Sikkim is one of the most beautiful states in India. It is a very culturally rich and alluring state to be in. The dense forest enchanting valleys and mystical mountains have always attracted thousands of visitors to this phenomenal place.

Sikkim has a lot of places to offer in its tourism list. Be it East Sikkim South Sikkim or north Sikkim anywhere you go you find peace beauty and tranquility. One such beautiful place in the list of tourism of Sikkim is Pelling. The town is one of the most beautiful exquisite places in Sikkim. It is due to its lush green valleys peaceful environment and numerous places to go. Pelling lies in the West district of Sikkim and has been attracting thousands of visitors over the year.

Beautiful Mountains

Pelling is the second most visited place in Sikkim after Gangtok. Located at a height of 6800 feet it is covered with dense forest and many indigenous animals. the place is also famous for wild animals including wildman. Tourism in Pelling has boomed over the years and it is now becoming a new tourist favorite place.

Pelling is located only 10 km from Geyzing and around 130 km from Gangtok. It is so close to these beautiful places that tourists do surely visit Pelling whenever they come to Gangtok. The beautiful mountains, peaks, and many Monasteries are some of the most unique things about this beautiful place.

With exquisite places, Pelling tourism also offers some of the most adventurous activity also. Mountain climbing, bike riding, trekking you just name the activity and you will find it here. Also, Pelling tourism offers meditation and village tours which makes the stay unique here while comparing it to other hill stations in India.

Places to visit in Pelling

Sangachoeling Monastery

Sangachoeling Monastery is an old Monastery here which is visited by thousands of visitors over the year. The Monastery which is located at the top of the ridge in the town is one of the most beautiful Monastery. Sangachoeling Monastery was established by Lama Gyalwa Lhatsun Chempo in the 17th century and since then it has been a highly sacred place for all those people who seek peace in their life. People from all over the world come to this Monastery in search of wisdom and calmness

Sangachoeling Monastery
Sangachoeling Monastery

Rabdentse ruins

Rabdentse ruins are for history buffs like us. Do you like to explore the ruins of an old Palace than this place is for you? Rabdentse ruins are on the lower hillock in South East of Pemayangste Monastery.
The old palace is maintained by an Archaeological Survey of India and one should not miss the place. Nowadays restoration work is taking place here so that the place can attract even more tourists over the upcoming years.

Rabdentse ruins

Pemayangste Monastery

Pemayangste Monastery is one of the oldest and most famous monasteries in not only Sikkim but the whole of India. The Monastery is located at a distance of only around 5 km from Upper Pelling and can easily be reached.


The main unique feature of this Monastery is that you can see wooden carvings here all around the Monastery. The intricate wooden carving is one of a kinda very unique. Also, you can see the 7 tiered 3d models here which displays heavenly spaces. The overall look and feel of this monastery is spiritual and peaceful

Pemayangste monastery pelling
Pemayangste Monastery

Rimbi River

Only around 13 km from the main town there is a beautiful Rimbi River which is next to a beautiful village. The location of the river is best for picnic and family getaways. The uniqueness of this river is the presence of small rocks all around. There is also a rock garden near the area.

The river also houses a small hydroelectric power plant that generated energy for the surrounding area. The river gets turbulent during monsoon and many times the river has seen a flood. It is better not to visit this river during monsoon season

Rimbi River

Rimbi Waterfall

Located just above the Rimbi River is this beautiful waterfall known as the Rimbi waterfall. While the Waterfall is not that massive as like Athripally or Jog falls but still a wonder to see here. The Waterfall looks best during monsoon and post monsoon season. People love to come here click pictures all around.

rimbi waterfall

Darap Village

If one wants to get insight into how life would be around the area then you must visit Darap Village. Darap village is located only around a distance of 8 km from Pelling. This small Village is best for Village tours.
People offer here homestay and hence you get a chance to see how life is here in the hills. A destination is a perfect place for a laid-back and relaxing holiday. One will be mesmerized to see how little people can live happily and beautifully

darap village
Darap Village

Khecheopalri Lake

One must visit the Khecheopalri lake as not only it is considered one of the most sacred lakes but also is one of the most alluring ones. The locals believe that not only the birds who reside here but also the leaves do not have a permit to float on the surface of the lake. Other than these beliefs the lake is one of the most beautiful ones you will see here in the valleys. Try to be a little more mannered while visiting this beautiful place so to maintain peace and tranquility.

Khecheopalri lake pelling
Khecheopalri Lake

Adventure activities around Pelling

Pelling is not only about lustrous mountains, enchanting valleys, and beautiful villages it is much more than that. The place provides many adventurous activities to keep you busy. Trekkers, hikers and mountain climbers from around the world come to this beautiful to enjoy their stay here.

Trekking around

Other activities include fishing around Rimbi, bird watching, and village tours. Darap village offers some of the most unique experiences. Cultural shows and Limboo storytelling sessions make it unique.


