What comes to your mind when you hear Gujrat.  For me its the exotic Gir National Park, Dwarka, and  Rann of Kutch. While these are only a few of many places that Gujrat has to offer but they give a  little insight into how diverse this state is. From Beaches, Parks to desert and even some of the most famous temples of India Gujrat has a lot of Places inside its tourism banner.

While all these places are very much explored and loved by tourists but Gujrat has much more to offer. There are many exotic places which are yet unexplored

 Many places in the world are known for its greenery and some other snowy glaciers. While many others are known for its exotic beaches. But of all these landscapes, the harsh desert is perhaps the only one that people have experienced.  But believe me, it becomes one of the most epic journeys when you visit a desert.

The Little Rann of Katch is the unexplored place I am talking about. This salty desert which is spread over an area of more than 5000 sq km is adjacent to the famous Rann of Kutch. While it is known as the Little Rann of Kutch but it is only small by 2500 sq km from its big brother.  The bigger one remains fairly popular among tourists but The little Rann of Kutch still is far away from popularity.

While it is no less exotic place than its counterparts. This salty desert of Gujrat offers one of the most exotic and rare wildlife. Little Rann of Kutch is an exotic place which gives traveler like us a  chance to ponder a world before it got modern and populated.

The specialty about Little Rann of Kutch is its many endangered to rare species which are found here. Some of the most famous animals and species here in Little Rann of Kutch are Indian Wild Ass, Desert Fox, Jackal jungle cat, and other rare birds.

From Jeep safari, Salty desert, and animal sanctuary to Lake crowded with birds Little Rann of Kutch is of course worth visiting. And to explore around the desert what can be better than jeeps.

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Where is Little Rann of Kutch Situated?

 The Little Rann of Kutch is situated near ‘Sumera’ lake of Jogad village which is around 20 K.M. from Halvad and approximately  45 K.M. from Dhrangadhra. These both are small towns on the Ahmadabad-Kutch High Ways in the district of  Surendranagar of the Saurashtra region in Gujarat.

Jeep safari In Little Rann of Kutch.

jeep safari in little rann of kutch

 These harsh desert areas are best explored via this Jeep safari only. From riding in marshlands to visiting lakes the Jeep safari is a great adventure fun here. The Jeep safari is the best way to explore this gigantic salty desert.  You can ride from the harsh marshland to even in the sanctuary and then to the Bird lake. The ride usually is for three hours and soon enough becomes one of the best rides you would ever have. 

Places to visit in Little Rann of Kutch

Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary.

The Indian wild ass sanctuary is located in this rann which is the home to the last remaining population of Wild Ass. The sanctuary is also home to many other exotic and rare species. One of them is the white-footed fox which can be seen here pretty easily. Other few animal species here are Indian wolf and Nilgai.

This sanctuary is also home to some of the most beautiful birds. The sanctuary hosts many migratory birds every year. Few species which you can see here are sarus crane, Dalmatian pelican, ducks, and other land birds like sandgrouse.  

wild ass in little rann of kutch

  The vast sanctuary is a cover of saline mudflats that has no vegetation. While still, you can find some fringes and bets. While there are no trees or any kind of plants here so you can possibly roam anywhere.

  Tourists can roam around in their vehicles here but to drive around the sanctuary is not usually recommended. There are no landmarks or roads in this vast isolated area but many tour companies and hoteliers organize jeep safaris to entertain their customers.

Kutch Biosphere

The government of Gujrat decided to designate this place as in the Kutch biosphere region in 2008. IT was don so tho promote the development of the surrounding area.  But now it has become a major attraction in Little Rann of Kutch. There are 74 elevated plateaus that have around more than 253 flowering species. Also according to Wikipedia, there are more than 70000 birds nested here in an area of 250 acres.

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little rann of kutch

Places to Visit around the Little Rann of Kutch

While you are enjoying your stay here you must also visit a few places which are around and are fairly popular too.

