While people are in search of great trekking adventure. They are trying to find new adventure places every day to fill their adventure soul. Many of them are traveling up north in search of Himalayan treks while not knowing that there are many splendid and breathtaking treks are already present around them

Maharastra is a hidden gem in west India. From Mangi tungi to Kalavantin trek there are many unexplored treks in this beautiful state. Another such beautiful and exciting trek lies around the Sahyadri Mountain range.

The Naneghat trek is one of the most beautiful treks around the valley. This popular trek famous for its lush green valley, dusty terrain, and adventure-filled routes is a must-have trek once. Situated at a height of 2600ft Naneghat is actually a Mountain Pass. The Mountain pass which is in the Sahyadri Mountain range. This mountain range connects the Konkan sea coast with the old town of Junnar.

As said earlier the mountain pass connected the sea coast and the town. This pass was a very extensively used trade route between Kalyan and Junnar. This pass was very important during the rule of Satavahana. The trade route from here connected the harbor near  Nalasopora and Kalyan directly to Junnar and Paithan.  But the glory days of this route was soon finished by invaders.  The destroyed route now remains one of the most popular trekking destinations and we are here to conquer it.


Facts about Naneghat Trek

  • Trekking difficulty:  Easy to Medium
  • Base village: Vaishakhare
  • Duration:  one day
  • Max altitude: 2600ft
  • Region: Malshej ghat
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The trekking time of this trek is extremely short ranging somewhere between 6 to 7 hours. It takes only 2 to 2.5 hours to reach the pass and then after spending a few hours one can descend back.

While there is no trekking Itinerary for this trek as it is short but below is how the expreince was.

Trekking stops For Naneghat Trek

Nanegaht trek starts from a small village of Vaishakhare. The place is a village and you should reach the base village in the morning before 8 am. We started our trekking journey from this village. The paths are pretty well marked and you generally will not get lost here. 

As soon as you start the trek you will see the first entrance gate. The gate is the route and a reminder of Jungles. From this gate, a dense jungle starts which is generally all around till the Mountain pass.

While the dense jungles are all around the path soon enough you will see multiple water streams. These water streams are just in a way to increase their difficulty. These river streams can get a little strong in the monsoon season whereas they remain calm all year round.

The saga of jungles, river streams, and lush valley all around continues till you see the stone made steps of the Mountain pass.  The rock-cut houses have great historical significance.

The cave at the top has a lot of relics and inscriptions. The place is not well maintained as I told you earlier that it is a forgotten route.  The rock-cut rest houses date back to even 1st century Bc. I am sure you will be very astonished to see this hidden beauty. The cave floor is wet as there are a lot of tanks and reservoirs around the place. 

naneghat trek

Around the pass, there are numerous artificial caves with huge rock walls on either side.   Nanegaht was an ancient route and while today it is known as Naneghat trek earlier it was a very flourishing trading route. The meaning of the name Nanegaht is Coin(nane) and pass(ghat).In the early days, travelers had to pay some cons before passing.  There is a huge rock-cut pot which I think was presumably used to collect the coin only. There is a temple of Lord Ganesha also at the top.

naneghat pot

The Naneghat inscriptions

There are 2 long inscriptions in Naneghat. One of the major attractions of Naneghat trek is these inscriptions. There are 2 inscriptions found on the left and the right wall. While there was small inscriptions at the back but some fool removed it.

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The naneghat inscriptions mention numerals. While it is damaged still it shows numerals till 30. When Arabs were claiming that they made the number system they must see these inscriptions which date back to  1 BC.  The inscriptions are also proof of flourish Vedic culture in the Satavahana Dynasty. It shows that how vedic culture and values were in even 1 BC.  

naneghat trek

We spent a good 2 hours up there looking at the beautiful sight. The lush green valleys are a treat for eyes.  The panoramic views are a pleasure to watch. While you can camp up there at night but we started to trek down in around 2 pm. And after a few hours, we were back at the base village.

Main Higlight of Naneghat Trek

  • Cave
  • Waterfalls
  • Ganesha temple
  • Huge rock-cut pot
  • Inscriptions
  • Rivers streams
  • Valleys
  • Dense forest

How to reach the Base village of Naneghat Trek?

Kalyan railway station remains the nearest place from the base village. Catch a bus from the Kalyan Bus depot for Malshej ghat. From there you will reach Tokawade village. From Tokawade village catch a jeep or TumTum for the base village

Whereas to reach Kalyan it is very easy. Mumbai is only around 28 km from Kalyan and Pune is around 111 km from Kalyan. You can get a taxi and bus for Kalyan from both these places.

Best time to do Naneghat Trek

The best time to do Naneghat trek is from August to March. The Monsoon and Post monsoon season is the best time to do this.

naneghat trek

In summers it gets a little hot to do this trek and also you feel exhausted so do not do this trek in summers. While monsoon is great because the area gets covered in green paint. The trek becomes a bit more adventurous. The waterfalls flow with full turbulency and the journey soon becomes an epic one.

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While another great time to do Naneghat trek is post-monsoon during the winter season. Yes surely the waterfalls will be little less turbulent but trek becomes a bit easy without compromising with the greenery of the surrounding.

What to Take for Naneghat trek

The list is just a recommended item for those also who will be camping there. There is enough space inside the cave to accommodate around 30 to 40 people while there is also a huge plateau where you can enjoy camping with your friends.

Things which you must carry are

  • The water around 3 to 4 liters
  • Good trekking shoes
  • First aid
  • Medications
  • Good torch with an extra battery
  • Energy bar
  • Nuts, dry fruits, and snacks
  • Your  Glucose energy drink pack
  • Rains are pretty much expected if you are going in monsoon or after monsoon so take pack according to that like rainwear or waterproof jacket
  • Sunscreen

So when are you going for Naneghat trek. Do let me know in the comments below.

Do check Frequently asked questions below.

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Some frequently asked questions are answered below

1.  Can we drive till the base village?


2. Distance from Mumbai to the base village?

Three hours drive from Mumbai – 100 km approx

3. Distance from Pune to base village?

Four and Half hours drive from Pune – 130 km approx

4. Number of days required for trekking?

One day.

5. Is there food available on Naneghat?

Yes there are good no of restraunts

6. How much time required to climb Naneghat?

2.5 hours to 3 hours (one way).

7. Where can we park our cars?

Yes ofcourse you can at the Base Village but at your own risk.

9. Are toilet available on Naneghat?

Yes available.


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