In the far north of India lies a mystical place filled with wonderlands. From snow peak mountains to green lush meadows this place has everything. Uttarakhand the Himalayan state of India is one of the most favorite places of tourists all around the world.

Gopeshwar in Uttarakhand is an explored heaven. While places like Auli and Nainital have always garnered attention Gopeshwar still remains unknown to many.

Gopeswar is in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The small hill station surrounded by valleys is a serene location in the Garhwal region. While the place has its own importance with some of the most famous temples being here but steadily it is also becoming a hill station too.

In Gopeshwar tourist places range pilgrimage to exotic. It is just up to you where you want to head first. Also, Gopeshwar remains in the route of famous hill station Auli and Valley of flower trek. Being surrounded by the Himalayas and serene valley I surely recommend you to visit this place.

How to reach Gopeshwar

Visiting Gopeshwar tourist places can be a bit tiresome because like other Himalayan places it is far from cities bustle. This distance is actually a boon to many.

Reaching Gopeshwar via air

Unfortunately Gopeshwar does not have any airport. The nearest airport is in Jolly Grant Dehradun. Jolly grant is around 227 km from Gopeshwar and it takes aroun 8 hours to reach.

By train

Rishikesh remains the nearest railway station to Gopeshwar. Rishikesh is aroun 209 km from Gopeshwar and takes around 8 hours to reach Gopeshwar.

By road

Road travel is the only option you have to reach Gopeshwar. If you are coming from Delhi so come from via Rishikesh.

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The suggested route would be
Delhi- Roorkee- Rishikesh- Devprayag- Srinagar- Rudraprayag- Karnaprayag- Gopeshwar.

Gopeshwar Tourist places


Surrounded by the Himalayas and dense forests Gopeshwar is nestled in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Pleasant weather and the serene surrounding make Gopeshwar a perfect hill station. The snow-capped mountains which surround Gopeshwar enhances the beauty. With many picturesque landscapes Gopeshwar keeps creating buzz around.

With many temples around Gopeshwar, it also a highly important destination for Hindus. With that many famous treks and hill stations can be covered from here only. It remains in a prime location from where you can reach all these exotic places.

Gopinath Temple

Gopinath temple is a famous temple in Uttarakhan made by Katyuri kings. This temple was built in around 9 to 11 century. Gopinath temple is home to God Rudranath. The temple of Gopinath is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The ling is worshipped as the face of Lord Shiva and the mridh roop as Lord Vishnu.

One interesting fact is Milk is not offered here. The only form of offering here is bail patri.

Gopinath Temple Gopeshwar

Rudranath trek

Rudranath temple is one of the Panch Kedar of Uttarakhand. The temple of Rudranath has high importance among Hindus. Not only this the trek up to Rudranath is also a very blissful experience.

From far-stretching Himalayas to green lush valley the Rudranath trek takes you to some exotic locations. While Rudranath is one of the Panch Kedar but this trek is considered to be the most difficult among all 5. You can read our Rudranath trek with Itinerary here


Just 70 km from Gopeshwar is the beautiful location of Auli. Surrounded by Garhwal Himalayas Auli remains one of the most popular Hill stations in Uttarakhand.

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From skiing, snowboarding to trekking there are hundreds of activities that can be done in Auli. Auli is also known as mini Switzerland due to its spell bounding locations. For detailed experience about Auli do read this blog here.

auli uttarakhand
Auli tifulBeau

Vasundhra Falls

Just 110 km from Gopeshwar is the Vasundhra falls. Vasundhra falls are a blessing from nature. The sheer beauty of these falls is best experienced when visited. Vasundhra falls are in the last village of India Mana. Mana is a location which is famous for its pleasant environment and lush green valleys.

We covered our journey of Mana which remains one of the most blissful experiences. The culture of Mana is unique and people their are lovely. You can read our detailed journey of Mana here.

Valley of Flowers

We all know how famous is the Valley of Flowers in the whole world. Since its discovery it has hosted millions of visitors and allured them with its beauty. valley of flowers is just 70 km from Gopeshwar. Gopeshwar can be your base camp too. Many trekkers do like to first stay in Gopeshwar and then explore the Valley of Flowers.

Valley of flowers is a little heaven on this earth. With flowers blooming all around with serene landscape this place is breathtaking. I am not just writing it due to the fact that it is famous. But this place has a special aura to it which once experienced remains forever.

Our trek with an itinerary for Valley of Flowers is there on our site. With places to visit around and a full-fledged guide I suggest you look at it. You can find our Valley of Flowers trek guide here.

Other famous Treks and nearby Gopeshwar tourist places

Tungnath temple trek

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Tungnath is the highest Lord Shiva Temple. The Tugnath Temple trek is one of the enticing treks that I have seen. With Gushing rivers and serene landscapes you must take this trek. Our blog on Tungnath trek is here.

Chandrashila Trek

Another famous yet lovely trek in Garhwal Himalayas is Chandrashila trek. The Chandrashila Trek is near to Tungnath temple Trek and also Gopeshwar. The Chandrashila trek is very well known around the nation for its enticing journey.

This trek will lead you to 4000 m above sea level. The Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi, Trishul, Kedar peak, etc can be seen during the trek. The trek provides a panoramic view of these Himalayan beauties.

While there are other nearby tourist places in Gopeshwar we still kept this list short. There is n number of places and treks which can be done from here. Gopeshwar is an unexplored beauty of Uttarakhand and we were privileged to explore a bit of it.

Best time to visit Gopeshwar

Gopeshwar is a mini Hill station and the best time to visit Gopeshwar is in Winters. If you are lucky enough some time there are good chances of Snowfall in Gopeshwar.

While the temperature in winters goes from 1 to 5 degrees but Summers too is a great time to explore Gopeshwar. Beat the heat as they say. Gopeshwar is perfect for your weekend trip with family and friends. The average temperature in Summers is around 16 to 25 degrees max.

This ambient temperature range makes it the best place to visit in Summers. Gopeshwar remains open to tourists all year round and also is not heavily packed. The prices remain affordable and people are lovely here.

For more information, I recommend this Uttarakhand Government’s official website here.

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