline, and enchanting sunset. This hidden gem in  Ullal is a must visit the place.   Someshwar beach is located at the confluence of the Arabian sea and the Netravati river.  The greenery around the beach and coconut palm trees all around here make this beach one of the most beautiful beaches.

Exploring around the Someshwar beach

One of the most unique and exotic things about the beach is the presence of large rocks that are here around the beach. These large rocks on the beach are called Rudra Shila. With that, you will see the beautiful sand which looks golden. This endless golden sand is ideal for those long walks with your loved ones.  The beach is also very clean and hence it makes your overall experience extremely beautiful. 

someshwar beach

While the clean water may entice you for swimming but I would suggest you not do any such activity here instead only a few kilometers ahead is the beautiful Ullal beach where you can undertake all these adventures. 

Someshwara temple

Do not miss the magnificent temple of Lord Shiva here. This ancient Someshawara temple which is located at the northern end of the beach was constructed by Queen Abakka Devi. Queen Abakka Devi was an extremely brave lady who fought with Potruguseese for years so that they cannot capture this area.

While the temple is extremely sacred and highly revered Lord Shiva temple.  There is a pond beside the temple with an underground source of water. This natural wonder is the source of sweet fresh water.

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someshwar temple

Ottinene Hillock

But other adventures are here around the beach.  You can climb on the Ottinene hillock for the view of the Netravati river. The view from this rock is extremely beautiful and grand. You can see the beautiful sea through mangroves. The hillock itself is extremely beautiful. With lush green vegetation all around it looks extremely beautiful. There are medicinal plants that grow here around the area.

You can explore the area around the hillock. You will be happy to know that it a planned government park for medicinal plants here. The vegetation around here is extremely beautiful and alluring.

Ullal beach

Do not miss the beautiful Ullal beach which is near the Someshwar beach only. Only a few kilometers from here and you will reach this extremely beautiful and alluring beach.  People who are looking for some adventure must not miss this alluring beach.  From speed boats to pedal boats you can find your own adventure here.

Ullal beach

While on the beach itself you will see the tall and lush casuarinas and palm trees which cover its coastline. You will be glad to know that you can swim here. The beach is very clean and without rocks which makes it very favorable for swimming.

St. Sebastian Church

 Do not miss the St. Sebastian Church which is in Ullal. The St. Sebastian church is more than 100 years old church in the area. The church is one of the most beautiful churches which you will see in the area.

With that, the architecture of this church is also very impressive. The church is very clean and well maintained.   There is a big banquet hall for weddings and where people gather and meet.

St. Sebastian Church mangalore

Queen Abbakka’s Fort at Ranipura

As you told you about the brave Rani Abbakka so you must visit her fort which is in the area only. Rani Abbakka was the first Tuluva Queen of Ullal. This brave lady fought with the Potuguesse in 16th century.

Few more places which you must not miss are

  • Tannirbhavi beach
  • Uchil
  • Suratkhal beach

Food around Someshwar beach

One must taste the local cuisine which is present here around the beach. There are a plethora of options both in veg and non veg options. You must try all the seafood which is available here. From fishes, crabs, prawns to pomfrets you must not miss any of these. While the more exotic experience, I would say to reach Ullal beach.

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 Ullal beach has one of the most amazing sea food. There is a nice resort name Summer Sands Beach resort which offers one of the most delicious food here in the area. Do not miss the authentic Karnatka food which is very tasty.

Best Time To Visit Someshwar Beach 

The best time to visit Someshar Beach is during winter months from November to February. It is due to the temperature. At this time the sun is gentle and the temperature is really cool. In the winter months the temperature usually ranges around 20 to 30 degrees Celsius at this time.

Also, you should know that in summers it is really not great to visit this beautiful Someshwar beach. In Summers you can expect temperature ranging from 25 to even some time 38 degrees celsius. At this time Sun is very hot and the weather is quite humid. In this unbearable heat, the beach generally is empty and not at all crowded.

 While monsoon would have been the second best option as it brings the benefits with it. In monsoon, the temperature is cool and nice. While if you love to explore the beach at this time you must check the temperature again and again. As you know being the coastal area the place receives some of the most dangerous calamities so you must be sure about the weather first.

someshwar beach

 How to reach Someshwar Beach

As the Someshwar beach is in Ullal which is in Mangalore so it is well connected due to Mangalore. Mangalore is one of the biggest cites in India and this city is very well connected to all the major parts of India.

Reaching by air

 To reach this beautiful beach the nearest and the biggest airport from here is the Mangalore airport.  Mangalore airport is only 30 km from here.  This airport is one of the biggest airport which is very well connected to all the major cities like Banglore, Mumbai, Chennai, etc.  You can take a taxi or bus from the airport to reach the beach.

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Reaching by rail

The nearest railway station from the beach is also in Mangalore only. The Mangalore central railway station is the nearest one from here. This railway station is a big station which is very well connected to all the major cities. The railway station is just 13 km away from the beach. You can reach the beach from the railway station by taking a taxi or bus from the station.

Reaching by road

As the nearest big city is Mangalore so the beach is connected via Mangalore. Mangalore is very well connected with major cities like Bangalore and Mumbai,  so reaching the beach is easy.   To reach Mangalore from major cities there are around three highways that pass through this city. NH 17, NH 48, and NH 13  which pass through the city.

Also, you can take a bus to reach Mangalore. Mangalore is very well connected via the bus system. The Karnataka bus corporation runs buses from all around the state for Mangalore. Many nearby states are also very well connected by Bus service. There is a bus station namely the Thokkottu bus stand which lies only a few kilometers away from here. Ullal also has its small bus station.

Someshwara Beach
So how do you like the journey of this beautiful Someshwar beach? When are you going on this journey to this beach?  I am sure one must be stoked to see such a beautiful and enchanting place. Do let me know about your adventure, travel,  and stay there. Do not forget to comment down below about your tour and travel experience.

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