Exploring the unexplored and finding the off-beaten tracks is what we do. Finding new culture, tasting new food, and visiting new places is what we love. Nagaland was a mystery to me and I didn’t know what to expect from it. Sure I have been to other hidden places but information about Nagaland was pretty less than others.
But one thing which was alluring was its culture and valleys. Born and raised in the Himalayas I have a special place for valleys always. And these valleys here in Nagaland seems very familiar yet so unique. Tourism here seems a little less explored while the culture is so vibrant. Dance, songs, traditions, food are all these words that define Nagaland for me.

While it is a hub of many tribes but a progressiveness is also very viable. These tribes not only have saved their culture but also saved these beautiful valleys. From Dzkukou valley to Japfu Peak Nagaland is a pure wonderland. The wonderland which remains untouched most of the time yet presents you with alluring beauty.
We started our travel journey for Nagaland without any pre-preparation. It was all sudden and a strong will to explore this beauty. So let’s find how actually is Nagaland

How to reach Nagaland

Nagaland though seems a very far destination but it is not. The connectivety is one of the best. All three modes of transportation are available in Nagaland.

By Air

Dimapur is the domestic airport in Nagaland. Dimapur airport is 75 km from Kohima city and 4 km from Dimapur city. The airport is connected to Guwahati airport and Kolkata airport.

By train

The nearest railway station is always Dimapur. This Railway station of Dimapur is the biggest in Nagaland. Dimapur railway station is very well connected to Kolkata and Guwahati railway stations.

By road

Nagaland is very well connected by road as well. There are private and public buses running from Guwahati. These buses take you to destination like Kohima, Dimapur, Mokokchung. If you are on private vehicle then drive through NH 27 and NH 29 to reach Dimapur from Guwahati.

Permit for Nagaland

For Indians

A permit is required if you want to visit Nagaland. The Inner line permit(ILP) can be obtained from New Delhi, Kolkata, Shillong, and Guwahati. The Nagaland office is where it can be duly submitted. Indians can also apply online here.

For Foreigners

Foreigners can only apply to offline methods. The Nagaland house in New Delhi, Kolkata, Shillong, Guwahati is where you can obtain Inner Line Permit.

Document required for Inner line Permit

Any Id proof: Aadhar card, PAN, Student ID
Photo: A recent color
passport size photo


Places to visit in Nagaland

Now when travel is sorted, ILP has been sorted the journey to Nagaland should now be with ease. Nagaland was a mystery to me and I really didn’t know what to expect from it. I surely had seen a lot of valleys but here in Nagaland, these valleys seemed more attractive. It may be due to the fact that many people not have visited this place or due to continuous preservation by the People Of Nagaland.

We reached Dimapur and started our journey to explore the beautiful Nagaland.


Dimapur is the domestic airport here in Nagaland. This airport is connected to cities like Guwahati and Kolkata. Dimapur is the most progressive city here in Nagaland. While the city of Dimapur is like any other city in India, busy and crowded. Few places which are like a tourist destination remains outside the city center. We straight went to visit bet places here in Dimapur.

The Triple Falls

One of the most peaceful places around Dimapur is Triple falls. These falls are near Chumukedima, a village just 13 km from the city. You can reach Triple falls in Dimapur from the Patkai Christian college in Chumukedima.

There are 2 short gorges on the way with a bit of steep rocky cliffs. There is a waterfall with a deep plunge pool. Going in this direction soon we discovered the majestical waterfalls from distance through bamboo’s leaves. While the place is not so magical as other waterfalls we have seen in Northeast. But surely it is peaceful and the water too is very clean.

The Triple Falls, dimapur
The Triple Falls

Kachari Ruins

Well as you all know how much fascinated we are with the Mighty kings of Ahom kingdom. This place is proof of their empire. Kachari Ruins takes back you to the time when Ahom kings have conquered this part if Northeast and set up Palaces.

The pillars are here very decorative and intriguing. There are many information signs all over the place. While this should be made into a tourist spot but it was more like a hanging out place for high school students. While the place could have been preserved more nicely and proper arrangements could have made this place a fantastic historical place in Northeast India.

If you want to read more on Ahom kings and our Assam blog you can read here.


So the next day early in the morning we went for Kohima. Kohima is 70 km from Dimapur. You can reach Kohima in only 3 hours. There are many taxis available for Kohima.

The capital of Nagaland Kohima is a beautiful city. The name Kohima comes from Keewhira which is derived from a flower found in the region. While this place is not very famous as a tourist destination but the landscapes, valleys tell some another story.


