Uttarakhand is known as the Himalayan state with some of the most exotic and breathtaking places. These ranges from Valleys, hills, snow-capped peaks to dazzling lakes. The state of Uttarakhand is simply blessed by Mother Nature. We all know how much we love to spend our time in Hill stations like Nainital, Mussoorie, or Lansdowne.
While these places are very popular among tourists but some times off-beaten places can surprise you. With Mukteshwar and places to visit in Mukteshwar I can say this small yet extremely beautiful place will surely stun you with its sheer beauty.

Mukteshwar is a place to relax and enjoy the valleys around you. The orchards, the valleys have attracted thousands of visitors every year here. Not only the valleys but 180-degree view of the majestic Himalayan range is something to boast of. With all these places to visit in Mukteshwar it is slowly creating buzz around the traveler community.
This tiny little hill station’s name is derived from Lord Shiva. Also, one of the main attractions in the town remains the very old Lord Shiva temple.

How to reach Mukteshwar

Like other Hill stations of India Mukteshwar too is in far deep valleys of Uttarakhand. In Hills only possible way to reach remains via road transport. Mukteshwar does not have its own airport or railway station but it is very well connected via road. These are different means of transport for places to visit in Mukteshwar.

Reaching Mukteshwar by air

The nearest airport for Mukteshwar is the Pantnagar airport. Pantnagar airport is 90 km from Mukteshwar. Pantnagar airport is well connected to Delhi and Dehradun. While the second closest airport is the Indira Gandhi International Airport which is 350 km from Mukteshwar.

From Pantnagar there are various bus and taxi services available till Mukteshwar. Mukteshwar is only around 3 hours from Pantnagar.

Reaching Mukteshwar by Train

Mukteshwar does not have its own railway station too. But it is not very far from the Railway station. Kathgodam railway station is the nearest railway station from Mukteshwar. Kathgodam railway station is only about 57 km from Mukteshwar and it takes around one and a half hours to reach.

Kathgodam railway station is one of the oldest railway stations in India. The railway station is very well connected to major cities of India like Delhi, Kanpur, Jaipur, Kolkata, Dehradun, Patna, Lucknow and many more. There are various taxis and buses available from Kathgodam for Mukteshwar. Not only these taxis leave you are destination but you can book one to explore places to visit in Mukteshwar


Reaching Mukteshwar by Road

There are many Interstate buses running for Haldwani and then Mukteshwar. You can find buses from Delhi, Jaipur, Bareilly, Gurugram, Hisar, Noida, and many other major cities for Haldwani. Haldwani is 60 km from Mukteshwar and is very well connected to Mukteshwar.

While if you are on your own private vehicle take Nh 9 route to reach Mukteshwar. From Delhi go to Gaziabad then Rampur then Haldwani and then Mukteshwar. It takes around eight and a half hours to reach Mukteshwar from Delhi.
In my opinion having a private vehicle is the best option for not only reaching Mukteshwar but also exploring places to visit in Mukteshwar.
Also, the railway is another best option.

Places to visit in Mukteshwar

Chauli ki Jaali

Chauli ki Jaali or Chauthi Jalli is a cliff that offers you some of the most breathtaking views. The cliff gives the splendid 180-degree view of Majestic Himalayas.

Chauli ki Jaali is now one of the popular places to visit in Mukteshwar. A small trek from town to the Temple will take you to Chauli ki Jaali. Chauli ki jaali is behind the Mukteshwar temple. The Himalayan view and Kumaon valley look absolutely fantastic from here. The place is quite high in altitude so if you go there in the morning you can see the valley covered in clouds which look extremely beautiful. Not only the valley looks beautiful but also the sunrise and sunset view from Chauli ki Jaali are outstanding.

 Chauli ki Jaali, places to visit in Mukteshwar
View from Chauli ki Jaali

Mukteshwar Temple

Mukteshwar got its name due to this Great temple. The Mukteshwar temple is one of the holiest places to worship Lord Shiva all around the world. Mukteshwar temple is one of the oldest temples around the valley and is considered to be around 350 years old. This Lord Shiva temple is not only among the best places to visit in Mukteshwar but also is a great place for people seeking peace and calmness.

Mukteshwar dham
Trekking way to temple, one of most serene experience

The place itself is very serene. If you are into old monuments than this place is highly acclaimed among the community. Not only this but the valley view is also highly pleasing. As this temple is situated at a height of more than 2300m the Kumoun valley looks extremely beautiful from here. A small trek up to the temple from the town is my ideal route. The small trek is absolutely fantastic as you are always surrounded by valleys and Majestic Himalayas.

