Tamil Nadu is known for its valleys, beaches, and some of the most famous tea estates and hill stations. The state is an example of how colorful and varied a state can be. We also saw here in Tamil Nadu the lost  Danish colonies in Tharangambadi and also beautiful Kalrayan hills.

 We have seen the flora and fauna of Tamil Nadu. While many destinations are well known to many but some remain unknown.  Javadi hills in Thiruvannamalai district of Tamil Nadu is one such unexplored yet extremely beautiful place. In the borders of  Vellore and Thiruvannamalai lies this extremely diverse and alluring place.

Javadi Hills

Javadi Hills is famous for its flora and fauna. The wildlife, vegetation have made it into a new upcoming tourist place.  The lush green hills which are filled with many fruity trees is a unique factor of Javadi hills. The hills are painted in green but as the day ends the hills look even more astonishing with a purple tinge over it.

Javadi Hills is also known as the Jawadhu hills and is the primary home of native Malayali tribes.  The hills are separated in 2 parts as Palar, Agharam and Cheyyar river flows through the hills. There are a lot of medicinal herbs in the area.   One very distinguishing thing about the Javadi hills is the abundance of Sandalwood trees in its southeastern area. The hills have always been rich in vegetation and wildlife hence attracting thousands of tourists every year in search of peace and adventure.

Places to visit in Javadi Hills

 Vainu Bappu Observatory

 The Vainu bappu observatory is an astronomical observatory. This observatory is located in javadi hills. This observatory is owned and operated by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics.  There is a 2.3 m or 93-inch telescope there in the observatory. This telescope is so powerful that you can see even a 25 paise coin clearly from miles away. It is the biggest telescope in Asia

Vainu Bappu Observatory

This observatory is very important for scientists here. With this telescope, deep sky observations are being carried out.  The telescope inside the premises is named as Vainu Bappu Telescope after the famous astronomer  You must not forget to visit this observatory whenever you are here.  

   Beemanmadavu Waterfall

   Beemanmadavu Waterfall or Bheema waterfalls are one of the most beautiful falls in the area. The waterfalls are located only 12 inside the dense forest  The falls are the best bathing as people say. Go there with no expectations because if you think it will be a private party than I must tell you it will be not. There would be around 50 or 60 people bathing at a time.

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But overall the place is well for your gang and the adventure. This place has got waterfalls. A nice pond, bathing area, and meadows to spend time.  The falls look majestic and time spend is pretty good.

Beemanmadavu Waterfall

 There is a cemented path that goes along all three cascading waterfalls. You may have to swim or climb rocks in order to reach. But this eventually becomes adventures and sometimes dangerous for many. While if you are with kids then you must make proper safety arrangements as there are no such arrangements.

Amirthi Forest

  IF you could not enjoy the above one than this one is a nice little for a weekend getaway with kids and families. Amrithi forest has a zoo that provides a lot of recreational activities for children.

While the place and space are very limited but Kids will definitely love this place. Also if you are trekker than I must assure you that you can trek around. There are many seasonal waterfalls here to which adds charm to this experience.

Amirthi Forest

Wildlife remains a little limited to see though and there are not many animals or birds to look for. Mountains, waterfalls, lots of trees, and your loved ones make this place beautiful. 


Only 50 km from Javadi hills in Tamil Nadu’s one of the best hill stations Yelagiri.  Yelagiri is 1410 m above the sea level and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Tamil Nadu. You will be awestruck to see such a beautiful place.

Rose gardens, orchards, valleys and lot of exotic place makes Yelagiri such exciting.  Waterfalls like Jalagamparai will surprise you. You can also do a little trek till the waterfalls. There is a National park too there which has an aquarium, rose garden, musical fountain, and even an artificial waterfall.


Yelagiri list does not stop with only these 2 destinations. IT has an observatory, some of the most alluring hills, and many more things that simply need another blog to be fair.  You must include Yelagiri on your trip when you are visiting the Javadi hills.