Bahuchara Mata Temple

  Bachuchara Mata temple is a temple that is highly revered here locally. The temple is dedicated to Goddess of innocence who sits on a roaster. This temple is located in the Becharaji town.  People from all around the town come here to seek blessings.

Modhera Sun Temple 

Modhera sun temple is another highly famous temple here. There are not many sun temples around the world and Modhera sun temple is one such. This grand Sun temple was built by the Solanki dynasty around year 1027 AD.

This monument is built on a grand sandstone is dedicated to Lord Sun. There is a tank in from of the temple that has 108 shrines. While the main shrine or Garbha griha was demolished by looter Allauddin Khilji in the 13th century.

Modhera Sun Temple
Modhera Sun Temple

What is the best time to visit the Little Rann of Kutch

While you can visit all year round but the best time to visit the little Rann of Kutch is during winters from Lare October to February.

Little Rann of Kutch has a very nice cool temperature at this point of the year. Also, your Jeep safaris tour which you will do in the day will be very pleasant. The temperature at day remains very pleasant and at night it goes below 10 degrees Celsius.

Little Rann of Kutch is not very suitable in summers. During summers the temperature reaches a scorching high of around 44 degrees Celsius. Now you can easily imagine how bad the temperature could be. Also, it becomes extremely tough to travel around. In this pricking heat, I don’t think anyone would want to go on a jeep safari.

Monsoon cools down the temperature of the surrounding. The temperature remains ambient but the weather does not. What happens Rann gets flooded at this point in time and most animals settle down on bets to escape inundation.

 Some famous Fairs & Festival

While you are planning your next trip to Little Rann of kutch you should also know about the fairs and festivals organized here and in Gujrat. Gujrat is a land of festivals and fairs. Every year there are thousands of festivals organized here. This specialty makes Gujrat a very vibrant place. These festivals also give you the opportunity to take a break from hectic life.

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Some of the famous Fairs and Festivals are.

 Kite festival The world-famous kite festival of Kutch. May years thousands of people and participants from around the world come here

Modhera dance festival, Modhera sun temple organizes this famous dance festival in which thousands of people come every year.

 Kutch Utsav, Kutch Utsav is famous for its insight in  culture tourism  of Gujrat.

 Bhavnath festival, Mahashivratri fair, Holi festival, Tarnetar fair, Chitra- Vichitra fair, etc. are some other known fairs and festivals celebrated here and around Gujarat.

How to reach the Little Rann Of Kutch.

The Rann being in Kutch is accessible by all sorts of transport. The overall connectivity if the rann is excellent.

Reaching by Air.

The nearest and biggest airport to the Rann remains the Ahmadabad airport. Ahmadabad airport is one of the biggest airports in Gujrat. The airport is very well connected to big cities like Delhi, Mumbai and also this airport is connected well to other cities of Gujrat. From Ahmadabad airport, you can easily get taxis and buses for Kutch and then to this Rann.

Other famous airport which are near Rann  are Rajkot airport and Bhuj airport.

Reaching by Train

 Dhrangadhra is the nearest railway stoppage near the Little Rann of Kutch. This railway junction is then connected to Ahmedabad railway station which is around 130 km from Dhrangadhra. Ahmedabad railway station is very well connected to railway stations around India. You can find taxis from Dhrangadhara to reach the Rann.

Reaching by Road

As the nearest town to Little Rann of Kutch is Dhrangadhra there are various buses and transport services available till Dhrangadhra. Dharangadhra is around 18 km from the Rann. Few popular cities close to Dhrangadhra are Ahmedabad around 130 km, Rajkot around 145 km, and Bhuj around 200 km.

 Where to Stay?

 As the nearest town is Dhrangadhra so this little town is the only place around here to stay. I found this company called Little rann which offers homestays. You can check out their website for all the stay options. As they were based around here and serve authentic dishes I think you must check them here

So when are you planning to visit this off beaten place of Gujrat? Make sure to comment down below and tell me about your trip to this salty desert.

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