Tamil Nadu has always been one of the most favorite places for travel and adventures. Not only me but people from around the world love to visit this beautiful state. From beautiful lost colonies of Tharangambadi to lush green valleys of Sirumalai Tamil Nadu has always enticed all of us with its surreal beauty.

One such exotic place in Tamil Nadu is the Kalrayan hills. The Kalrayan Hills is one of the major attractions for those who love eastern ghats of India.  The Javadi, Shevaroy and Pachaimalai hills separating palar and Kaveri river are home to these lush green forests where you can enjoy with your loved ones.

Extended over 1000+ square feet kilometer Kalryan hills are known as one of the most beautiful hills of Tamil Nadu.  The altitudes of hills vary from 2000 ft to even 4000 ft. The northern segment of the hills which are known as Chinna Kalrayan hills is around 2700 ft high whereas southern ones known as Periya Kalrayan hills are around 4000 ft.

Kalrayan hills

We as you know never leave an opportunity to find trekking destinations. While it is not so hard to find one. Kalrayan hills are a blessing for all those avid trekkers and adventure enthusiasts.  The untouched unexplored valley gives you a unique opportunity where you could camp with your friends and just unplug your hectic life.

There are lots and lots of places to see around these hills. The evergreen forested areas also known as Sholas is home to natural beauty. With that Megam falls, Periyar falls, Gomukhi dam entices you for more adventure and enthusiasm.

Places to visit in Kalrayan hills

 Periyar falls

Located near the Vellimalai village in the Villupuram district of Tamil Ndu is this beautiful falls.  The periyar falls is more like a seasonal falls. The full turbulency of these falls can be experienced in monsoon and post monsoon season.  While  the falls are not as big as what we witnessed in Jog falls but still it is a nice beautiful one in the valley.  

periyar falls

  The sparkling water cascades down into a small pool. Locals and tourists love swimming here. I could easily see children and elders enjoying here.  Overall you will find this journey to Periyar falls adventurous and beautiful.

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 Megam Falls

While Periyar falls were not enough for us there is another beautiful fall in the Kalrayan hills area. Megam falls is situated only 5 km from Kachirayapalayam. This small little fall is deep inside the hills. Like the Periyar falls megam falls also depend on monsoon mostly. While you can still see the waterfall in summers but the beauty comes in monsoon and post monsoon season only.

megam falls

A small trek to the Megam falls is my ideal choice. Only a few kilometers of the walk and you will see the waterfalls cascading down from a height of somewhere around 500 metres. While there is no such pond as what Periyar falls had but still you could watch this beauty by sitting on a rock and relaxing. The sound of the gushing waterfall makes you calm and composed.

 Gomukhi Dam

15 kilometers from Kallakurichi is Gomukhi Dam. The dam provides water to 2 nearby districts Kallakurichi and Villupuram.  While the dam itself is not that exciting but the vegetation around is. You could see greenery all around the dam.

gomukhi dam

Pappanaikan patti dam

One of the biggest and most beautiful dams in the Kalrayan hill area Pappanaikan Patti dam should be on a must visit. The official name of the project was the Kariya Koil Reservoir Project dam. The total height of the dam is somewhere around 52 feet and it is filled with water pretty much around the year. While locals say that it dries up in Summers but you should witness this beauty in post-monsoon season.


Manimukthanadhi Dam

Yes, there is a lot of Dam in the area but I think you must visit these. While Manimukthnadhi Dami is located in Akara Village near Kallakurichi.  The total height of this Dam is somewhere around 20 feet and it supplies water to 2 nearby areas Villupuram and Cuddalore.

The Manimukthnadhi Dam was built in the year 1970 on the banks on the Manimuktha river. Since then it is serving the locals. The height of the dam is somewhere around 20 feet and its filled with water in monsoon season.

manimuktha river

Venkataramana Temple

There is an ancient temple in the Kalrayan hills too.  The Venkatramana temple was built by King Muthyalu Nayaka in around 1540 AD. IT is one of the most sacred and highly revered temples in the whole area. There are several inscriptions on the temple walls which are written in the local Tamil Language.

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The temple was so popular and beautiful even in the colonial area that some parts especially the ornamental pillars were taken to Pondicherry by the then French rulers. You must get the idea by now that how much alluring this temple would be and it is still one of the most beautiful temples you will visit.


Best Time to Visit Kalrayan Hills

The real beauty of Kalrayan hills and its places to visit is during the monsoon or post monsoon season only. The best time to visit the Kalrayan hills is from July to February.

In summers though the waterfalls and dams get dried up hence it makes the overall traveling experience sour. While you can still admire the beauty at this time of the hills as temperature still is not very scorching high.

Monsoon is the best time to visit these alluring hills. Waterfalls are flooded and dams are full and it just makes you over whelmed. While Kalrayan hills receive a good amount of rainfall but still it is a must visit during this season. The hills too look absolutely magnificent as like someone has painted green color over them.

While post monsoon and winters are the second best time to visit. Waterfalls are still full and the temperature is very low. Valleys are lush and green and traveling is smooth. Also, trekking and adventure activities are done at this time is best.

How to reach Kalrayan hills

Reaching by air

The nearest airport from the hills is the Tiruchirapalli airport.  Tiruchirapalli Airport is well connected to major cities in South India and also Chennai. So if you are coming from Nort or foreign destination Chennai airport will be best for you.

Tiruchirappalli airport is around 175 km away from here. While there are no direct buses till Kalrayan hills still you can take the bus till Kallakurcihi.

Reaching by Train

Like the airport there are are no nearby railway stations also. The nearest one is in Villupuram. The Villupuram railway station is 136 km away from here. You can get a bus or taxi from Villupuram to reach Kalrayan hills.

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Reaching by road

The only accessible way to reach the hills is via road only. The road journey too is pretty impressive. The nearest city from here is Kallakurichi and Villupuram. You can get a taxi and bus from both of these cities to reach here.

While you are coming from Chennai then take the Chennai – Villupuram – Trichy Road. It is a 300 km long journey which takes roughly 6 hours to complete.  While if you are coming from Trichy take Nh 38. It is a 180+ km long journey and it takes 4 hours to complete it.

. While if you are thinking about hotel options then I would say Kallakurichi is the best option as there are many hotels and lodges. The city is only 56 km away only.

So when are you taking this adventurous journey of the hills. Do let me know in the comments below about your journey and stay there. Do go out for trekking and enjoy the beautiful waterfalls.

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Happy travelling.

Is it safe for bikers to ride through the forest area?

Yes the forest area is very safe for bikers. Not only bikers fut families couples everyone visits these forests.

Where is the nearest petrol pump station

Sorry to say but there is no petrol pump around the hills. But the Nearest Petrol Station will be in Kallakurichi which is 56 km away

Is the terrain good for off-roading?

Yes terrain is a village type road. No permanent road just muddy roads.

Can this place be covered in a day by starting from Chennai or Bengaluru?

You will at least need 2 days to see these beautiful hills. With that night Stay will be must.

What is the best time of the year to visit this place?

Monsoon and Post Monsoon

What percentage of the terrain is rough?

Mostly muddy. There are no permanent road structures.

Visit Tamil Nadu Government website for more information.

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