Majestic Northeastern India never disappoints us with any of its destinations. Be it the gateway to Northeast India Assam or one of the last states in India Nagaland, all these states have amazed all of us with the sheer beauty. I always find this strange that these majestical places have remained unknown for a long time. Manipur is another jewel in this list of fabulous states. With dense forest, lush green valleys, alluring hills, and magical lakes Manipur remain one of the most sought destinations. While filled with such beauty it also remains leas explored too. The exotic landscape of Manipur could not attract many tourists and tourism in Manipur remains unexplored.

While Manipal Tourism is flourishing day by day but it is still far away from its potential. This Hilly state is filled with mother nature’s blessing. The landscape here is serene and people here are helpful. From Dzukou valley to Sendra island everything seems magical here. So let’s explore the beauty of Manipur

How to reach Manipur

Manipur is well connected by all means of transport. While all means of transport are available the best would be via airplane and then taxis.

By air

The main airport in Manipur is in Imphal. Imphal airport is 8 km from the main city. Imphal airport is very well connected to cities like Delhi, Guwahati, and Kolkata. There are many taxis outside of the airport for different cities.

By train

The nearest big railway station for Imphal is Dimapur. Dimapur railway station is 215km from Imphal. From Dimapur railway station there are taxis and buses for Imphal.

By road

While if you are coming from your own vehicle you can come from Guwahati. NH 27 AND NH 2 will lead you to Imphal from Guwahati. But if you want to take bus many public and private buses run from Dimapur, Aizwal, Agartala, and Shillong.

Places to visit in Manipur

As we were coming from Silchar so our travel journey includes places nearest from that city and then exploring the whole Manipur. Tourism in Manipur is a growing industry and there are many places to visit in the lists of Manipur Tourism.



Tamenglong is a nice little place for your next adventure. This hilly region is filled with flora and fauna. The beauty of this place is such that it garners lot of visitors to this area.

Tamenglong is home to leopards, deers, tigers, and many other wild animals. This place is also famous among many bird watchers too. While the wildlife of this place is famous rivers and waterfalls of Tamenglong are also famous. Tamenglong remains a very popular place in the list of Manipur tourism.

Places to visit in Tamenglong

Zeilad lake

Zeilad lake is just walking distance from Tamenglong. This beautiful lake is home to fishes, tortoises, and migratory birds. Zeilad is a picturesque lake and a destination to relax. Zeilad lake is not the only jewel of Manipur tourism but of the whole Northeast.

Buning Meadow

Another beautiful place in Tamenglong filled with lilies and orchids all over. This place is famous for brooks, chirping birds and wonderful wildlife.

Tharon cave

Tharon cave is just 15 km from Tamenglong. The journey is just 1 hour from the city center and if you love a bit of adventure then you will love Tharon cave. There are 12 caves located here underneath.


The capital city of Manipur Imphal is a natural charm. With Serene landscapes and beautiful rivers, Imphal also has a significant historical value. The Site of the Battle of World war II is a great tourist destination. From INA memorial to Kangla fort Imphal hosts many beautiful and historic places. Not only Imphal is an economic hub but an important destination in the list of Manipur Tourism.

Places to visit in Imphal

Loktak Lake

The beautiful Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in the country. This natural biodiversity is the only floating national park. This floating vegetation looked like a form of a mat spread over 40 square km.

There are many motorboats available here that take you around. There is a hilltop resort which is Sendra Resort offering you bird’s eye view from up. The lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains all around. This serene experience lasts with you for a lifetime. Loktak lake is the jewel of Manipur Tourism.

Loktak Lake
Loktak Lake

Kangla Fort

On the banks of the Imphal, the river is the Palace of Kangla. This royal Palace has served as the palace of King Pakhangba. The region f Imphal has been built around this fort only.

You can rent out a buggy here which is pretty cheap. The tour guide shows you the places around. There are many photos of Kings and the British era. This historical site is worth a visit when in Manipur.

Kangla Fort entrance
Kangla Fort entrance


Just 24 km from Imphal is this beautiful Town of Andro. This little town is only 45 minutes away from Imphal. These little places are famous for their liquor. Also Andro is a place where you experience traditional Manipuri’s. From Food to culture these people have very well conserved their history. People here in Andro are very accepting and will be happy to invite you for Dinner. For an authentic Manipuri Food Andro is the best place to go for.


Half n hour journey from Imphal will lead you to Thoubal. The small town of Thoubal is famous for its hiking and trekking activities, The town of Thoubal is famous for its serene landscapes and abundance of flora and fauna. There are also many famous waterbodies here in Thoubal to watch. IF you want to explore the locality of Thoubal you can go to Laxmi bazaar and Athokpam Bazaar.


If you want to explore more the town of Thoubal you must visit Khongjom. Khongjam has a high historical value not only Manipur’s but the whole of India’s history. This is the place where Major General Paona fought against Britishers and defeated them. There is a war memorial set up here in Khongjom in the memory of mighty warriors. This war memorial is not only important to Manipur Tourism but has historical value also.

Khongjom war memorial entrance
Khongjom War Memorial Entrance


Chandel is a border district between India and Myanmar. This beautiful place is 64 km from Imphal. Chandel is small but not in terms of serene beauty. There are around 20 native tribes here in Chandel. Each tribe offers a unique experience. Trek and hiking can be done in Chandel. An early morning trek through the grasslands will take you to one beautiful sunrise you would have ever seen. Chandel is an extremely beautiful site in the list of Manipur tourism.

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Another beautiful destination here in Manipur is Ukhrul. Around 81 km from Imphal Ukhrul is on the eastern side of Manipur. Ukhrul is a natural beauty from tea estates to lakes this is a beautiful little place. The few most famous places here are Kashong Peak, Khangkhui cave, and Khayang peak. Manipur Tourism has been focusing on these tea estates in Ukhrul.


Sixty kilometers from Imphal is Senapati. This tourist place is also blessed by mother nature as other places of Manipur. The place here is filled with a lush green forest. This place is famous for its peaceful environment too. Senapati is also famous for the gateway of Dzukou valley which is one of the most famous places in all India. We have covered Dzukou valley in our Nagaland blog which can be read here.

Manipur Food

Like we explored other Northeastern foods we surely were excited for Manipuri food as well. The main food here also remains rice and then fishes and other non-vegetarian options. This is due to rice being grown here and fish is the easiest catch. But don’t think you have experienced the whole cuisine with just these 2 foods. Manipuri food is considered very healthy as it is spicy and contains less oil too. With that, there are a lot of herbs also added. From mint, chives to basil these things are dominant in food. Manipur Tourism is incomplete without including food in that.

Some of the tastiest food of Manipur

  • Kangshoi
  • Fish curry
  • Alu Kangmet
  • Eromba
  • Morok Metpa

Is Manipur worth visiting?

Manipur is a place definitely worth visit. From Dzuko valley to Loktak lake, Manipur Tourism is blessed with natural beauty.

What is the best time to visit Manipur?

The best time would be from late October to March as it is ambient temperature at that time. It’s get’s too hot in Summers and Monsoon is pretty bad also.

What is the food of Manipur?

Like other Northeastern states food here revolves around rice and Non-vegetarian options. But the cuisine is not limited to only these.

What is Manipur famous for?

Manipur is famous for Loktak lake which is the largest freshwater lake in India

For further Information On Manipur Tourism Visit state gov website here.

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