In God’s own land lies a beautiful place at 1600 meters above the sea level in the Western Ghats, Munnar.  It is a popular hill station of Kerala famous for its tea estates, valleys and peaks. Munnar is also known as Kashmir of South India.
Munnar has been the most famous Southern hill station even in the British era.  This place is world-famous for its tea plantation, valleys, mountains, forest and exotic species of flora and fauna.

 Munnar is situated on the banks of river madhupati nullatanni & Periyavaru. It is also home to some of the most endangered species of animals like neelakurinji and Nilgiri tahr. Munnar is famous among people who love adventure.
This place is famous among trekkers as well as people who love camping. All year round the weather of Munnar is very pleasant and tourist from all over the world come here for its cold weather especially in summers 
When all of  India is having a hot breeze of air places like Munnar in Southern India are best to visit.


 Places to visit in Munnar

Photo Point

 On the way to the madupetty dam is a photo point, Which is 2 kilometers away from Munnar. The environment here and calmness is what attracts tourists here. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions here in the Munnar tourism list. 


This place is surrounded by exotic tea plantation and Woods. This place is an ideal place for photography that’s why it is given the name photo point.

 Attukkad waterfalls

 Attukad waterfalls are one of the most romantic and picturesque places in Munnar. It is 2 kilometres away from Munnar in beautiful hills. Though it is tough to reach here, once you are here it is a pleasant atmosphere. Attukkad waterfall remains the star of Munnar tourism.

 Echo point

Munnar tourism offers you Echo point which is located 15 kilometres from Munnar and is 600 feet above the sea level. Ecopoint is famous for its echoing voice. At the top when you shout it echoes sound back to you. It is situated on the banks of Kundala lake. This place is very beautiful as you can see Hills, meadows forest which makes this very scenic place. The  Kundala lake also has facilities of boating, you can choose between speed boats and paddle boats where native and exotic birds can be seen around.

Pothamedu viewpoint

  Another famous place in the Munnar tourism list is pothamedu viewpoint.  This place is filled with plantation of tea, coffee, pepper, and all other beautiful shrubs. If you want to visit this place trekking would be the most suitable mode as the beautiful treks around hills make journeys beautiful. Here not only you can see the tea plantation but you can also buy from different shops. One of the most beautiful things about this place is the sunrise and sunset. Just look at the Horizon and see the sun setting down beautifully, it is a once in a lifetime experience. Pothamedu is 3 kilometers away  from Munnar


 Eravikulam National Park

 National Park is just 45 minutes away from the city and is exotic destination in the list of Munnar Tourism. In the Western Ghats of India. The total stretch of this National Park is around 97 km. This place is accredited with the UNESCO World Heritage site. There are around 19  amphibian species 26 mammalian species 132 different species of birds. This place is a visual treat for animal lovers and nature lovers and also board watchers.

 Other places to visit in Munnar

  •  Chinnakanal waterfalls
  • Anamudi
  •  Blossom Park
  • Marayoor dolmens
  • Carmelagiri elephant Park
  • Cultural Centre Thirumeni



 Best time to visit Munnar

  Munnar is Beautiful All year round, but people tend to come here especially during summers and winters as it is one of the most favourite tourist destinations in Southern India. Though different Seasons bring different characteristics to this beautiful place.


 In the summers you can experience temperatures ranging between 17 degrees to 34 degrees. Summers are one of the most favourite seasons to enjoy. The beautiful weather of Munnar here in summers you can see tea plantations and the weather remains pleasant. Sometimes you can see light rains.


This season brings the liveliness inside the Munnar environment. It brings out the greenery all over the place. Though monsoon is one of the most favorite seasons here you can see less crowd during the monsoon season. In the monsoon season, you can see the lush green environment and beautiful valleys  which makes this place even more beautiful

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 During winters the weather is very pleasant you can experience temperatures from 10 degrees to 17 Degrees. At this time it is quite cold here so do carry some woollen clothes along with you.  It does becomes very crowded here in Munnar as people from all over the world come here during winters to experience this beauty.

Adventure activities in Munnar

 adventure activities which you can do or see here in Munnar:

 Bicycle Riding in hills

Going around in hills in your bicycle is one of the most famous activities you can do here in Munnar the thrilling activities can take you to places like suryanelli kundala and marayur these places can only be explored by these mountain bikes here in Munnar you can experience the beautiful weather and tea plantations around you do while cycling around.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is another famous activities which is done here in Munnar. 

 Kalari Kshetra


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