Summer is around the corner and this is the time when we plan our next holidays. While most of our friends will be going out for Manali, Nainital or Shimla and will pay a lot of money. You can be smart and travel a less popular yet equally enthralling destination. We all know how crowded these beautiful places can be during the holiday season.

Kausani Uttarakhand is my pick for your next perfect Holiday. Just imagine lush green valleys, beautiful panoramic mountain views, and cold morning that’s what makes Kausani your next hill station. While many of you would have heard it for the first time and would already be knowing this popular place. Many of you would be like should we travel there. Well, I must assure you this will be one of your most memorable trips.

Panoramic views

Kausani Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful place in India. It is so beautiful that even Mahatma Gandhi termed it as Mini Switzerland. He came here on a 2 day trip and instead spent 2 weeks here. That’s what the magic of this place is. You will find days less as you start exploring this beautiful place.


Well why not. Traveling on a budget is always on our minds and it is a budget-friendly destination. While others will go to crowded places you will go to a wonderland. Others will be spending thousands and thousands on hotel rent you can save a lot of that.
Snow peaks, valleys, rivers, waterfalls, spiritual connection every sort of thing are here. Open your window and see the Beautiful Himalayas and the kumoun valley.
Not only this place is budget-friendly but also it is not so far from Delhi or other big cities.

One can go trekking, camping, and other adventurous activities here in the valley. The place also receives a good amount of snowfall hence it is a boon for snowfall lovers. There are a lot of places which offer in house rock climbing and other activities which just makes your stay even more beautiful here.

Imagine in the morning you open your window and see a cloud cover all over the valley. Above the cloud cover, you see a long stretch of Himalayan mountains. Locally these mountains are known as Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot and Trishul with Pancahahuli peaks. These peaks are covered with snow all year round they look extremely alluring.

Cloud Cover

Just below alluring mountains, there is a dark green lush forest cover. These forests are of dense deodar and pine trees. The pure air of Kausani is mesmerizing. If you are coming from places like Delhi and Mumbai you’d surely see the difference here. The fresh air energies you and you know feel refresh to take in new adventures. One cannot describe the beauty of this place via any blog or phot but can force you to visit this outstanding place.



The nearest airport is in Pantnagar, which is 160 km from Kausani. While there are no direct buses from Pantnagar you will have to reach Haldwani first. Haldwani is only 35km from Pantnagar. From Haldwani, you can take direct buses and taxis which run all day long for Kausani. While Pantnagar airport is not a big airport but is well connected to a few Indian cities like Delhi, Dehradun, and Lucknow.

Reaching By Train

To reach this beautiful hill station the nearest railway station is in Kathgodam. The Kathgodam railway station is only 140 km away from here. Kathgodam railway station is well connected to major railway stations in India. One can easily find trains from popular cities like Delhi and Mumbai. From Railway station you can find taxis and buses for Kausani all day long.

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Reaching By Road

While all other options are good but this one is the best. You can get direct buses from Anand Vihar, Delhi for Kausani. Also, you can get buses for Haldwani from where you can change the bus for Kausani.
The ticket price is also reasonable. A direct bus will cost around 600 rupees and for Haldwani around 350 rupees.

kausani uttarakhand
Beautiful Roads

Activities in Kausani


This place is well suitable for trekking. One of the most famous trekking routes is from here to Garur. Garur is 14 km from here and is a local market in this area. You will be around big pine trees while you trek from here to Garur. There is a small hill tea business also running between this trek which is really beautiful to see.

trekking in kausani
Amazing trails

Pinnath Trek

While the above one trek is an easy and a very doable trek but if you want something very exciting and adventeruos here then you must do the Pinnath trek.

While Pinnath is few kilometres away from the town but is very rigoroy and hard trek to conquer. After around 3 to 4 hours trek from the town you will reach the foot of Gopalkot peak to reach the village end the trek. Inthe Village there is also a temple located to Bhairon that works as a marker for explorers venturing out for the trek.

