Himachal is blessed with serene landscapes and dazzling valleys. From the Pir Panjal range to the Dhauladhar range the Himalayas are also present here. With hill stations like Shimla, Manali, and Dharamshala to Passes like Rohtang pass and Sach pass Himachal is filled with adventure and lovely places. While lakhs of visitors will be visiting these famous hill stations I want to tell you one another Mystical Place.

Khajjiar in Himachal Pradesh is my choice for your next hill station and mini-adventure. As you read along I will be your Khajjiar travel guide. This mesmerizing place has not only made crazy me or you but from the era of Rajputs this place has been a very bustling tourist spot. Khajjiar tourism will lead you to serene landscapes, lush green valleys, and dense forests. Not only beautiful places Khajjiar also has many adventure sports like trekking, Horse riding, zorbing, and many more.

Where is Khajjiar?

Khajjiar is a lovely hill station that is in the Chamba district. While Chamba itself is extremely beautiful but Khajjiar is in its own league. Dalhousie is another famous hill station near Khajjuar which is around 24 km from here.

This offbeat place of Himachal has an extremely beautiful landscape ranging from the Himalayas to dazzling meadows. Khajjiar is around 200 meters above the sea level and resides in the foothills of Dhauladhar ranges. The Peaks of Dhauladhar remains evident from here which adds charm to this beautiful place.

How to reach Khajjiar

Before traveling to Khajjiar you must know how to reach here. As usual as Khajjiar lies deep in the Himalayan ranges so travel by road remains the only option. But below I have mentioned the nearest airport and railway station for your Khajjiar tourism trip.

Reaching by air

As earlier I said like many hill stations Khajjiar does not have an airport because it is deep in the Himalayas. But the nearest airport is not very far. Kangra Airport will complete your Khajjiar tourism trip. Kangra airport which is 110 km from here remains your only option if you want to come via air. But there are many taxis and buses from Kangra for Dalhousie and then Khajjiar.

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Reaching Khajjiar by train

The nearest railway station from Khajjiar is Pathankot. Pathankot remains the nearest biggest railway station around the area. While from Pathankot you will have to take a train for Nurpur which is a small railway station. Taxis and buses are available from Pathankot and Nurpur for Dalhousie. After Dalhousie you book your cab for the Khajjiar tourism trip.

Reaching Khajjiar by road

Khajjiar is well connected by road. Dalhousie, Chamba are some famous hill station from where you can get direct taxis and buses for Khajjiar. For Chamba, Dalhousie you get buses from Delhi, Pathankot, Shimla, Dehradun, and many other places.

Places to visit in Khajjiar

Khajjiar lake

The most famous place while you travel to Khajjiar. Khajjiar lake is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see. While the lake is a bit dirty but the serene environment around the places is dazzling. Lush green valley all around with few houses there. The place is a green farm where all animals graze the grass.

Enjoy your time up there appreciating the beauty around you. On a sunny day just have some drink and sit on the benches and look around. See how beautiful the place is. While the places get a little crowded sometimes but still it is worth to visit. Khajjiar lake is top in the list of Khajjiar tourism.

Khajjiar lake
Khajjiar lake

Khajjiar Wildlife Sanctuary

Khaajiar Wildlife sanctuary is another really cool place to visit in Khajjiar. The exotic flora and fauna of this place will surely mesmerize you. The forest is covered with thick deodar trees and there are thousands of animals living here happily. From deer, bear, jackal to even Leopard this sanctuary is home to many wildlife animals.

Not only wildlife animals are here but thousands of birds are also here. While you are in the forest it is covered by a thick coating of fog. As you move ahead you find like you are moving in the clouds. You can always hear the gushing sound of river Ravi in the background while you are in the sanctuary. One must visit this sanctuary while on their Khajjiar tourism trip to seek peace and calmness.

Khajjiar Wildlife Sanctuary
Khajjiar Wildlife Sanctuary

Golden Devi Temple

While we are near Khajjiar lake there is centuries-old very religious temple. The Khajjiar Nag temple also known as the Golden Devi temple is here from as far as 12 century AD. The temple dome is Golden in the color that’s why it is known as the Golden Devi Temple.


The Nag temple is dedicated to Naga, the God of serpents and there are many idols of Nagas. While the temple has a lot of religious value but the scenery around this place is also very beautiful. The temple is covered with lush green valleys all around which looks extremely beautiful.

Front end of Golden devi temple  khajjiar
Front end of Golden devi temple

Dainkund Peak

Any trekker in the room. Like you know we love trekking and find you the trekking destination everywhere we go. Dainkund peak is your trekking destination on your Khajjiar tourism trip.

Dainkund Peak is the highest peak in Dalhousie. This snowcapped peak looks extremely beautiful with the lush green meadows right in front of you. Come with your friends and families and enjoy this scenic beauty. This is a campsite so light up the bonfire and cook some good food and enjoy it with your loved ones.

Dainkund Peak in Khajjiar tourism
View of peaks


How can we miss Dalhousie when we are on our Khajjiar tourism trip. Dalhousie is one of the most famous Indian hill stations. The place is a live proof of what happens when mother nature blesses us. From lush green valleys, alluring meadows to breathtaking Mountains this place is a wonderland.

Like many other Indian hills stations this place was also made famous by Britishers. This place has such an influence of Britishers that it is even named on British Viceroy Dalhousie. Khajjiar tourism is incomplete without a trip to Dalhousie. Dalhousie makes you calm with its astonishing views and even keeps you away from your bustling city near mother nature.

valley view of Dalhousie
View of Dalhousie

Adventure Sports in Khajjiar

When we are here in Khajjiar why not take some adventure sports and find some interesting things to do. You will be glad to know there are hundreds of activities that can be done here in Khajjiar.

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Who does not love paragliding? Hovering over the valleys passing fast through them is one of the most beautiful experiences. This place too offers Paragliding. The ticket cost of Paragliding is around 1500 in Khajjiar but the experience is priceless.

Nine Hole Golf Course

Golf lovers we have a Golf course for you even here in Khajjiar. As we already know Britishers has influenced Khajjiar the same goes for the games too. Golfing around here with scenic views all around is an exhilarating experience.

Horse riding

Ok I know how much I am putting emphasis on Britishers’ influence on Khajjiar but just look at the sports here everything is very much influenced by Britishers. Horse riding is another enticing thing that you can do when on your Khajjiar tourism trip. Happy riding!!


Zorbing, yes another enthralling experience. Zorbing or Globe Riding is a recreational sport of rolling downhill inside an orb. The orb is made of transparent plastic. Zorbing is performed on a gentle slope and gradually slope converts into the plane. Zorbing is an exciting experience that is especially loved by children. Families your Khajjiar tourism trip will be incomplete without a zorbing adventure here.


Best time to visit Khajjiar

Khajjiar is opened all year long. While few times when there is very heavy snowfall in Khajjiar and road gets blocked so sometimes in winter Khajjiar remains inaccessible.

If you want a nice offbeat place where you can escape the heat and enjoy with your family then Khajjiar is best for you in Summers. The average temperature of Khajjiar in Summers ranges from 20 to 25 degrees celsius. This ambient temperature is loved by everyone and you can fully enjoy with your loved ones.

The canvas of Khajjiar is painted green in the month of monsoons. Khajjiar is extremely beautiful in Monsoon. Khajjiar lake is most alive in monsoon only. The average temperature is a bit on a heavier side around 30 degrees but often rains cool the heat.

Snow lovers will love Khajjiar in Winters. Khajjiar receives a good amount of snowfall. While the average temperature remains around 0 to 5 degrees but it can get freezing here too.

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