While in our last blog about Pithoragarh we felt that we tried to sum up this great place in few words. Many of our readers also told us to make a full-fledged travel guide about Munsiyari.

Munsiyari is a small little place in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. This place is surrounded by the Himalayas and lustrous valleys all around. At a height of 2200m it is a booming hill station in Uttarakhand. While many people still prefer the famous hill stations like Mussoorie or Nainital but now many are exploring this place too. While being affordable this hamlet also assures you the best views. From magnificent peaks like Nandadevi to Nandakot this place is blessed by Himalayan gods. The great Panchachuli peaks are the main attraction of Munsiyari. While Munsiyari in Uttrakhand is famous as a hill station but it is also a trekking destination.

How to reach Munsiyari

As Munsiyari is deep in the valleys of Uttarakhand so travel via road remains the best option. But I have mentioned nearest airport and railway station below

By road

The best option to reach Munsiyari is by road only. Munsiyari is very well connected to Delhi and Nainital. While if you are coming from Delhi take NH 9 reach Munsiyari.

By air

The nearest airport from Munsiyari is Pantnagar airport. Pantnagar airport is 321 km from here. Take Almora -Bageshwar- Munsiyari road to reach here. There are various taxis and buses available.


By train

Tanakpur is the nearest railhead from Munsiyari. Tanakpur railway head is 274 km from Munsiyari. Take NH 9 from Tankpur to reach Munsiyari. There are various taxis and buses readily available.

Places to visit in Munsiyari

Munsiyari itself is very pretty and ideal for your next holiday. Tourism in Munsiyari is booming every day and tourists come from every part of India. While Munisyari was restricted due to being a border town. Now Munsiyari is open to all and welcomes everyone happily. While you will visit Munsiyari town but we have included other nearby places here.

Birthi falls

Just 14 km away from Munsiyari is the Birthi falls. This giant magnificent fall attracts many visitors. These falls have a staggering height of around 126 m. While the falls are visible from the road only but a few meters climb will take you to the base.

birthi falls, Munsiyari, Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand
Birthi falls

Panchchuli Peaks

The Panchchuli peaks are the star attraction of Munsiyari and Uttarakhand as well. The group of 5 snow-capped peaks is in this region only. It is due to these peaks only Pithoragarh is well known as “Chota Kashmir”. These peaks feel like doors to heaven I’m sure you will fall in love with them.

Panchchuli peaks look even more magnificent at sunrise and sunset. These peaks illuminate snow-white light at midnight. The view of these peaks is indescribable and one has to experience it. There are many rest houses and hotels here which offer you the view from windows. I recommend you to take one of these as this experience as a whole is very blissful.

Panchchuli peaks, Munsiyari, Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand
Panchchuli peaks

Maheshwari Kund

Maheshwari Kund is another fantastic place here. This pond has a special story and a beautiful around. From Maheswari Kund one can see the alluring Himalayan view. This small has crystal clear water and is surrounded by dense forest. From pine trees to rhododendrons one can find good flora and fauna here.

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Khaliya Top Trek

While we love being around the town only but could not resist this short trek too. Khaliya top trek is a small trek originating from this town only. The Khaliya top trek is only 10 km long and takes you to some of the most magnificent views. This trek is famous as a beginner’s blessing. This trek is very easy and enjoyable for first-time trekkers.

Start your trek early in the morning for the Khaliya top. If you will reach there in only 1 hour. At the top you will see the magnificent view of Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, Hardeol, Rajrambha, Trishul. These are the panchchuli peaks visible from the top.

Panchchuli peaks, Munsiyari, Pithoragarh
Panchchuli peaks, Munsiyari, Pithoragarh

Thamri Kund /and trek

Thamri Kund is another small pond near Munsiyari. This little lake is covered around by dense forest and vegetation.

While for trekkers this is an easy 3 km trek. This trek takes you through dense forest and leads you to mountain views. It is advisable to take a local guide with you. Many people have lost in Jungles and came back without reaching the Kund. While in the Kund you can see lots of birds around, few wild animals, and a lot of dense forests around.

Adventure Sports And Things To Do


Camping is one of the most famous activities around here. There are many hotels and resorts which organize these camps for fun. Many resorts provide facilities like bonfire and tent. This ensures that you have maximum fun with your friends.

Also you can camp with your friends while trekking. The Khaliya top trek is our No. 1 recommendation for camping. The morning sunrise view is majestical and the night seems magical.

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When we have already about camping so the same applies to trek too. There are many treks which you can do here. Munsiyari and Pithoragarh whole remains one of the most sought after places by trekkers.

Some of the most famous treks in Munsiyari are

  • Khyali top trek
  • Nanda devi trek
  • Kalmuni top trek
  • Thamri kund trek
  • Betulidhar trek


While these trekking routes are great in summers but in winter they are even more awesome. The Khyali top and Kalmuni peak is a favorite destination for skiers. Munsyari’s skiing is so famous that it is been promoted by Tourism of Uttarakhand.

Local shopping

Munsiyari is also a great little place to do some shopping. Hill stations are generally famous for winter clothes. The pashmina shawls of Munsiyati are famous all around. Also, the Sheepwool carpets are pretty famous in whole Uttarakhand which you can find here.

Some common FAQ’s

Is Munsiyari worth visiting?

Definitely yes. From trekking to skiing there are thousands of thing that can be done in Munsiyari. Also you see the great view of Panchchuli peaks.

Does Munsiyari have snow?

Yes, in winters. From the months of late November to February you can see snowfall here.

How far is Munsiyari from Delhi?

573km via road which takes around 16 hours of travel via Nainital.

How far is Kausani from Munsyari?

Munsyari is 164 km from Kausani. Take Bageshwar Almora road for Kausani. A detailed guide for Kausani is here.

For information you can always visit the Uttarakhand tourism website here.

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