Komutteri Lake or Kolappan lake

  Only 8 kilometers from javadi hills is this beautiful lake.  The lake is one of the biggest water bodies in the Javadi hills area. This lake has a man made island at the center. The lake is famous for its boating activities. You can enjoy your time here indulging in activities like boating and picnic.  

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The surrounding of the lake is one of the most beautiful.  This scenic place attracts thousands of people every year, especially families.

Komutteri Lake

Activites you can do in Javadi Hills

 There are  plenty of adventurous activities and things which you can do around Javadi Hills

Go for some Trekking

 Yes, Javadi Hills are blessed with lots and lots of adventure trails. These trekking trails will lead you to some of the most beautiful views and waterfalls. Campy around the hills and get some me time.

You can enjoy camping even more if you have someone special with you. Lit the bonfire and cook some good food. In the presence of serenity and beauty, you will surely feel blessed. One of the most beautiful trekking trails remains to the Bhemma waterfall. This one remains special, especially with your gang.

 Appreciate the Rich Flora And Fauna

Wildlife lovers will surely appreciate the richness of flora and fauna present here. The thick dense forest and charming hills surely allure us lit. With that, there is a wide variety of species and animals too.

You can spot some of the most endangered species too here. Find butterflies, birds, and visiting unexplored places here. As you know about the tribe than you can enjoy a meal with the natives here.

 You will lots and lots of trees here. From Guava, jackfruit, coconut, Guava, and Mango there is a wide variety of organic fruits available here. This region also boasts the presence of Sandalwood so you should make a trip there too.

Javadi Hills

Your perfect private adventure

 While Javadi hills are surely one of the most beautiful places in Tamil Nadu but it is not as popular as many other hill stations in Tamil Nadu are. In Tamil Nadu, hill stations fill fast and surely no one like crowded place.

Javadi hills is your perfect secret adventure and travel destination. Not many tourist come here and you will love the peace and tranquility of this nice little place.  No pollution, fresh air and beautiful valleys all around what else does a person needs.

 Best time to visit Javadi hills

 While you can visit any time but the best time to visit Javadi Hills is October – March.  You should visit right after the monsoon season as the temperature in the valley is pretty.

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While you can still visit Javadi in Summers as it is one of the coolest place in Tamil Nadu. You can experience temperature around good 30s. Summer is great but trekking becomes a little difficult.

Monsoon paints the valley in green. If you love serene location then you must visit it in monsoon. Waterfalls at this time are scorching and it looks fabulous at this time. While you must also know that trekking and camping adventure opportunity is very low.

That’s why post monsoon and winters are the best time. Go for trekking, camping or any sort of activity you won’t have any problem. Being a hill station receives a temperature around 10 degrees which makes the atmosphere romantic.

Javadi Hills

  How to reach Javadi hills

Reaching by Air

The nearest airport from the hills is the Vellore airport. Vellore airport is well connected to a lot of cities in southern India. It is just 78 km from here. While the International airport is the Chennai airport which is 200 km from here. You can easily get a taxi from Vellore airport to reach the Javadi hills.

Reaching by Rail:

The nearest railway station from the Javadi hills is the Katpadi railway station. The railway station is around 54 km from here. This railway station too is well connected to major South Indian cities and then the biggest railway station is in Chennai.

Reaching by Road

Vellore and Thiruvannamalai are 2 nearest cities. You can easily get taxis and buses to reach any of these 2 cities. Then from there, you can reach Javadi hills.

While if you are coming on your own then Chennai is 200 km from here. Villupuram is 60 km from here. Madurai is around 387 km, Trichy is around 269km from here. There are no options for accommodations in the area.

So if you love camping then there is no problem. While you can find ample of staying options in the nearby cities. 

 So when are you taking this epic journey? When will you be visiting the alluring hills? Do let me know when you take this adventure. Comment down below about your adventure and stay there.

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Happy travelling.

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