North east India is one of the most beautiful and still unexplored places. The rich flora and fauna of the region entice many tourists every year who flock here in search of peace and beauty. The sheer beauty of this region has is unmatched. Be it some of the most famous National parks like Kaziranga, valleys like of Zuluk, trekking destination as of Dzuko valley, or even some ancient structures the region has got everything.

Assam, being thegateway to the north eastern India is first place where people visit. Assam known for its flora and fauna has mesmerized travelers for years. One such place which has been on every travelers list is Haflong.

In the Dima Hasao district of Assam is the beautiful hill station known as Haflong. The place which is extremely rich in culture, flora, and fauna is a place which is visited all year around. This small hill station is so beautiful that it is even called as White Ant Hillock.


The beautiful valleys, gorgeous landscape, and breathtaking hills make this a popular choice. With the scenic views it also a booming adventure place. Trekkers from around India and the world love to visit Haflong as it provides a unique trekking experience. With that Camping is yet another booming activity here in Haflong.

Haflong is also a very culturally rich place. You have an opportunity to spend time with locals and know about the culture and traditions of this beautiful place.  With that find the ancient history of this beautiful place. Places like Ramchandi temple shows how old this place is.   

 Places to Visit in Haflong

Haflong Hill

Haflong is the main attraction of the town. Not only in Assam but in the whole north east it is a booming adventure spot. People love to come here for their trekking adventure. Haflong Hill is one of the most beautiful and glooming hill. The sunrise and sunset from the up top has its own charm


Haflong Lake

 Known as one of the most beautiful lakes in Assa, Haflong lake is a must visit whenever you are here.  The lake is a major tourist attraction here in Assam. Located in downtown the lake is not only famous among tourists but locals too.

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The lake offers various recreational activities that keep you engaged. You can do boating here with your loved ones. Also, locals love this place as their favorite picnic spot. The lake looks even more magical and beautiful in the evening. Long evening walks with your loved ones seems magical here.

haflong lake


As said earlier that haflong is one of the most rich places in terms of flora and fauna so to explore the real beauty you must visit Jatinga. Jatinga is a very popular bird-watching spot in the region. If you love to see different species of birds and you are a avid bird watcher then you must not miss this place.

While I must tell you that Jating is also famous for its ‘bird suicide’ phenomenon.  In the months of  August, September, October, and November, the birds die here out of unknown and mysterious reasons. While many believe that this is due to the dark and foggy nights of Jatinga.

park Yercaud

Other than mystery Jatinga holds breathtaking scenery and vivid visuals. The foggy nights will captivate your heart, The sheer beauty this region has is unmatched. When you see this beautiful place then you surely start to believe in magic and spell.


 Only Some 48 km from the town in its northern region is a booming tourist place of Maibong. Maibong which is also known as Maibang is famous for its scenic beauty.  The natural beauty of this place is unmatched.  The enchanting mountains, gorgeous waterfalls, and many ancient sites make Maibong one of the top destinations to visit.


Maibong has rich culture and history too. This place was once the old capital of Kachri rulers somewhere between the 16th to 18th centuries. While travelers from all around come here for its scenic beauty but history buffs too love this place.


Things to Do in Haflong


 Trekking in haflong is one of the most beautiful and exciting adventures which you must do. There are various waterfalls here in the area so a moderate trek will take you to these enchanting waterfalls. The short trek here is only 4 to 5 hours.

Also, Haflong hill itself is the paradise for the trekker. Trekker love this place for enchanting valleys. A short trek will take you up the hill. The trek is easy and relatively enjoyable. Pack your bags with your gang and of go on this adventurous trek.



Haflong Hill provides opportunities for Paragliding. There are many small operators who run the paragliding operations.   

Cultural Insight

 Assam is rich in culture and Haflong itself is inhabited by different tribes. People here are very sweet and polite and you have an opportunity to look into the culture and tradition of Assam. Haflong being away from the bustle of the city still has maintained its culture which generally lacks in big cities.

Where to stay

 Being one of the most popular tourist places there are a good number of options available. Going from basic to even pricer ones you have many options here. Most hotels here are budget friendly and offer basic amenities. You will have no problem in terms of accommodations. Also, there are various guest houses and lodges too here. Ordinary people offer homestays too.  Few of the hotels are

  • Landmark hotel
  • Eastern hotel
  • Hotel Nakshatra
  • Hotel Kalpataru

And many more .

 Best Time to Visit Haflong

 The best time to visit in Winter. The months of November to  February is the best time to seek this beautiful place. The weather condition at this time is pleasant and cool. The condition is best for trekking and other adventure activities.

While in summers also you can come here but the temperature does rise a bit. In summers trekking and adventure, the activity becomes a bit difficult. In monsoon, though the temperature does lower a bit the place receives a good amount of rainfall.


How to Reach

Being one of the most famous hill station in Assam, Haflong is accessible through all the means of transport.

Reaching by air

 The biggest airport in Assam the Guwahati airport is the nearest airhead to Haflong. Guwahati airport is a big airport and well connected to all the major airports of India. You can easily get flights for major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. From Guwahati, you can easily get a bus or a taxi to reach this beautiful hill station.  

Reaching by train

 Haflong is very well connected by rail network. Haflong has its own railway station. The railway station is only 3 km from the town. The railway station is well connected to major Indian cities.  You can easily get a taxi in the city to roam around.


Reaching by road

This beautiful place is very well connected to all the major cities around the area. It is easily accessible via road. Buses, both private and government, ply on regular intervals connecting this beautiful little place.


What is Distance Between Haflong to Guwahati?

Distance between Haflong to Guwahati by Road is around 328km

Which is Assam’s only hill station?


What are other places near Haflong to visit?

Silchar,  Guwahati, Sivasagar, Dibrugarh
So when are you taking this beautiful journey to this enchanting hill station? When will you be visiting these alluring valleys and hills? Do let me know when you take this adventure. Comment down below about your adventure, trekking experience, and stay there.

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Happy travelling.

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