Have you ever felt like life is getting a little boring? Same old routine and you are getting tired of it. You feel that you need to do something adventurous What if I tell you that you can find adventure near you. Especially for people of Karnataka you don’t have to go anywhere to find adventure when you have one of the most happening places near you.  Honnemaradu is a nice little cozy village which is nothing less than an adventure village.

From Camping, rafting, canoeing to any sort of activity you name it and you will find it.  Karnataka has always welcomed me with its unexplored places. Be it Agumbe village or Malpe beach there are many hidden gems in this state. One such great finding for me was Honnemaradu.

On the banks of the glorious river, Sharavathi Honnemaradu is an exquisite place surrounded by dense forest and blessed by waterfalls. The tiny place hosts the Lnganamakki reservoir which is formed by the backwaters of river Sharavathi.  The reservoir is famously known as a golden lake as water sparkles like gold at the time of sunrise and sunset.  While the place is extremely beautiful but what makes it stand out is the no of adventure activities done here which we will further explore.

Places to visit in Honnemaradu   

  Honnemaradu  reservoir

 The Honnemardu lake is actually one of the most famous and beautiful lakes around the area. This water reservoir was created due to River Sharavathi. The reservoir was created after the damming of the river.  The lake is not only beautiful but also provides an ample opportunity for adventure activities such as canoeing.


Jog Falls

One of the most beautiful and splendid waterfalls you would ever have seen in you life Jog falls is magical waterfalls.  Named as one of the tallest waterfalls in India the Jog falls plunges from a height of 829 feet.  This beautiful waterfall is created after western ghats give rise to the Sharavati river. Jog falls are also known as Gerusoppaa falls and look magnificent in monsoon.

The beautiful waterfall is actually due to a combination of multiple streams which cascade down and gives a splendid look. The jog falls are only 9 km from the town of Honnemaradu which makes it a perfect destination from here. Jog falls are situated in the dense evergreen forest in the borders of  Shimoga and North Kanara.

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Jog Falls

The Dabbe Falls

Only 15 km from the town of Honnemaradu you will see these splendid waterfalls. While The Dabbe Falls are a little small waterfall but it is as exotic as you would expect. The sight of foaming waterfall is a treat for eyes.

The Dabbe Falls

Sagar city

Sagar City is the closest major city to Honnemardu.only around 17 km.  While Sagar city is famous because it is close to Jog falls but the city is beautiful.  There are many historical sites which you can explore here.  Places like Ikkeri, Keladi, and Varadamoola you must visit when you are here in Sagar city.

Varadamoola is known for the origin of the Varada river which is a beautiful river. While if you want to eat some authentic Karnataka food then Sagar city is the best option as the city has lots of Dining options available.  The Jog Falls is located a few km from Honnemardu, very close to Sagar. The beautiful waterfall is actually multiple streams of water falling from an arched hilltop.

Singadooru Chamundeshwari Temple

Around 11 km from Honnemaradu is this ancient temple. The temple is only around 11 km from the town an is neat the Jog falls. The main deity of the temple is Goddess Chamundeshwari. IT is believed by the locals that the area around here is protected by the goddess only. IT is due to the goddess that people feel safe from theft and robbery incidents.

Adventure activities in Honnemaradu

 Honnemaradu is a place that is known for adventure only. It is also known as adventure paradise due to the number of adventure activities being provided here. A few of many I will discuss with you below.


Rafting is the best option if you want to unwind and feel alive. The backwaters of River Sharavathi give you this awesome opportunity to take on some adventure.  The safety measure here is adequate and you can enjoy you rafting adventure without worrying too much about safety.

rating  in Honnemaradu

 Kayaking in Honnemaradu

While you don’t want to indulge in river rafting adventure go for Kayaking. While the literal meaning of Honnemaradu is Golden lake and this lake provides a golden opportunity for kayaking.