Also you can indulge in handicraft making. Try to catch fish around Rimbi especially Assala which is very unique in taste. Village tours in Darap let you dive into a deep sea of peace and tranquility.
Lush green forests of Pelling and Darap is best for trekking. Also, you can set ho camp up top if you want to be under magical stars all night. The overall experience of this magical place is extremely beautiful

Shopping in Pelling

Pelling is mainly a Buddhist town and hence the craft is very heavily influenced by Buddhist Handicrafts. The market is filled with all these beautiful shawls and paintings which you can find here all around the area. Buy the traditional Tibetan thangkas which are the traditional paintings available here.

Also, you can buy Tibetan prayer flags and beautiful Lepcha weave shawls which look extremely beautiful. With shawls and souvenirs do not forget to buy woolen carpets from here. The rural Artisan Market center sells Organic tea and walnuts.


Where to Stay in Pelling?

Pelling does have a lot of places to for stay. From homestay options to luxury options are there are lot of variety here in Pelling. This small place has around 70 to 80 beautiful lodges and hotels to stay. While I would recommend you to take home stay options around Darap and feel how the real raw valley is.

The hospitality of people here is very warm. You feel home to here in the valley. Most of the options here in the valley are affordable. Tariff rates are not too high and hence you enjoy fully. Some of the famous hotels here are

  • Hill Retreat
  • Darap Eco Tourism Committee
  • Hotel Garuda
  • and many more
darap village pelling
In Homestay

Food and Cusine

The food here is also very heavily influenced by Tibetan, Indian and Chinese culture. There are a lot of options from veg to Non veg to try here in this beautiful town. Be it Momos or Thukpa you will love these unique offerings here. The local restaurants offer tasty food and at an affordable rate too. With local cuisine do not forget to take Tongba which is a local drink. This local drink is fermented millet wine and hence served.

Culture, Traditions and Festivals of Pelling

The local community here that dominates the area is of the Limbu community. Limbu community is indigenous to the Himalayan Limbuwan region of the Indian subcontinent. The people majorly live in Nepal, Sikkim, and Bhutan. Other beautiful tribes are Khamdhak, Muringla, Tamling, Lingden and Pegha.

sangachoeling monastery pelling

There are various festivals that are observed here all year round. From the main Indian festival to a local festival like the Kanchenjunga festival the place is joyful all year long. Some tourism festival also happens here every year where you can take on adventurous like trekking, kayaking, and mountain biking. The overall culture of this beautiful place is very rich and it is a very unique experience to be here.

Best Time to Visit Pelling

While you can visit Pelling at any time of the year but the best time to visit this beautiful place is from August to February. The monsoon and post monsoon season is the best to visit this beautiful place. The valleys look extremely alluring at this time and temperature too is very low.


While being a hill station you can also visit it in Summers but traveling becomes a little tiring due to a bit of heat. At this temperature can easily hover around 28 degrees celsius which is good for many and bad for few, But waterfall at this time does not look that exciting.

In winters it looks magical here

If one wants to see the raw and alluring valleys than monsoon is the perfect time to visit this place. But monsoon has its own drawback. As being a hilly region in monsoon due to heavy rainfall you can get stuck here. Travelling around the area becomes a little difficult but overall valleys look extremely alluring.

How to Reach

Reachin by Air 

The nearest airport to reach this beautiful town is Bagdogra Airport which is in Siliguri. The Bagdogra airport is one of the biggest airports in North east any remains one of the most favorite destinations to explore the beautiful North east. The airport is only 140 km far from the town and it takes only around four-hour drive from here. You can easily get a taxi and a bus from the airport to reach here than.

Reacning by Rail

The nearest Railway Station to reach the town is Jalpaiguri Railway Station. The Jalpaiguri railway station is at a distance of 170 km. The railway station is very well connected to all the major cities of India like Chennai, New Delhi, Howrah, Alipur, and Darjeeling. Some of the popular trains which run on this route are Guwahati Express, Ndls Bgp Express, Mas Njp Express, and Dbrt Rajdhani. From the railway station, one can easily get a bus and taxi to reach this place.

Reaching by Road

This beautiful town is well connected to all the major cities of Sikkim and other nearby states. The Sikkim State Road Transport Corporation (SSRTC) and some other private travel services run all day long. While if you are coming on your own than NH 10 will take you to this beautiful place. Distance from Major cities are

  • From Gangtok: 133 km
  • From Bagdogra: 140 km
  • From Kolkata: 687 km
  • From Guwahati: 535 km
  • From Delhi: 1590 km
Khecheopalri lake pelling
Lake in Pelling
So when are you travelling to this alluirn place os Sikkim in India. When are you going on this beautiful journey to these enchanting valleys? I am sure you will be mesmerized after you will see such an exiqusite place. Also, Do let me know about your adventure and trekking experience  there. Do not forget to comment down below about your stay and travel experience.

 If you like more about tourism in Sikkim and Northeast then do check other blogs too. I cover some of the most exotic places in Sikkim and the North East. From exotic hill stations, trails to some of the magnificent temples of North east India you will get everything here.

Happy Travelling

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