Indian Veterinary Research Institute

Hill stations all around India are impacted by the Britishers. Britishers did not leave a single place that they found beautiful and adventurous. Their legacy still continues in Uttrakhand’s hill stations also. From Nainital, Mussoorie, Almora, or any other hill station in Uttarakhand you will the influence of Britishers there.

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Indian Veterinary Research Institute is one such legacy of Britishers. The Institute was established by Britishers in around 1883. While the place is for research purpose the building is what I recommend. There is a Museum inside the campus and the view from Campus itself is very alluring. IVRI is one of the best places to visit in Mukteshwar.


While Almora is not in Mukteshwar but it is a nearby hill station which I will recommend you to surely visit. Almora is only 50 km from Mukteshwar and takes only one and a half hours to reach Almora from Mukteshwar.
Almora is popular for its serene valleys, Mountain views, and lots of ancient buildings. Almora has been a hub of Kumoun since the British era and still, it is. Almora has many temples, rivers, and ancient places that can be visited. Almora is a small hub for nearby towns too as this place is a cultural hub here in Uttarakhand.

Jagshwar temple, Chitai Golu Temple, Kasar Devi, dhokanae falls are some of the few most famous places. Almora itself is a very famous tourist spot. There are various adventure activities too that can be done while you are here in Almora. Almora is not among places to visit in Mukteshwar but surely is one of the most famous and alluring places around Mukteshwar.

Almora valleys
Almora valleys


Another very exotic place in the list of hill stations and places to visit in Mukteshwar. The land of lush green valleys, Staggering Himalayas, and lovely people Ranikhet is a place to relax and enjoy with your loved ones.

Ranikhet is famous for its alluring valleys which remain bright green all year round. Not only that the great Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot peaks are visible from Ranikhet. Ranikhet is already famous for its lovely weather too. It gets pretty cold here in winters and snowfall is very common here. IF you love snowfall than I will suggest you make Mukteshwar- Ranikhet- Almora trip. These three small hill stations will make your trip lovely and memorable.

Golf Course in Ranikhet

With these many places to visit in Mukteshwar and around it, it is surely worth to visit in your next holidays.

Adventure activities in Mukteshwar


Mukteshwar gives you a great opportunity for trekking. The Himalayas has always lots of tracks where you could explore. Trek from Mukteshwar to Almora or you can trek from Binsar to Artola there are many places where you can trek. The lovely valleys and dense forest make your trekking adventure outstanding.

Adventure sports

From Rock climbing to Paragliding Mukteshwar is heaven for the adventure sports lover. Mukteshwar offers rock climbing opportunities at Chauli ki jali. There are trained professionals with all the necessary arrangments made to ensure that you are safe.

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With that Paragliding over the valleys is such a blissful experience. The experienced team of Mukteshwar makes sure that you enjoy the most rather than worrying about your visit.


Camping is slowly growing here in Mukteshwar. Many hotels and lodges here in Mukteshwar offer camping facilities. You will be set up in a nearby forest where you can enjoy yourself with our loved ones.

Nature walks

Roam around the valley in the evening. The valley looks absolutely fantastic at night. The dark valley over which small lights blink around. Nature walks is also a blissful and refreshing experience.

Best Time To Visit Mukteshwar

Weather in Mukteshwar remains pleasant all through the year, so the best time to visit Mukteshwar is in winter. From December to January is the best time to visit Mukteshwar. The place receives snowfall with nearby places like Almora and Nainital so it’s beauty is best seen in Winters. But overall this place remains beautiful and accessible all year around.

Summer Season

Summers in Mukteshwar is more like a delight than pricking summers of cities. The days are warm and the nights are pretty cool with the temperature reaching a maximum of 27°C. Scenic views can be experienced in this weather and the trees are covered with fruits. The valley remains lush and green and the Himalayas are very clear at this point in time. So if you want to beat the summer heat, you must visit Mukteshwar in Summers.

Monsoon Season

While I don’t recommend Monsoon season for traveling due to heavy rainfall. But Monsoon brings with it mild showers and lasts from July to September. Greenery in this period is wonderful. While you must be careful in Monsoon and especially in hilly areas like Uttarakhand where erosion is very common. While the place of Mukteshwar has no such incidents but still you should make proper arrangments.

Winter Season

Winters are the best. Winters see the temperature fluctuation as low as 3°C and hence, it can be very cold. Heavy snowfall is experienced by the town during this period. Mountains laden with snow are a common sight in Mukteshwar during this time of the year. Winter is the best time for exploring places to visit in Mukteshwar. From Mukteshwar you can see the High tall standing Himalayas and hence those are filled with snow at this period of time. The valley looks absolutely beautiful but this is peak season also so be sure about your lodging.


So what are your best places to visit in Mukteshwar tell us below?

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