Odisha which is also known as The Heritage State of India is one of the most beautiful states if you want to explore culture with exoticness at the same time. Be it one of the most spectacular Holy Temple of Lord Jagannath, beautiful Place like Daringbadi or one exquisite like Chandipur Beach.

The beautiful state is a perfect blend of everything. While other places are surely beautiful but Puri beach in Odisha holds a special place in every Travelers’ heart. This beach is one of the most beautiful and alluring coastlines of Eastern, India.

The nice bright sun Sun kissed beaches breezy wind flowing all around which makes the atmosphere of this beautiful Puri beach even more enticing and beautiful. The beach is a dreamland for many travellers and is one of the most visited destinations in Odisha

The beach in Odisha is not just about the beauty but this beach also holds a special place in all Indians heart the famous sculpture Sudarshan Patnaik who is an internationally acclaimed sand artist. He has made thousands of sculptures from this beach only.

Also known as the Golden beach of India Puri beach in Odisha is known over the world for its calm and peaceful surroundings. The beach is also one of the main beaches for the local fishermen so hence you can see here all the big and small boats which make this beach even more Diversified.

What to do around Puri beach

Explore the long coastline of the Puri beach which is commonly known as the Golden coastline. This gold coastline is one of the most beautiful please you will ever see. the sparkling sun over the beach makes this beach alluring.

The coastline is a perfect place to enjoy your evening walks with your loved ones as the sun goes down the quiet walks becomes extremely romantic. The beautiful horizon of the landscape in the Puri beach becomes picture perfect.

Puri Beach

 Go on for the camel ride here at the beach. Yes, camel ride here at Puri. Not only the camel ride but also you can take the horse ride too to explore this beautiful beach. Tourists love this way of exploring the beautiful beach.

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Adventure sports around Puri beach

Being one of the most visited beaches of Odisha the beach offers you some of the most enticing and adventurous sports here from diving, surfing, swimming you can take on hundreds of activities here at the beach.

Puri Beach

For sightseeing you can even board a boat an go on for your adventurous activities around the beach you will be mesmerized by the boat riding around the sea. Do not forget sunbathing around the beach the relaxed and calm atmosphere of the beach provides one of the best environments for one who is seeking sunbathing.

Places to visit around the Puri beach

As you know Puri is the home of Lord Jagannath and so there are thousands of places and temples here in the area booty is one of the highest Revered and sacred places in the Indian mainland.

Lord Jagannath temple

Puri is famous because of Lord Jagannathonly. Puri is the home Of Lord Jagannath Anne is one of the most visited pilgrims in India. Not only is it a sacred place but also is one of the most beautifully built temples you will see.

Lord Jagannath holds special value in all our hearts and one must go when they are in Puri. The temple with Badrinath, Dwarka, and Rameshwaram completes a Chardham circle around India.

Lord Jagannath

Gundicha Ghar Temple

Like the Lord Jagannath temple, there are many other temples in Puri too. The Gundicha Ghar temple is another such highly revered and sacred temple here. This temple is one of the major attractions in the city of Puri.  The temple is dedicated to the aunt of Lord Krishna known as Gundicha.

Konark Sun temple

Do not miss the Konark sun temple whenever you are around here in Puri. There are only a few sun temples around the world and Konark sun temple is one of the most famous temples around the world.  BE its architecture, surrounding, or the overall aura of this temple Konark sun temple remains in the list of every traveler.


Puri beach Festival

Puri beach hosts one of the most colorful and beautiful festivals every year.  The Puri beach festival is a colorful celebration of culture, heritage, and art. This enticing festival is celebrated here in the month of November.   

You must not miss the beach festival here in Puri if you are searching for the real and authentic Odisha. There are many cultural and heritage programs being conducted here at the festival. With that folk dances from not only the state but also from around India is presented here.


Handicrafts and Handlooms of tribes and people of Odisha are displayed over here. As I mentioned that this beach is home to the world famous Sudarshan Patnaik so here the Sand art program is also conducted. Sand art is the main show or you can say the highlight of this beach festival.

Puri Beach

Sand sculptors from not only India but from around the world participate in this world-famous sand art competition. Various adventure sports too are conducted here at the time of the festival.

BE it kabbadi, volleyball, malkham there are various indigenous and international sport is being played here. While some water sport like yacht races and regatta boat races are also being conducted here at the festival.

This beach festival is conducted by the Restaurant Association of Odisha and which is supported by the Ministry of Tourism of Government of India.  The Puri beach festival is a perfect blend of art, culture, heritage, fun, sports, and adventure. Visiting the beach at this time of the festival is one of the most beautiful feelings.

Stay Options around the Beach

Being one of the most visited beaches in not only Odisha but also in the whole of India you can get a lot of options to stay here. You are a couple, honeymooner, Group traveller or a solo traveller like us then Puri has covered all of you.  There is a wide variety of accommodation available here for all of us be it expensive ones, affordable ones, lodges, hotel, resorts, all of them.

Puri Beach

Some of the most famous ones are

Puri beach resort

Hotel Holiday resort

Mayfair Heritage

Coco Palms puri

Aveda Chariot Resort

Ananya resort

Toshali Sands

And many more.

Best Time to visit Puri Beach

The best time to visit the Puri beach is from November to February in the winter months. The temperature at this time is pretty good and the sun is also not very hot. With that, you have a chance to witness such a beautiful and exciting Beach festival also.

While in Summers Odisha is one of hottest state. At this time the temperature level is extremely high. With that the weather is humid and you won’t have that fun in summers. All those long walks and adventurous activity excitement seems to fade away at this time.

While in monsoon temperature seems to drop a lot but being a coastal area it receives one of the highest rainfall in India. Also Odisha one of those state which experiences one of the worst natural calamities around this time. You should be cautious at this time if you are planning to travel to the beach.  

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How to reach

Puri is one of the most visited places in Odisha for both as a pilgrimage and exotic destination.  It is very well connected to all the major cities via all the modes of transport.

Reaching by AIR

 The nearest big city from Puri is Bhubaneshwar and the nearest airport is at Bhubaneshwar only. Bhubaneshwar is very close to Puri. The Bhubaneshwar airport is very well connected to all the major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai etc. You can get a taxi from the airport to reach the beach.

Reaching by RAIL

 Puri itself has a pretty robust map of the railway. This railway system is pretty fast and efficient. There are many super fast trains which are connected to Puri. As Puri is the endpoint on the East Coast Railway you will not have any problem in terms of the railway network. Big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and other major cities have direct superfast trains for Puri.

Some of the most famous trains that are connected directly to Puri are Jagannath Express, Kolkata (Howrah) Puri Howrah Express, and Purushottam Express. While if you are coming from southern India or western India then Khurda Road Station is the railhead which will be most convenient. The Khurda Road station is only 44 km away from the Puri.

Reaching  by ROAD

 Puri is well connected by road network too. Buses from all over the state both private and public run all day long. Being one of the biggest pilgrimage destinations of India buses from many other nearby states are also available.

Puri Beach
So when are you travelling to this Golden beach of India and going on this beautiful journey to this breathtaking beach? I am sure you will be mesmerized after you will see such an alluring beach. Also, Do let me know about your adventure and boat riding fun there. Do not forget to comment down below about your stay and travel experience.

 If you like more about tourism in Orissa then do check other blogs too. I cover some of the most exotic places in Odisha. From exotic hill station, beaches to some of the magnificent temples of Odisha you will get everything here.

Happy Travelling

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