So you want to Conquer the Death road. The roading experience for which every trekker and rider waits for. Sach Pass is the dream destination for all adventure lovers out there. The Most Thrilling and Riveting experience when you are around 14500 ft above sea level and watching the Pir Panjal range.

The Himalayas never felt so hard, the roads never have I seen such bad but the experience is far above any of these flaws. Or maybe our journey gets so enthralling because of these tough paths only. The path is so treacherous that you sometimes don’t feel going ahead. But the Mountains, waterfalls, and ditched keeps you alive.

What is actually Sach pass- Info

While most of you reading this would already be knowing what it is but and can directly skip below for the next topic. But for others, I will give a brief detail about Sach pass.

Sach Pass lies in the Pir Panjal Range of Himalayas in Beautiful Himachal. Sach Pass is situated at a height of 14500 ft above sea level. Sach Pass connects the Chamba valley with Pangi Valley. The pass is extremely tough and is famous as Death road. This road is very narrow and unmetalled which gets extremely tough especially after Bairagarh.

Sach Pass Itinerary

So let’s cut the Chase and directly head to the Itinerary. We all know how important it is to have a guide with you. While the experienced riders would not need it but others I have got you covered.

My trip starts from Delhi and takes the Dalhousie route but I will be coming back Via Manali route. The first route is shorter than the second one and of course more treacherous too.
The second route for Sach pass is  Udhampur/Anantnag-Kishtwar-Paddar-Pangi road. The second one is very long is generally not that adventurous.

5 Day Trek Itinerary for Sach Pass

Day 1 Delhi To Dalhousie

Start your day early from Delhi. I started in the morning at around 6 am. As everything was already packed I with my gang left Delhi to Dalhousie. We did our breakfast in Kurukshetra. And straight went to Ludhiana. From Ludhiana, the next stop is Pathankot only. We took a small break in Pathankot and ate our lunch. After Pathankot we didn’t take any other further breaks. We went to Dalhousie in our hotels as it was getting late already.

While Dalhousie from Delhi is only 560 km and takes 10 and hours straight but with our gang it took somewhat around twelve hours. After riding for 12 hours we all were pretty tired and after having dinner in the hotel we all went to sleep.

Day 2 Dalhousie to Sach Pass to Killar

We rested a lot at night. Wake up early in the morning because a lot of ground ahs to be covered today. Today we will be covering Bairagarh, Sach Pass, and Killar.

While from Dalhousie to Bairagarh the path is easy and takes around 4 and a half to reach Bairagarh from Dalhousie. The road is 120 km long. Valleys all around with these narrow Himalayan roads are lovely always. Traffic is never a problem in hills but drivers rushing to you on your lane will surely worry you a lot.

Enroute  Sach Pass
Enroute Sach Pass

After a good long ride we reached Bairagarh and had some food there. But the real tussle starts from Bairagarh. From Bairagarh roads are very bad and conditions are pathetic. Sach pass is 30 km from Bairagarh. While the ride was tiring but man we had a lot of fun. There are big walls of snow around you all the time. In the month of June only there is a lot of slushes also. But if you want to see snow in Sach pass month of June is best.

After a tiring 1 hour ride we all were clearing the Sach pass. The pass remains extremely tough but the views are enchanting. The Nallahs are flooded at day time so reach as early as possible so that you don’t have to worry about slushing water every time.

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From Sach pass we directly headed over to Killar. Killar is around 42 km from Sach pass. The road is equally trenching as we were ascending earlier in the morning. It took us around 2 hours to reach Killar from Sach pass. It was already very late at night so we all headed straight for our dinner. At night we all reminisced our Sach pass memory. We looked over all our photos taken over there and sorted them out which one to upload on Instagram. After this tiring ride it was time for some rest.

Day 3 Killar to Manali

Our Journey today seems even more exciting. While Sach pass was surely our destination that we had to conquer but the adventure is still there. Himachal has always something extra for you. From Killar to Manali you will have a thrilling experience. The Journey from Killar to Manali will take you alluring Pangi valley.

