The Pichavaram Mangroove forest is the second largest mangrove forest on the earth. The forest is located in the Cuddalore district is famous for its flora, fauna, and backwaters.  The forest offers boating, exploring, and other adventurous activities.

 The forest here is Spread across  1100 hectare plus area and is a visual treat to see. There are around 40 very unique and different islands that combine and make this beautiful forest. This exotic destination is one of the largest places to find different species of birds too. There are around 117 different types present here.

birds in Pichavaram Mangrove forest

While all of this is cool but the real deal is the backwaters here. One of the most enchanting and beautiful place you will ever see. In  Pichavaram boating is one of the most exciting activities to do.

Pichavaram Boating Information

The place is located in between the Velllar estuary in the north and Coleroon estuary in the south. This complex forms the killai backwater and the mangroves here. These mangroves are rooted permanently here and this enchanting place is open all year round.  

There are lots of boats available here in the area. From motor boat cruises to pedal boats everything is here. I will strongly recommend getting a pedal boat. Just give some extra money to the local boatmen and he will take you to such wonderful places that if you will be flabbergasted.

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boating in Pichavaram Mangrove forest

Pichavaram Boating Price list

1.4 Seater1 HOURRs. 283
2.6 Seater1 HOURRs. 390
3.8 Seater40 minutesRs. 1298
4.5 Seater1 HOURSRs. 331
5.4 Seater2 HOURSRs. 567
6.5 Seater2 HOURSRs. 656
7.6 Seater2 HOURSRs. 751
8.5 Seater2 HOURSRs. 1304
9.6 Seater4 HOURSRs. 1501
10.8 Seater1 HOURSRs. 1770

Pichavaram Boating Operation time

 Pichavaram Mangrove forest open all year long even on Sundays too.

 Morning Opening time:  9 am

Evening closing time: 6 pm  

Pichavaram Boating contact information


Pitchavaram Boat House, AATC Campus, Killai Post, Chidambaram Taluk, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu – 608102

Contact number

தொடர்புக்கு (contact) : 04144-249249

கைபேசி எண் (Mobile number) : 9176 995 838

All the information is collected from  Tamil Nadu Toursim

Where to stay?

While Pichavaram is one of the most beautiful places in Tamil Nadu but it only has one lodge which runs by the government. The forest department lodge is the only option available. The lodge is a basic one and you can expect basic facilities here.

Best Time To Visit Pichavaram Mangrove Forests 

The best time to visit Pichavaram is during the winter season from months of November to February  In winter you can expect cool weather and low humidity levels. In these months only you can take the boating adventure and also only in this time there are countless migratory birds which come here and make this place extremely beautiful.

Pichavaram boating Mangrove forest

How To Reach Pichavaram

Reaching By Air

The nearest airport from Pichavaram is in Pondicherry. The Pondicherry Airport is around 75 km away from these forests. The airport is well connected to cities around the area. You can then take a taxi or bus to reach Pichavaram from there.

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Reaching By Rail

The nearest railway station is located in Chidambaram. The  Chidambaram railway station is located at a distance of about 20 km. Take a taxi till Pichavaram and then take the boat from the last road near Pichavaram to reach its mangrove forest.

Reaching By Road

 Pichavaram is well connected to nearby cities and towns via  Chidambaram.  You can get buses and taxis from all over the state to reach Chidambaram. Some nearby states also run their buses to reach here.

So when are you going on this exciting Pichavaram Boating adventure? I am sure you will be spell bounded with such a beautiful place. Do let me know when you take this adventure. Comment down below about your adventure, trekking experience, and stay there.

This in part with my series of Pichavaram Mangrove forest blog. IF you want further information about Pichavaram including flora, fauna and other adventurous activity then do check the Pichavaram Mangrove forest blog.  

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  1. Actually kindly update the information it’s all wrong information.. there is no closing time for lunch,
    morning 9 to evening 4pm is there right time..

  2. Actually kindly update the information it’s all wrong information.. there is no closing time for lunch,
    morning 9 to evening 4pm is there right time.. don’t give a false information to the customer

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