Orissa has always been about beaches and exotic places. The state of Orissa lies in the far East of India. With bay of Bengal on the south side of Orissa the Place is mostly loved by beach lovers.

While most of us are still into exotic places but do you know that there is a golden triangle of Odisha. The Golden Triangle of Odisha has some of the most ancient and unique monuments and places on the list. With Konark, Puri, and Bhubaneshwar it forms the Swarna Tribhuja or the Golden Triangle of Odisha, one of eastern India’s most visited travel destinations.

As last time we saw Daringbadi in Odisha which itself is an off-beaten place so now we wanted to travel to a unique location in Odisha. From the Holy Puri Jagannath to Konark and Bhubaneshwar this Golden Triangle of Odisha will cover the most unique places of Odisha. While this trip is generally given by tour companies to encourage tourists but I thought why not make an itinerary for travelers like us. We love to travel freely and we all know how much these travel companies charge.

How to Reach Odisha

Bhubaneswar, the capital city of the Indian state of Odisha, is a center of economic and religious importance. Some of the most famous tourist attractions of the city include Lingaraja Temple, Udayagiri Caves, Ashokan Rock Edict, and Vaital Deul Temple. The trip of the Golden triangle starts from Bhubaneshwar so we will travel there first. When we are talking about connectivity, Bhubaneswar in Odisha is well-connected to all other major Indian cities by air, road, and rail.

How to Reach by Air
Located around 6 km away from the city center, the Bhubaneswar Airport or Biju Patnaik International Airport connects the city with the rest of the country by air. The Bhubaneshwar airport is very well connected to cities like New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Visakhapatnam. From the airport, taxi/bus services are available to reach any part of the city and start your trip.

How to Reach by Road
Baramunda bus stand, is the main bus stand in Bhubaneshwar. The Baramunda bus stand is located around 5 km away from the city center connects Bhubaneswar bus stand is very well connected to all other major Indian cities by road. Public and Private bus service run from major Indian cities like Puri, Ranchi, Kolkata, Vishakapatnam and many more.

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How to Reach by Rail
Bhubaneshwar has one of the biggest railway stations in eastern India. The Railway Station of Bhubaneshwar is the main railhead connecting the city with several Indian cities. There are regular super fast trains available from Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc. Also, From the station, you can take private cabs or taxis to start your trip.

The Golden Triangle of Odisha Sightseeing and Places

The Golden Triangle of Odisha lets you explore the unexplored East Indian State of Odisha

Marvel at the enchanting monuments, with visiting some of the holiest and devotional sites. With that there are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The Golden Triangle of Odisha trip treats you with one of the most wonderful experiences, enjoying the alluring capital city Bhubaneswar, the appealing beach city of Puri, mystical ruins of Konark,

Itinerary for Golden Triangle of Odisha

This is a suggested Itinerary but I think this a best possible way to explore all three cities. Not only you will be able to explore most locations of these cities but also you will enjoy travelling.

Day 1 Bhubaneshwar

Our Day one our journey starts from Bhubaneshwar. As you must already reach Bhubaneshwar last night.
Have a good breakfast in the early morning because today we are going for some epic monument rides.

Our trip first starts at the Lingaraj temple. The Lingaraj temple is a live proof of sheer beauty and craftsmanship. The Lingaraj temple is the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is a highly revered place not only in Odisha but in the whole of India. The architecture of the temple is complex and intriguing. The peaceful surrounding of the temple makes you calm.

Lingaraj temple, ODISHA
Lingaraj temple

Our second place to visit will be Khandagiri Udaygiri caves. The Khandagiri Udaygiri caves are some of the most fascinating and intriguing architecture of Jain’s. The caves are not only a symbol of craftmanship but also have very high importance among the Jain community. The caves also hold very high importance in history as these caves are one of the earliest groups of Jain rock-cut shelters.

While two destinations would be enough for our first day trip in Bhubaneshwar but other places which I would suggest you should visit are the Mukteswar temple which is one of the most important and highly revered temples in whole India. With that there is Raja rani temple and Nandankanan zoo. The Nandankanan zoo is famous for its white tiger safari. With that the zoo has many wild species.

