The highest peak in Nagaland Mt. Saramati is one of the most beautiful peaks in the Northeast. Mount Saramati mountain ranges are the biggest mountain ranges in Nagaland. These mountain ranges are rich in both flora and fauna. The rich diversity of this place speaks for itself. Covered with dense forest and alpine vegetation the Trek to Mount Saramati is a beautiful and rich experience.

Mount Saramati mountain ranges are between the Indian side of Nagaland and Myanmar. The Mountain ranges are in district Kiphire of Nagaland. While we were exploring around Nagaland we also happen to come to this place. While we looked upon the internet about this place and the information was pretty scanty. This place is one of the most beautiful places in Nagaland and we believe it should be explored by many other travelers.

Our Nagaland travel guide with best destination is here.

How to reach

The below-given information is about how to reach the district Kohima and after that information is given in Itinerary.

By air

The domestic airport of Dimapur is the only airport in Nagaland. Dimapur airport is connected with Guwahati airport and Kolkata airport. From Dimapur you can take taxis and buses to reach Kohima.

By train

Dimapur railway station is also the biggest railway station which is very well connected to Assam and Kolkata Railway station. You can find taxis and buses to reach Kohima.


By road

You can find buses and taxis from Kolkata, Guwahati, Shillong, and many other nearby cities. Buses and taxis run for Dimapur and Kohima.

Itinerary for Mount Saramati Peak

Day 1

Reach Kohima, the capital city. You will have to then drive for Mokokchung town. Mokokchung is 145 km from Kohima and total distance can be covered in 5 hours. If you reach early you reach Tuensang a town 84 km from Mokokchung. It will be another 4 n a half-hour journey. Tonight stay will be in Tuensang.

Day 2

Start your day early, have a good breakfast. Now from Tuensang our next destination is district Kiphire. This place is 122 km from Tuensang, which can be covered in 5 hours. Kiphire is the district from where the real Trek starts. From Kiphire go to Pungro Town which is 40 km away. Pungro distance will be covered in 2 hours. Tonight’s stay will be in Pungro only.

Day 3

From Pungro Town we will have to go to Salumi. Salumi is a very small town 30 km from Pungro Town. You will reach there in 2 hours only. From Salumi we will continue our journey for Thanamir which is just 16 km. While it is 16 km but it will take good 1 hour to reach Thanamir from Salumi. While till now we were doing the journey in vehicles but after Thnanamir real trek starts. So tonight we will have a good rest as tomorrow our trek starts.

Thanamir village, Nagaland
Village Thanamir

Day 4

We will walk to Waterpoint from Thanamir. Waterpoint is a good 6-hour trekking distance from Thanamir. It is a moderately tough trek for many. The base camp is Waterpoint is which is basically a hut. It is advisable to take your own tents. While the trek is generally under the canopy and is a steady climb but it gets crampy towards the end. Tonight’s camp will be Waterpoint.

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Day 5

We will today reach Mount Saramati Peak and trek back today only. While the trek is pretty moderate here but it gets really tough at few places. A guide is surely needed and if its a villager than it would be very helpful.
It takes around 3 hours from Waterpoint to reach the peak. Start your day early. While we started early and thought it would be foggy there but the weather was charming up there.
The peak is at a height of 3841m and from up there you see a view of Pungro, Salomi, and Kiphire some times.

Saramati mountain, view from top
The view from Top

How difficult is this trek?

It is a moderate trek which can get difficult only few times. Overall the joureny is very exciting

What about food arrangments?

There is no major issue of food till the Thanamir village. But after which it is advisable to pack some food

Can i get a guide there?

While it is adivsable to book a guide prehand but you could find some helping villagers but it surely will cost you a bit money.

Do I need ILP to do this trek?

You need to have ILP to enter Nagaland. If you are not a resisdent of this state so you do need ILP .

In which district is Mount Saramati?

Kiphire district

What is the height of Mount Saramti?

3,826 m

For further information visit district website of Kiphire here

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