Humanity is busy discovering all new things, exploration has been going for years, and still, we do not know the major parts of the earth.  Explorations to find new things, new places and a new culture is still going on. We are blessed to be living in the 21st century as we come to know new things every day.

In 2016 such exploration took place in Meghalaya and cave enthusiasts discovered Krem Puri caves.  As soon as the Krem Puri Caves were discovered it was named the longest Sandstone cave in India. The cave was discovered near Laitsohum village in Mawsynram around the East Khasi Hills district.  The 24.5 km long cave is one of the most complex cave systems.

Staggering Facts about Krem Puri Caves

 This cave was found during the expedition measure and mapped by Meghalaya Adventures Association (MAA). The earlier record holder for the world’s longest cave was Cueva Del Saman in Edo Zulia in Venezuela. The quartzite sandstone was around 18.2 km long. But Krem Puri caves are around 6 km more of the previous record holder.

krem puri cave

Krem Puri Caves have fossils of Dinosaurs, and especially of Mosasauras which was a giant reptile that lived a long time ago somewhere around 66 to 76 million years ago. Krem Puri caves have been a path breaking discovery in not only Indian history but in the whole world also.

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What makes Krem Puri Caves Special?

As the caves were discovered not a long ago people from around the world have started to come here. The stunning cave is a chance to explore and see what life would be millions of years ago. It is so mind blowing to know that we know are able to see things which happened millions of years ago.  With the adventure of caves, you can also go for many adventure activities here in Meghalaya.

Adventure seeker, explorers will the combination of caves and other adventure activities. While we checked Meghalaya last time it offers some of the best adventure activities like river rafting, trekking, rock climbing, cave diving, and many other.

 Mawsynram is blessed with all those waterfalls and exotic places so do not miss it when you come here.

krem puri cave

Scientists and explorers are finding new caves every day and they say it is one of thousands cave here. There are around 1650 known caves in Meghalaya and out of which only 1000 have explored either partially or fully.  

What to Do in Krem Puri Caves

 The caves are an opportunity to discover ancient fossils and let indulge yourself into some explorations. While scientists and explorers around the world are looking for more answers here in the caves itself you can see the fossils millions of years ago. The beauty of this cave is how long it is and you can explore further and further.  

krem puri cave

Best Time to Visit Krem Puri Caves

The best time to visit these caves is from October to May. As you know Mawynswarm is the wettest place on this earth and going to the wettest place in monsoon is like a hell. So other than monsoon any month is fine to awaken your inner explorer.

While I would suggest going to Summers, the temperature here in Meghalaya is pretty pleasant at this time. Rain showers are low and bit of sprinkles all the time. Valleys are covered in fog in the morning and the afternoon too seems very cool. It is a perfect holiday destination with your friends who love traveling while also being able to do some adventure on the way.

krem puri cave

Where to Stay

Laitsohum Village is one of the most remote places in Meghalaya so hence there is no such stay options. The nearest city where you can find some affordable stay options are Cherrapunji, Mawsynram, or Shillong.  There are various stay options in Cherrapunji like Orchid resort and in Shillong, you can find  Hotel delight for stay options.

How to reach Krem Puri Caves

Reaching by air

The nearest airport from the caves is in Shillong. The airport is around 100 km from here and it takes around 3 hours to reach the caves. The airport in Shillong is well connected hence you don’t have to worry about connectivity. You can book a cab from outside the airport to reach here.

Reaching by Train

The nearest railway station from here is in Guwahati. The Guwahati railway station is one of the biggest railway stations and is often known as the gateway to the northeast.  The railway station is very well connected with all the major cities. The distance between the caves and the railway station is around 160 km and it takes around 5 hours to reach here. You can book a cab from the railway station itself to reach here.

Reaching by Road

The nearest big city is Shillong and then Guwhati. Both of these places are well connected by road transport. Both public and private buses run from all the nearby states to both of these places. While if you are coming on your own then take Laitkot- pomlakrai road to reach from Shillong.

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IF you want to capture the real beauty of north east then you must try the way via Guwhati. While it is a little bit long but is one of the most beautiful ways.

So when are you taking this epic journey to these caves.  I am sure you will be in a shock when you will see such ancient caves. Also. do not forget to comment down below and tell me about your experience.  

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Photo credits: Mark Burkey

Happy travelling.

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