Kohima is not only a beautiful destination but this place has a lot of history also. From Britishers to Japanese fight this place has seen enough. People here have seen a lot and bore a lot. They have preserved their culture and natural beauty. Kohima is a hub of many popular destinations. Few of those many are

Naga Heritage Village

Naga heritage village is 12 km from the capital city of Kohima. This heritage village is one hell of experience(of course in a good way). The culture and heritage speak for itself. The traditional houses built here, wooden walls, Roofs overall design is unique and intriguing. It takes us back to a different era which shows customs and rituals.

The 16 diffrent types houses designed here symbolise 16 diffrent communities. Also there is a vast number of artifacts here.

Naga Heritage Village, kohima
Naga Heritage Village

Dzukou Valley

The valleys are the most dominant feature here in Nagaland. Dzukou valley is nearly 24 km from Kohima town. It’s hard to believe that such a beautiful valley has remained unknown.

This valley blooms in the month of June to September. The famous Lily flower is visible all around the valley in these months. The route to Dzukou valley is moderately tough but once you reach the top it will all be worth it. While the path is not well marked, but locals will gladly help.

Dzukou Valley, nagaland
Dzukou Valley

Catholic Church

A nice little place in Kohima town is this Catholic Church. This Church is a British construction but according to the naga style. This unique blend of the two designs is well architectures. The place is also very well managed as enough parking space is available. The main attraction though remains the view from here. The view of Kohima town from here is fabulous.


After Kohima and Dimapur I would say the most significant town in Nagaland would be Mokokchung. This urban area is home to Ao Naga. Mokokchung is not only urban but also has some good tourist destinations. From Museums, Parks, caves, to valleys this place is packed with features.

While Mokokchung is 145 km away from Kohima but it takes only 5 hours to reach this place. There are many beautiful places here to explore. Places to visit in Mokokchung are

Ungma village

The home of the Ao tribe Ungma village is one of the largest villages in Nagaland. The natives here love their culture and tradition. One of the main characteristics of this village is people here are very concerned about nature.

Though Ungma is not a big places but people who love to explore tradition and culture will surely love this place.

Langpangkong Caves

Very near to Mokokchung are these caves. The langpangkong caves are between Dikhu valleys and Tzula rivers. A popular belief states that these caves have given shelter to Ahom kings. when they fled from Sibsagar in Assam following a royal tussle.

These caves are popular for their beauty and hospitable nature. These caves are worth visiting when you are here in Mokokchung.

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After roaming around Mokokchung we left for Tuensang. Tuensang is only 84 km from Mokokchung. While this is only 84 km travel time takes around 4 to 5 hours easily.

While there are only few main towns here in Nagaland and Tuesang is one of them .This town is one of the fastest growing town of North east. This urban centere a significant value here in Nagaland.

While there is a problem about staying in Noklak and you need to have some contact with villagers for staying overnight.


While going back to Kohima we first went to Phek. We went other way around and went on a little long journey. While if you come all the way back to Kohima from Mokokchung it only takes 10 hours but if you take Phek route it takes 15 hours. But we surely could not miss the beautiful Phek.

Phek is rich in its flora and fauna. Also there are many places to visit. Few places which we visited here in Phek are

Shilloi lake

Situated in the base of Patakai mountain ranges Shilloi lake is a natural lake. Surrounded by rich flora and fauna this place is famous for Siberian cranes. The alluring hills surrounding this majestical lake make it more beautiful. Nature walks, Trekking, and hiking is a few of many activities that can be done around here.

Dzudu lake

Another lake is Dzudu lake which is near Thuvopisumi village. Though we could not visit this lake it’s worth mentioning.

Nagaland Food

Like other northeastern states the staple food was around rice and nonvegetarian options. While certain tribes are different from others and food does also differ. Some tribes like pork, chicken, dogs, insects, worms, and even vegetables. Real Nagaland food is hard to find and authentic food is hard to find by. While if you want some authentic food a visit to a family would be best. Some of the main foods here in Nagaland are

  • Dried pork
  • Pork stew
  • Bamboo shoots
  • Steamed fish
  • Kongshia lon
  • Naga ghost chilli sauce
Tasty nagaland food

Why do you need to visit Nagaland?

Nagaland is a place to experience the culture, history, and how societies are. This little place is to relax and find peace.
Not only Nagaland is growing but it also is preserving its culture and heritage. With the modern world, they have successfully preserved their traditions and they still wholeheartedly follow it. If you want to relax your body and get away from this fast-paced city life Nagaland will be your next perfect getaway.

For Further information visit state govt tourism website of Nagaland here.

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