Pinnath trek is divided into two parts one where you visit new temple and one where you visit the old one. New temple is beautiful and easy trek but to reach the old one you have to work hard to see the splendid view from uptop. Pinnath is a very holy and religious site so hence one should be decent enough and not take liquor and other bad products there.

In route Pinnath trek

Trek is fairly easily till the New temple which is just 2 hours away from the town whereas the real adventurer in you comes out after that. Locals also love this trek as it serves both of their purpose. To make a holy visit and do some trekking.


If you really want to see the magic of Pinnath then you should not miss camping here. The gloomy night under sky full of stars looks magical and beautiful. Camping here at Pinnath is easy as just take your necessary items and rest everything is provided by nature. Wood, fruits and many other things are here in jungle only.

The best part about camping is when you see the beautiful morning. Cloud cover all over the valley looks extremely alluring. Soak in the atmosphere around you as I am sure this view you would not have seen anywhere around. Many times you can see Locals also camping here so you can ask them to take you to other beautiful place around here to explore.

While if you are thinking what about guide then take any local from town or even from Gopalkot. Just a few bucks will work for you. People are extremely helpful here and sometimes they can even work for free for you.

Nature walks

Also, this place is best for families. This place has great views and a pleasant atmosphere. The mornings and evenings here are magical. Nature walks are one of the most exciting yet peaceful activities. Go for local sightseeing and see raw nature.



While you can not only explore the environment but also can do a bit of shopping. The locally famous Kausani Shawl Factory is famous for its hand-woven shawls. You could visit this place and see how shawls are made. Not only shawls but they sell all winter clothing. They have shops in Kausani and Pingalkot which is 8 km from here. They offer very high-quality hand-woven clothes.

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Places to visit


Anasakti Ashram is famous for its peace and tranquility. The place is extremely magical and peaceful. It is where Mahatma Gandhi stayed for a few days. Gandhiji was highly impressed with its majestic beauty & gave the name to this place Switzerland of India. Here Gandhiji wrote the discourse of Anashakti Yog. The Ashrams has a good collection of books & Souvenirs related to his life.

anashakti ashram
Anashakhti Ashram

Sumitranandan Pant was a great Indian poet, who was born here. The Gallery is a tribute to his contribution towards literature. There are manuscripts of his literary work & collection of many books of other writers.

Sumitranandan was a poet who made a great impact on Britishers. His writing was extremely beautiful and imapactful. He used to ignite the freedom of fire inside people of Uttarakhand and India. The place is well maintained is beautiful to look at.

Rudradhari falls

Rudradhari is a waterfall in Kausani. Just 8 km from and you here will beautiful Rudradhari falls. A 2.5 km long trek along a forest trek takes you to a small, isolated but well-kept temple set beside a gushing waterfall. The trek takes you past mountains adorned with untouched forests and across mountain streams gurgling past small boulders. The trek itself isn’t a very difficult one. Overall an exhilarating experience.

Rudradhari falls looks extremely magical and beautiful during monsoon season. The Waterfall flows turbulently at this time and the view from this Waterfall is majestic. People love to explore the wildlife of this place which is magical.

rudradhari falls, kausani uttarakhand
Rudradhari falls

Baijnath temple

Baijnath temples are 15km from here. The temple is in Garur valley which is a local market here. The Baijnath temple is 1000 years old and is said to be built in one night according to locals. The main deity here in temple are Lord Ganesha, Goddess Parvati, and many other gods.
Their is a small lake in the premises which is also very scenic.

Baijnath temple was made by Katyuri kings some 1000 years ago and still it remains one of the most beautiful architecture of Katyuri kings. Baijnath holds a very high sentimental value in hearts of locals. It is One of the few temples in India which is dedicated to Mata Parvati or where the main deity is Mata Parvati.

baijnath temple, garur, bageshwar, uttarakhand.
Baijnath temple

A small fair is also held here in the temple during Popular festivals like Mahashivratri and sawaan somwar. People from great distance come here to worship the deity. According to officials soon the lake will also offer boating facility also hence increasing the amount of excitement.