Coracling and canoeing

Coracling and canoeing are exciting water-based activities that you can experience here at Honnemardu.  While coracle is a round traditional boat that can maneuver in the deep waters, and accommodate small groups of about  4 to 6 people. One unique thing about these boats is that they spin wildly in a circular motion while in water.

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On the other hand, canoeing is an open decked boat that can accommodate just 2 people Riding a canoe requires high skills of balance with coordination.

You can experience both of these adventures here in Honnemardu.  visitors love these both the activities. A life jacket is provided here so that you don’t worry about safety a lot and enjoy more.


 Trekking and camping

 How can someone miss the adventure of trekking here in the forest? The forest is best for your trekking and camping adventure. Explore the natural beauty of the place. One thing I must tell you there is a great opportunity for camping here as long as you have your own gear. From the camping tent to campfire everything you will have to arrange. But once done you will forever remember trekking and camping experience in Honnemardu.

The experience of camping around the shallow waters around the lake with a beautiful sunrise experience is surely one of the moments. In the night you would see a sky full of stars under which you are cooking food and having memorable experiences with your loved ones.  

Bird watching

While bird watching is no adventure activity but surely it is one of the most exquisite experiences one would have. He chirping of countless birds around the valley. With birds there are thousands of butterfly which fly around here looks very beautiful. There are thousands of bird species from rare to common which you can spot here.

You can easily spot here the European bee-eater, bulbul, ruby-cheeked bulbul, fairy bluebird, fluttering around, and orange-headed ground thrush, among others.  While with beautiful birds you can also spot beautiful and colorful butterflies such as red Helens, blue bottles stripped tigers and blue Mormons which is a treat to watch.

How to reach Honnemaradu

As it is deep into valleys the place remains a little far and you will have to travel a bit to enjoy this serene place.

Reaching by air.

The nearest airport is the Mangalore airport from Honnemaradu. The Mangalore airport is around 240 km from here. The airport has a good connection with interstate cities and also a few nearby states. While if you looking at international than Bengaluru airport is the biggest and nearest airport. The Bengaluru airport is around 370 from Honnemaradu and is well connected to all the Indian cities and also foreign locations.

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You can easily get taxis from Mangalore for Honnemaradu while you can get a taxi from Bangalore till Mangalore and then till here.

Reaching by train

The nearest railhead is the Rail Talaguppa which is around 10 km from Honnemaradu. While it is no big station and the nearest big station is Mangalore and only. From Mangalore though you can easily get a train to reach most parts of the country. You can also take a bus from Banglore to Talaguppa and then take a taxi till Honnemaradu.

Reaching via road

The best way to enjoy this journey is via road. As Sagar remains the nearest big city I would recommend you to take a bus till Sagar and then reach. There are buses from all over the state running to Sagar. 

While you are coming on your own vehicle you can reach Sagar via Tumkur then Kadur then Tarikere and Shimoga. Shimoga is well connected to all parts of the state.  NH 206 from Banglore will take you to Honnemaradu.

Best time to visit

 While you can reach here at any time of the year but  November to February is the best time to visit Honnemaradu.  The temperature is pretty cool and sometimes at night it even drops till 10 degrees Celsius.

Summer can get a little hot as temperature averages around 35 degrees which is not very ideal for traveling and trekking. While monsoon comes with its benefits but rain can be a little harsh for you.  While if you really love rains the weather at the time of monsoon is one of the best here.    

What to Know before travelling Honnemaradu

   As you know it is a small village so all kinds of amenities are very limited here.  You must make sure that you are carrying enough items so that you don’t run out here.  Take good warm clothes, medicines, sleeping bags, camping tents, swimsuits, t-shirts, trousers, etc as you will highly need it here. Take your small trekking gear because you will the outdoor activity here.

 A trip to Honnemaradu is best with friends and families as you spend a wonderful time without even spending a lot.

So when are you going on this epic adventure of Honnemaradu. Tell me in comments how was your trip.

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