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Day 2 Bhubaneshwar – Konark – Puri

Last night in Bhubaneshwar was very epic. Visiting so many places in a day can be hectic but at the same time, you can’t miss such beautiful places.
Start your day in Bhubaneshwar as we will be going towards Konark and then Puri.

We will be going to Konark Sun Temple. How can we Konark sun temple in our tour of the Golden Triangle of Odisha? The Konark Sun temple is one of two only Sun temples in India. The other being in Uttarakhand Almora named Katarmal Sun Temple. The Konark Sun Temple is a 13th-century temple that not only shows pure craftsmanship but also the calmness in the environment is serene.

Also, you can visit the Chandrabhaga beach in between. The beach is very beautiful and blessed with natural beauty.

After our good visit to the Konark Sun temple we will go to Puri. Puri Jagannath temple is famous worldwide among all devotees. The Puri Jagannath temple is the divine experience that you can only experience once you are here. We will pay our respect to Lord Jagannath and then will go to Gundicha temple.

 Puri Jagannath temple
Puri Jagannath temple

After spending the whole day with such divine experiences in the evening we will go to the famous beach of Puri. The famous golden beach of Puri is famous for its sunset. The place is very lovely to relax and chill.

Day 3 Puri To Chillika and then Back

Then on our third day of a tour of the Golden triangle of Odhisha we will be visiting the famous Chillika lake. The Chillika lake is the largest brackish water lagoon. The Chillika lake is famous for its spectacular views and thousands of species of birds. There are over 160 species of birds to look for. The Natural beauty of Chillika is such that even one day is not enough to explore it but at night we will be heading back to Puri.

 Chillika  lake
Chillika Lake

Day 4 Puri to Pipili to Dhauli and Bhubaneshwar

Puri was an adventure. From devotional to exotic Puri has a lot to offer. Now we will be heading back from our this epic journey. While going back we will be visiting a few more places in the way.

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While coming back from Puri there is a small little place known as Pipili. Pipili is famous for its handicrafts and craftsmanship. There are lot of shops en route where you can buy stuff.

The second stop after coming back from Pipili is your Dhauli. Dhauli is famous for its association with Great Emperor Ashoka. Dhauli is located in the banks of river day which is also known as the bloodbath river. The city has a lot of Buddhist architectures like Peace pagoda where the great emperor’s message is written.

We will reach Bhubaneshwar in the evening. If you have time then you can of course visit the places which we left on our first day.

Day 5 Bye Bye Bhubaneshwar

After such a good trip it is time to say Bye to Bhubaneshwar. This trip has been a blessing, to see such alluring places is surely surreal. It’s a hard goodbye to Odisha but we will be back soon here.

Golden triangle of Odisha trip
Golden triangle of Odisha trip ends here

This was my 5-day Itinerary for Golden triangle of Odisha. This trip was such an awesome experience.

Best time to visit the Golden Triangle of Odisha

While you can visit any time here in Odisha but I will suggest you not to do this trip in Monsoon season. Odisha receives very high rainfall with storms in the Monsoon season which should be completely avoided.

Odisha in Summers

The temperature fluctuates from 26 to 37 degrees celsius. The summer season here is pretty warm and rather can get some times harsh. But the good thing about summers is you can spot dolphins in the chilika lake which is a rare occurrence.

Odisha in Winters

I believe the best time to take this trip of the Golden Triangle of Odisha is in winters only. Winters remain excellent in Odisha. The temperature fluctuates between 14 to 26 degrees celsius. This ambient temperature is best to travel and enjoy the beach. While the coastal area can be a little breezy but I love it.

Odisha in Monsoon

I will suggest if you are taking this trip in Monsoon do check a lot of times about weather updates. Weather at this time of the year gets very harsh. Odisha from years have been suffering from the thunderstorms and cyclones and you would not want to get stuck in this season.

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