Tea Estate

The tea estate is located only around 5km from the main town on the Bageshwar Road. The Tea Estate is spread out over 200 hectares and is local industry for people is great to see people employing themselves in the small and quaint Hill station.

My favourite part of the tea estate is that you trek from the town to this beautiful place. Trekking is one of the most beautiful experience if you really want to capture the raw experience. Also, Keep a keen eye as it is also a prime location for bird lovers to spot a few rare species.

From the tea estate, you see the beautiful view of Garur valley. The valley which is right below Panoramic mountains. The valley looks extremely beautiful from here. You can even shop for some of the most exotic tea species. The tea from this hill station is even exported so you can imagine how high quality these tea leaves are.

kausani tea estate
Early morning view from tea estate

Average temperature in Kausani

Temperature is pleasant all year round. One can expect 22 to 30 degree Celsius in summers. In monsoon you can expect upto 24 degree Celsius whereas in winters it can even go below freezing point.

snow capped mountains from Kausani
Snow capped mountains from Kausani

Best Time to Travel

The best time to visit Kausani Uttarakhand is from October to March. October to March is the best time as you will see the panoramic view of mountains clearly, the weather is clean and beautiful too.

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At this time you can go on your trekking adventeruos and even explore the tea factory. Shopping shawls and other winter clothes make a lot of sense at this time. While in summers you will not get disappointed.

In summers too you can come here to beat the heat. You can explore the lovely surrounding of this beautiful hill station. Monsoon brings extra colors to this beautiful place. The valleys look even more enchanting and the waterfall looks more magical.

Magical Mountains

For watching snowfall come in the months of December to January

Where to Stay

Kausani Uttarakhand is One of the most visited hill station in Kumaun region. There are variety of hotels here in the area. While many hotels here are affordable but some of the prime one’s are a bit costly. It is as they are himalayan facing. Some of the biggest ones are mentioned below.

 Kausani Best Inn

Best Inn enjoys being in the prime location. The hotel is situated right next to the popular view point. The hotel is en route to the State Guest House Bungalow. The hotel rooms provide a panoramic view to peaks like Trisul, Nanda Devi, and Panchachuli.

There is a big spacious lawn where you can play badminton and other sports. The hotel is situated in such a place that you are very near to all those locations mentioned above.

Website: Kausani Best Inn

chevron eco lodge in kausani, uttarakhand
Best Inn

Himalaya Darshan Resort

Himalayan Darshan resort is located in the heart of the town. The place is blessed with good flora that will make you feel closest to nature. The place is located away from the noise, crowd, and commotion of the day to day crowd. You are surrounded by beautiful pine trees all around which looks beautiful.

State government Guest house

State guest house is One of the most beautiful places to stay here. There are various small to big lodges here where you can stay. You can also rent a private lodge where you surrounded by nature all around.

State guest House is in between lush green pine forest. The flora and fauna of this place is extremely magical. Also wide variety of stay option is what makes this hotel one of the best place to live.

Website: State Guest House

The Buransh Hotel

Buransh hotel is located a little away from the town en route Bageshwar road. The Buransh Hotel is one of the most popular and reliable properties here to stay. The hotel is famous for its various activities which they organize here.

The hotel is founded by ex photographer Mr. Kapoor who is famous for his photography in the world. The place also hosts various events such as music festivals, trekking tours, and various other exciting ones.

Website: The Buransh

so when are you visiting this beautiful place. To be in such a beautiful place close to nature is suchi a beautiful experience. I am sure you will be mesmerized by the beauty of this alluring place.

Also do not forget to comment down below about your experience, stay, and other adventure activities in the area. Do tell me what you loved best about this place.

Hey if you want to check other hill stations of Uttarakhand you can find here at Ixplore. Also, I cover different treks and exotic places in this magical state of Uttarakhand. Also, there are a lot of other places, waterfalls, temples, and other exquisite architectural sites which I have covered and can be found here.

Happy traveling.

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