Our own India’s great wall Mangi Tungi is located near Tahrabad which is around 125 km from Nashik. This is just not a visitor site but also is a holy site. There are several caves named after Jain deities and sages. From Mahaveer, Adinath to Seeta, Rarnatrya there are many idols here too. These idols are in a yogic posture and have a sacred value. Just over 100 km from Nashik this is a peaceful and pleasant place.

Mangi Tungi are two peaks situated close to one another. These peaks are at a height of around 4300 ft. To reach the top of the peaks you will have to do a small trek which is easy. It has great historical and religious value. You will have to take around 4500 steps to reach the peak. Mangi Mungi are known as Siddha Kshetra which literal meaning is Gateway to the state of Enlightenment. This said that Lord Krishna’s last remaining days were here only. Lord Krishna attained moksha, the enlightenment here only.

How to reach Mangi Tungi

By Road

Mangi Tungi is 125 km from Nashik and 450 km from Mumbai. If you are coming from Mumbai you can come to Mangi Tungi via Shirdi, Nashik. NH 160 is the highway that takes you from Mumbai to Mangi Tungi.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Mangi Tungi is Manmad. Manmad is 90 km from here and takes 2 and a half hours to reach here from the railway station. You can find taxis for Mangi Tungi outside of the railway station.

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By air

Aurangabad airport is the nearest airport for Mangi Tungi. The total distance between Aurangabad and Mangi Tungi is 200 km which takes 5 hours to travel.

Mangi Tungi Religious Value

There are many Jain caves here. The two main caves here are of Adinath and Shantinath. These caves are very old and historic. The inscriptions on these caves date back to as long as the 1300s. There are around 75 idols in the foot of the hill. These idols are in the 3 temples which are at the foothill. There are a lot of caves named hereafter many deities and sages. These are Mahaveer, Setalnath, Shantinath, Tatnatrya, Parshwanath. These caves are of those who liberated here.

Temple in Mangi tungi

Mangi Tungi Trek

This trek is very easy and one does not have to make a full-fledged itinerary for that. You just have to come here a day earlier so that the next day early morning you can start your trek to the top of the hill.

There are more than 1450 steps to reach the hilltop. There is an option of Palki for older people but young ones must have this trek. The cost of Palki is expensive though and cost around 3000. Though up to a point vehicles can go but the trekking experience is one of a kind which should not be missed.

Start your day as early as 5 am as you will have enough time to reach the peak. It is a bit dangerous though as stairs to Tungi-Giri are a bit broken. The trek is around 3 to 4 hours. If you start at 5 then you will reach at 8 or 9 am. The steps get a little steep at around the last 400 steps. The main attraction here is the idol of God Rishabhnath which is 108 ft tall. which is carved out of a single marble.

God Rishabhnath 108 ft tall statue
God Rishabhnath 108 ft tall statue

Where to stay in Mangi Tungi

There is a Dharamshala here which can be booked online at this website. This guest house is a decent place where you would find a dressing room, toilet, shower, sink, few coats, and of course your bed. There is a dining tent where you will have your food.


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