We started our day early as usual. Just make sure you are starting very early because as the sun rises the water in nallah also rises. We started from Killar to Udaipur. Udaipur is around 80 km from Killar and the route is via infamous Madgran Nallah. This nallah is so bad that it can engulf big trucks even. The only possible way to avoid this situation is to go early. Luckily we passed it and reached Udaipur in 2 to 3 hours only.

After this tiring, exciting, and a bit scary journey we had a great breakfast in Udaipur. Udaipur is very beautiful actually. The valleys are extremely pretty. That green lush valley just shines so brightly you will surely fall in love with Udaipur. With towering Himalayas all around and those curvy roads of Udaipur are very alluring.

Udaipur Himachal Pradesh
Lovely Udaipur

Sadly we departed from Udaipur too soon for yet another exciting place and that was Manali. Manali via Rohtang Pass always makes you excited and the pain of separation from Udaipur soon changed in Excitement to ride in Rohtang pass.

After an exciting journey we soon reached Manali from Udaipur. Manali is 150+ kilometers from Udaipur. The journey is extremely beautiful when you cruise around the valley. The valley is extremely beautiful all around. The road is nice when you compare it to what we just experienced. There are many small stalls where you stop and drink tea while enjoying the view. It took a good 4 to 5 hours to reach Manali from Udaipur.

You would be saying that we were slow but if you want to enjoy hills than you must go slow.

Day 4 Manali to Narkanda via Kullu

Manali to Narkanda will be our full-fledged last day in Himachal. From the last 4 days we experienced such sheer beauty of Himachal that it was tough for us today while leaving Manali.

Narkanda is around 200+ kilometers from Manali. We stopped in Kullu only for a bit for our lunch only. We reached Kullu in around 1 hour and 30 minutes. We had our lunch in Kullu Reminiscing this beautiful place. Captured few good shots and went ahead for Narkanda.

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In 4 hours we reached Narkanda from Kullu. Today Narkanda will be our stay point. Narkanda being a mini hill station has a lot of hotels to offer. You can find affordable hotels easily in Narkanda

Day 5 Back to Delhi from Narkanda

Delhi is not very far from Narkanda. While there are many beautiful places when coming back from Narkanda to Delhi. Shimla, Chandigarh are the few most beautiful places. You can even extend your days in Himachal as you can visit Shimla. Our full guide to Shimla tourism is here.

We went ahead and stopped in Chandigarh first and then in Kurukshetra for our food break. It took us more than 10 hours from Narkanda to reach Delhi. But as soon as you leave Himachal there are highways and you would be easily cruising at 70+ so the journey back will surely not be bad.

After covering more than 400 km in a day we said bye to everyone in our group.

Sach Pass Route Map

Sach pass trekking route Map
Sach pass trekking route from Dalhousie to Narkanda

Weather Condition in Different Months

Sach pass opens in mid-June and stays open till October. While in May and early June the road clearing operations are going on no one is allowed at that time.

If you want to see snow then June will be the best time to visit. But do keep in mind that in June only snow starts to melt heavily and there is a lot of slushing too. You will have to start your journey early in the morning.

In July snow is still melting but the slushing reduces, but do keep in mind some nallahs are still very turbulent.

After July from August to October it is best to visit Sach pass as slushing reduces to a great level. You can enjoy yourself more with your friends.

Important Things about Sach Pass

  • Do keep your IDs with you. There will be numerous times when your Id will be checked.
  • There are a number of good hotels along the way so you will not have any problem.
  • Network connection in the upper hilly area remains a little distorted but it is just from Bairagarh to Udaipur only.
  • Fill fuel before reaching Bairagarh. The petrol pump is in Tissa near Bairagarh. This was the last petrol pump till Tandi near Manali.
  • As you have seen early in my Itinerary every day we were leaving early. Leave early every morning whenever you are on this trip because as the sun rises the water in Nallahs also rises. This water makes it almost impossible to ride along the Pass.
  • Do keep a check on weather update because if it’s raining then it will be really hard to ride around.
  • If you want any further information then you can contact me.

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