Tamil Nadu is one of the most popular and beautiful places in India. The variety it offers is unmatched. From beaches, tea estates, hill station and waterfalls you name and Tamil Nadu have it for you.  Tamil Nadu is famous due to the presence of Nilgiri mountains and the hill stations present around it.

Ooty, Kotagiri, and Conoor are three main and popular hill stations of the Nilgiris. While Ooty as we all know how famous is it but Kotagiri is also one of the oldest hill stations in the Nilgiris. Kotagiri is so beautiful that people see it as an alternative to Ooty.

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes all around, tea estates, Kotagiri offers many opportunities for adventure sports such as trekking and rock climbing. Take leisure walks around the tea estate,   watch workers working, enjoy the breezy climate, go for some adventures here in Kotagiri.

Kotagiri is in the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu and the literal meaning of Kotagiri is Mountains of Kotas. The Nilgiri mountains have been the traditional home of the native Kota Tribe. At an elevation of around 1985 m, the town of Kotagiri has become the new popular hill station. Valleys, numerous Knolls,  falls, adventure spots and weather has made Kotagiri one of the most special places in Tamil Nadu.

Places to Visit in Kotagiri

Kodanad View Point

 When you want to see the best view of the valley you come to Kodanad Viewpoint. It is 18 km away from here on the easternmost ridges. You would see the beauty of Nilgiri from the viewpoint.  Kodanad’s viewpoint is at a height of about 6500 ft and gives you the bird’s eye view of Thengumarahada. Thengumarahada is a local farm that is spread over an area of 500 acres full of greenery.  

On top of that adding more to this beautiful view is the Rangaswamy peak. This peak is absolutely gorgeous to look at. Moyar River is a local river that also you can watch up from this viewpoint. With The river is the Bhavanisagar reservoir. With these many beautiful locations to look  Kodanad viewpoint is one of the most famous places to visit in Kotagiri. Both locals and tourists love the environment of this lovely place.


St. Catherine’s Falls

 Kotagiri also have falls in its list of places to visit. Catherine falls is one of the most scenic locations to visit here. Only around  8 km from here on the Mettupalyam road these gigantic waterfalls are here. The 250 feet waterfalls which are surrounded by mountains on three sides is the second highest waterfalls in the district.  The double cascaded waterfalls are one of the best trekking destinations too.

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The Kallar river is the reason for these beautiful waterfalls. St. Catherine waterfall was named after the British settlers loved  it and named this spot.


Rangaswamy Peak

As talked earlier that the beautiful Rangaswamy peak looks gorgeous from the viewpoint. But it looks even more outstanding when you visit the peak. The Rangaswamy peak is around 20 km from Kotagiri via Kil- Kotagiri. The hill is named after a Sanyasi. This conical peak provides an opportunity to wander in the forests. The hills are also a great opportunity for trekking too. There is a temple also on the top of the hill where you will complete your trekking adventure


Elk Falls

 On the way to Mettupalayam is this another beautiful fall known as Elk falls. These beautiful falls have attracted many tourists. Elk falls is only 7 km from here and situate above Uyilathi village.  There is a very beautiful European house which was built in the British era. You can see the serenely laid out Badaga habitations when passing by.


Longwood Shola

 Longwood Shola is about 3 km from the town, the road proceeding towards the Badaga village. Longwood shola is primarily a pocket of woods and it is one of the last of this kind in this region. The vibrant landscape also provides the trekking opportunity. The diverse flora and fauna with a beautiful landscape are very sere. There are a lot of species which you can see where. One of the most famous among these remains the Malabar Giant squirrel.

Around Longwood Shola

Adventure activities around Kotagiri


Kotagiri is one of the most exotic places if you want to go for a trekking adventure here.  This place is so beautiful and has so many places to trek around that you will be overwhelmed to see so many options. One trek which I recommend you to must try out here is the Kotagiri- Kodanad trek. This trail is one of the most beautiful and famous here in the valley. Some of the other popular trekking destinations here in the valley are

  • Rangaswamy Peak
  • Cathering Falls
  • Elk Falls
  • St. Catherine’s Falls
Trekking around these beautiful valleys

Eagles Dare adventure

This one of the best adventures which you can take if you are here. This nice place is only around 45 min from Kotagrir. There are many adventure activities done here. You can do things like

  • Zip Line
  • Rappelling
  • Zip swing
  • Sky bridge
  • Commando net
  • Rock Climbing
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  There is another place near Kotagiri which offer you such adventurous activities. Camp Discovery is a highly respectable and reputed company working here.  From trekking, walking, strolling, zipline, and other many activities that are offered by them. You can visit Camp discovery for more information.

Nature walks

Lesiure walks around tea estate

While if you do not want to roam in gropus and want just few minutes with your loved ones then this place is best for nature walks. The morning and evenings here are magical which you will remember always. There are many tea estates here where you can stroll around and look even for adventure.

Best Time to Visit Kotagiri

 The best time to visit Kotagiri is from October to  February. At this time the weather is very pleasant as it generally ranges from 9 to 19 degrees Celsius.

While if you visit Kotagiri in summers the temperature even reaches up to 30+ degrees. While still, it is far less than what other parts of Tamil Nadu receive but still it is not very viable to travel at this point of the year.

While monsoon does lower the temperature reaches a good 25-degree Celsius at this point but there is the rain going on a lot. Some times a whole month you will experience rains. IF you love monsoon then I must tell you that at this point Kotagiri becomes really beautiful. The atmosphere in the monsoon is pretty romantic.

So winters are like the best time to visit as not only temperature is ambient but rainfall is also not that much at this time. Romantic couples love to visit Kotagiri in Winters as the temperature is pretty cold at this time.

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 How to reach Kotagiri

By air

The nearest airport from Kotagiri is the Coimbatore airport. The Coimbatore airport is around 47 km from here it well connected to some of the major cities in INDIA. You can take taxis outside of the airport to reach this beautiful hill station.

By train

While kotagiri does not have any railway station but there is a railway head nearby. The Coonoor railway head which is about 21 km from Kotagiri is your nearest option. While this railway station is not that robust. Your other 2 best option is either to reach Ooty railway station or Mettupalayam. Ooty is 29 km from here and Mettupalayam is around 33 km from. There are buses and taxis running all day long for Kotagiri from both of these places.

By road

This place is well connected with many other places in Tamil Nadu.  There are regular buses running from all over Tamil Nadu and some places of Kerala to reach here. You can get a bus from Trichy, Coimbatore, Erode, Ooty, Tripur, Mettypalayam and many other places.

While if you are coming from Chennai you can come here via NH 79. It will take you around 10 hours to reach here from Chennai as it is around 537 km far.

Hey if you are wondering where is the best place to eat here. While you can eat at any place here and will surely love it but you must restraints located near Donington road and Johnston Square. There are many places where you will love to spend your evenings.

So when are you planning to visit this exotic place?  Kotagiri is a heaven which has been hidden for many years. But today in this world of Social media no place can be hidden. What are your thoughts and do you tell me in the comments that how was your stay?

If you want to know more about Tamil Nadu we have  a whole series here about it.

As Kotagiri is an unexplored place there are many unexplored places in India which we have explored. You can find other Unexplored Places in India and tell me what you think about it.

Happy travelling.

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