Kerala has always been one of the most favorite destinations to go. God’s own country amazes all of us every time we visit this beautiful place. From beautiful backwaters of Ernakulam to one of the most famous hill station Munnar Kerala has every sort of place. Everyplace here has a unique essence and variety which blows you away every time you visit these places.

One another such beautiful place situated only 7 km from Varkala is the famous Kappil beach. If you are near Varkala or even in Kerala I must force you to see this extremely beautiful and unique beach destination. On one side you will see the majestic Arabian sea and on the other side, you will see the beautiful Edava Narayana lake.

This combination of an ocean and lake is very hard to find. On one side you will see the beautiful blue water of the ocean and on the other the greenish tinge which looks beautiful and contrasting. The road in between of these water sources is best for bike rides and long walks. This scenic landscape looks even more charming in the evening.

Kappil beach

Kappil beach is also known as one of the best kept secrets of Kerala. The Golden sands of Sun covered beach and then the dazzling water of the Arabain sea gives you a fun vibe. There are thick casuarinas trees which makes this spot more alluring. The long road which separates the beach and the lake runs for around one kilometer and riding on the road is one of the most blissful adventures I have taken to date.

While if you wish to see the panoramic view of the Arabian sea you can easily climb on a cliff which is nearby known as Kodi cliff. The spot is also a booming new place for tourists also to see the sea. Not only solo riders like us but families and honeymoon couples love this place the most.


The serene calm and beautiful beach is best for a picnic and small excursions with your family and loved ones. The natural beauty of Kappil beach will surely mesmerize you.

How is Kappil beach Vibe

Kappil beach is fun and vibrant. The main feature of Kappil beach is not the beach but the uniqueness of the landscape. The backwaters with the beach being the main attraction. While for the beach the main attractive feature is how calm and peaceful it is. The rock barrier is one of the most prominent features of the beach.

Kappil beach

These rocky settlements take upon the heavy thrust of these beach waves. Hence they save the beach side road and the nearby settlements.  On the beach, you can sit and relax and watch the sea side.

There is a small fishing community also around here.  The lagoon Coconut strip is one of the most outstanding and beautiful factor here. I could easily see recognize these as their photos have been circulated thousands of times all over the internet. They are deemed to be one of the most photographed coconut trees of Kerala.  

What to do in Kappil Beach


The backwaters of Kappil provide you the opportunity for boat riding.  There are plenty of mini to medium sized boats to carry passengers. There are row and pedal boats that you can hire from the Boat club.  The backwaters of Kappil is one of the most alluring experience to ride around.

Kappil lake


While it no where near the full fledged trek like we did in the Himalayas but this short yet beautiful trek to the Kodi hills. The breath taking short trek is best for those who want to capture the beautiful view. The trek up to the cliff gives you a Panoramic view of the Arabain sea.

Long Walks

The government of Kerala has made a side walkway from Varkala. You can even do a long beach walk from Varkala to here. This walk can be a bit long but still is very beautiful. The walkway though is not fully directed so hence you will have to find your own path in between.

Eating around

There are many eating joints across the beach. You can easily get some tasty snacks. While their limited options but considering the place, it’s nice to have something at least. You can have Indian snacks and savories around the beach.

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Kappil beach

 Places to visit around Kappil beach


The major attraction around here also remains the Varkala beach. The Varkala beach is also a nice little yet beautiful beach which you should not miss out on. In Varkala, you can also visit Janardhanaswamy temple and Sivagiri mutt. These both are a major attraction near Varkala.

varakala beach

Other good destinations

These are few more places which you should visit around.

  • Ponnumthuruth Island
  • Anchuthengu Fort 
  • Ananda Valleeswaram Temple
  • Thirumullavaram Beach
  • Neyyar Dam
  • Mahatma Gandhi Beach
  • Kollam town

And many more places.

Best Time to Visit Kappil beach

The best time to visit the Kappil beach is from September to April. At this time you will see the beautiful landscape with ambient temperature.

While you can visit the beach any time of the year but in Summers it gets a bit hot out here. In summers you can easily expect temperature up to 35 degrees Celsius which is not very good for traveling.

Kappil lake

In monsoon, while the temperature does gets down but the area receives one of the highest waterfalls. One should severely restrict traveling to Kappil beach in Monsoon from June to August. So hence Winters or from September to April is the best time.  

So hence Winters or from September to April is the best time.  

Where to stay

The only best stay options are around Varkala or Bekal side. Some of the most famous ones are listed below

  • Magnolia Guest House, Varkala
  • Akhil Beach Resort, Varkala
  • Fortingall Sea Resort, Varkala
  • Kshetra Beach Resorts, Varkala
  • Deshadan Cliff and Beach, Varkala
  • Hindustan Beach Resort, Varkala
  • Isis Lakshmi Ayurveda Retreat, Chowara
  • The Hawa Beach Residency, Varkala

It is not mandatory to visit these only. You can easily find many more good and affordable hotels around the area.  

Kappil lake

How to reach Kappil Beach

By Air

The nearest airport from both Varkala and Kappil is the Trivandrum Airport. The Trivandrum airport is an International airport that is very well connected to all major cities in India. The airport is only 57 km from here. You can easily get taxis from the airports to reach here.   

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By Train

The nearest railway station from here is the Varkala railway station. The railway station is only 7 km from here.  The railway station is well connected to major cities of Kerala and nearby cities.

You can easily get a taxi from all  these railway station to reach the Kappil beach.

BY Road

Buses from all around Kerala run for Varkala which is the nearest biggest town. Also, Varkala has the nearest biggest bus station. Both private and government buses run from all over the area to Kappil.

 While if you are coming on your own then Kollam town is around 20 km away and you can reach here via Neendakara – Chinnakkada Road.

If you are coming here from Trivandrum then take Chilakkoor – Vallakkadavu Road. It will take somewhere around one and a half hours to reach Kappil.

Some Commonly asked questions

In which district is the Kappil beach?

In Thiruvananthapuram

Which is the biggest nearest town near Kappil?


From where one can hire taxi and auto rickshaw for Kappil?

You can get auto from Varkala town only

Where are the best food options available?

Best food options are in Varkala and Cliff top

What is the name of the lake?

Edava Narayan lake

So when are you planning to visit this exotic yet unexplored beach of Kerala? The Kappil beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of India. Such Landscape and variety are not available in many places in India. Not only riders love to ride around this beach but also families love this trip.

 The short yet beautiful visit to this beach will be memorable for years. While you are planning for your next Kerala trip you must visit this beautiful beach.

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Like these unexplored places there are thousands of unexplored places in India that are unknown to many of us. We at Ixplore has covered a few of thousands of Unexplored places in India. We will be grateful if you look for those places too.

Happy travelling.

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