Hidden places in Karnataka never seems to end. From Bandaje waterfalls to Agumbe village Karnataka has treated us very well with its some unexplored places. The state in southern India is extremely beautiful due to its geographic location. Beautiful western ghats on one side which is accompanied by beautiful beaches.  Today we will look at one such very beautiful yet hidden gem in Karnataka.

Malpe Beach in Karnataka which is around 6 from Udupi district is one of the most exquisite yet unexplored beaches in India.  The far-stretching coastline with beautiful seawater on one side and rocky island on the other is a treat to watch. This beautiful beach though has become a hot destination in Karnataka though. Malpe beach is only around 66 km from Mangalore which makes it a perfect weekend getaway from your busy life.

malpe beach

The pleasant weather, rocky terrain, and sand make Malpe beach very beautiful. The beach has palm trees lined up which looks very beautiful special under a clear sky. This beach town is surrounded by rocky islands on all sides. IT is covered by  Daria- Bahadurgad, Kari- Kallu, Daria- Kalluthe, and Mary islands from all the 4 sides.

Why you should Visit Malpe Beach

 Malpe beach has a very nice environment. This place is picture perfect and attracts thousands of beach lovers. People love to relax and enjoy here in Malpe beach  The beautiful Palm trees and rocky terrain gives it a unique look which makes it a very heavily visited around the area. Not only beautiful views but also there are many adventure activities from jet ski to rock climbing which you can do here in Malpe beach. These adventure activities I will further discuss below.

The beach is also very important economically also. This a very important fishing harbor and port for the state of Karnataka. You will be happy to know that this was the first beach in India which was having 24 hours wifi service.    

Malpe Beach

Attractions around the beach

Sunrise and sunset

The scenic Malpe beach is famous for its sunrise and sunset. We woke up early in the morning so as to experience this gorgeous sunrise. Few people were jogging around and we sat on the cold sand. And soon you see a ray of red and orange light beaming. IT is one of the most beautiful experiences one would have.

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Sunset too is very scenic in Malpe beach. In the evening you would see a lot of people and kids around here. IT is a very famous beach locally and hence many come here. The sunset is also very alluring.

Malpe Beach sunset

Mahatma Gandhi Statue

There is a Mahatma Gandi statue located at the beachside. The impressive state is made of Marble. This sculpture was unveiled by DR. V S Acharya.

gandhi statue Malpe Beach

 St. Mary’s Islands

One of the most beautiful things in Karnataka the St. Mary Islands is a group of small 4 islands. The Islands are in the Arabian sea off the coast of Malpe.  St. Mary Islands is also known as Coconut islands or Thonespar.  A 30 min ride from Malpe beach will take you to St. Mary’s Islands.

 The islands have 2 beautiful beaches and also has crystallized basalt rock formations. The unique formations of rock are scattered all around the islands which give it a unique look.

St. Mary’s Islands

Ullal beach

Another very famous beach of Karnataka Ullal beach is one of the most beautiful beaches around here.  Basically Ullal is a fishing village hence you would see a lot of fishing activity around here.  The beach is filled with many well-furnished cottages which are all around the beach.

The beach hosts lots of activities such as swimming and sunbathing. Ullal beach is very famous for its water sports too. Overall a very beautiful and exciting place which you must visit when you are here around Malpe beach.

ullal beach

Daria Bahadurgad fort 

Around 1.5 km from Malpe beach in the Daria Bahadurgad Island is Daria Bahadurgad Fort. The fort was constructed by  Basavappa Naik. It is a very beautiful architectural structure. The islands are although small and are rocky but is a pretty good place to hang out. You can reach here by ferry. Also, there are few temples around the fort.

Daria Bahadurgad fort

Balarama and Anantheshwara temple

Malpe beach is also very near to these highly revered and sacred temples. The architecture of these very ancient temples is class apart. The temple of Balrama was built by Mogaveeraking Maidan and the temple of  Ananteshwara was built around 8 century AD.  

You will feel blessed to visit these temples and will be in awe to see the sheer architectural beauty.

 Anantheshwara temple

Activities to do around Malpe Beach

 Malpe beach hosts many adventure activities. One of the main reasons why it is popular around here is due to the variety of activities both adventure and water sports it offers. 

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Some of the most famous Water sports activities you can do here are


 You can hire a jet ski and enjoy your evening while riding around. Not only jet ski but speed boats, motorcycles other types of services are also here. You can ride from Malpe beach to St. Mary islands and then touring around it and then coming back.

jet ski malpe beach

The rides around here are very adventurous.  Otheractivities that can be done here are

  • Kayaking
  • River rafting
  • Speed boat cruises
  • Water scooter rides

. Parasailing at Malpe beach is one very famous activity. The parasailing activity is partially done in the sea and partially over the beach.  

paragliding malpe beach

Adventure activities in Malpe beach.

 When water sports are not enough for you then you can surely take many adventure activities which you can indulge in here. From Rock climbing to trekking there are many adventure activities which you can do around Malpe beach.

Swimming and Sun Bathing

While this is no brainer that you would surely do that and it is surely one of the best things. The clear beach with perfect weather gives entices you to swim around.

Food around Malpe beach

There are many small hotels and restaurants near Malpe beach. You can eat any sort of dish here. There are a plethora of cuisines being served here. I would suggest trying out seafood first. From prawns to fishes there are many kinds of seafood which you can try here. While around the beach you will see lots of Coconut sellers and vendors which serve fresh coconut juice and milk. It’s a treat to eat here.

Best time to Visit Malpe Beach

While the beach can be visited any time of the year but November to February is the best time to visit Malpe beach.  The weather is nice at this time of the year and also you will be welcomed by clear sky.

While in summers too you can enjoy around here but it gets a bit hot here around here.  The summer season starts here from March to June and sometimes maximum temperature can reach 40 degrees Celsius.

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Monsoon I would say is the  second-best time to visit Malpe beach. While there is a lot of rain going over here but you would see popping green all over the area. If you are going to in monsoon so I would suggest going around in September.

As suggested earlier winters by far is the best time to visit the Malpe beach. Pleasant weather with a clear sky is loved by all. The temperature also ranges from 12 to 28 degrees which are best when you are travelling around.

malpe beach

How to reach Malpe Beach

 Malpe beach is best travelled via roads but still, other ways are other ways by which you can reach are mentioned below.

 Reaching by Air

 While Malpe is not directly connected via any airport but  Mangaluru Airport is the nearest airport from here.  Mangaluru airport is well connected with major Indian cities. You can easily find buses and taxis from the airport for Malpe.

Reaching by Train

 Like the airport, Malpe does not have any railways station. But the nearest Railway station is the Udupi railway station.  The Udupi railway station is around 10 km but the railway station is with limited connectivity.  While for better connectivity I will suggest you Mangaluru Central Railway Station.

The Mangaluru central railway station is a very major station in Karnataka which is well connected to major cities. Also, you can find buses and taxis from the railway station for Malpe.

 Reaching by Road

There are many buses running all over from Karnataka for Malpe. The Shivamogga Bus Terminal is the major bus station, from Malpe from where you can take buses to other cities.  While there is a bus stand in Malpe known as Malpe Bus Stand (Kola)  but this bus stop has a limited frequency.

If you are coming from Banglore than it can take more than 8 hours from Banglore to reach Malpe. Banglore is around 400+ km from Malpe and to reach here you will have to take  NH 75 route.

So when are you going on this adventurous and exotic ride? Do let me know in the comment about your recent trip to Malpe beach.

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