What do you love about unexplored places? The mystery behind it or reaching the place without knowing much about it. Well for me it both the things which I personally love about unexplored places.  As in our series of Unexplored places we have explored from hill stations, treks to few exotic waterfalls. This time our journey takes us to the ruins of a church.

Karnataka is a place filled with hidden treasures.  From exotic western ghats to waterfalls like Bandije waterfalls there are a lot of places to explore. These unexplored have a unique aura of mystery and curiosity. Another such gem in the Hassan district of Karnataka is Shettihalli  Church.

Shettihalli Church is a site of ruins of an ancient and abandoned church.  This Rosary church is famous by the name of The floating church and The Submerged church.  These ruins are a piece of mastery which now is abandoned and is submerged in the water.

What makes the Shettihalli  Church Special

Well, you must look at the photos and ask them again. The fact that this Church remains submerged in Water makes the whole surrounding beautiful and the church special.  During the peak monsoon season  the Church gets almost completely submerged in water and that time it looks even more astonishing.

What’s even more interesting is the stories that people have about this Church. Many claiming it to be haunted and telling stories. This added feature of mystery with stunning beauty makes Shettihalli  Church Special.

shettihalli church

A bit of History about the Church

  The Shettihalli  Church is very ancient and old. The church was built by the French missionaries for the wealthy British estate owners during the 1860s, The Shettihalli  Church is a beautiful example of Gothic-style architecture.  This Church was very popular in its time but soon after the construction of Hemavati Dam things changed a lot.

The area around the Shettihalli  Church was abandoned after the construction of the Hemavati Dam as the area around it got flooded after the construction of Gorur Reservoir and soon after that the Church also lost its popularity and got deserted.

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While looking at it now you surely can see how beautiful this Church looks. One can only imagine how popular this place must be in its popular days.

How it is around the Shettihalli  Church

 The serene environment and the epic view is what here in the Shettihalli  Church. The big vast Hemavatthi river seems calm and massive.  The surrounding of the church is extremely peaceful and beautiful. There is a bridge across the dam from where you can shoot photos and videos. The mesmerizing view from up top is really fantastic.  What adds charm to this already beautiful place is the rain. The droplets add to the aura of the surrounding.

shettihalli church

While there were not many people there at that time maybe 2 or 3 people watching this beauty. I didn’t know whether I should feel bad or happy. Happy because I like to explore places and when there is no crowd I can explore more and bad because this astonishing beauty is not known to many.

But everything was not a fairy tale. Like many other places, the surrounding of the Shettihalli  Church has countless problems. The river itself was not very clean and looked dirty. There was a lot of garbage and it just makes the overall aura of place bad.

 Few people told me that boat ride experience is what one should have here.  They told me that the boating experience was fun and watching this beauty from this close was a memorable experience.

How to reach  Shettihalli  Church

 Hassan is the nearest big town from Shettihalli. From Hassan, it takes only 40 minutes to reach Shettihalli  Church. The distance between Shettihalli  Church and Hassan is around 25 km.

While to reach Hassan below are the transport options

Reaching by air

Hassan does not have its own airport but the nearest airport is not too far. The nearest airport from Hassan is the Mysore Airport. The Mysore airport from Hassan is around 99 km away. From Mysore, you can take a bus or taxi to reach Hassan.

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Reaching by air

Hassan has its own railway junction. The Hassan Railway junction is the railway station in the area. This station has connectivity all around Karnataka and also trains run from a few nearby states also. Hassan railway station is only about 2 km from the city and trains from Banglore, Mysore, and Mangalore run frequently here.

Reachin Hassan by road.

The local bus stand is where Karnatak state road corporation buses and private buses run. There are regular services from around the state for the local bus stand.

While if you are coming from Banglore  Nh 75 takes you to Hassan from Banglore.  The distance between two places is around 183 km and it takes around 3 and a half hours to reach.

Expereince From Banglore to Shettihalli Church

The monsoon rides are always one of the best. The ride is very beautiful especially when you are here in Karnataka. The highway to Hassan is one of the most beautiful highway one can trip one. This highway does not only take you to Shettihalli church bu other exotic places in Karnataka also.  The coconut farms around the highway with plain fields besides are a treat to watch. Belur, Hoysala temples, Chikmanglur, and even Bandaje Arbi waterfalls all places can be reached via this highway only.

As you ride on NH 75 you will see the epic views,  There are clear marks and signs around the highway for different destinations. The way to  Shettihalli is also very well explained.   The path goes through Hassan and after half an hour from Hassan you would see the splendid views of Settihalli Church.  

 You can extend your trip even further as you can visit these nearby places.


 Belur is famous for it serene beauty and calm wether. In monsoon, the place gets even more charming. You must surely visit when coming to Settihalli Chuch.

 Halebid Halebid is also near to Settihalli. Only a drive of about 1 and half hours will take you there.

  Shravanabelagola The special places to jain People is worth visitng. The stature there is pretty massive.

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Best time to visit Settihalli Church.

 The best time to visit this Church is in Monsoon season from July to September.

In summers

While you can visit in summers but the water is scarce and the submerged church is on land.  The trip also from Bangalore and other cities here is not very good. Temperature is very high at this point of the year and overall travel experience is bad.

shettihalli church

In monsoon

It is pretty strange that in many other blogs I used to feel Monsson is the worst time of the year to travel around. But who knew there would be places like Settihalli church where the real fun starts in monsoon only.

Monson season brings a charm to this church, being submerged in water the place feels surreal. Weather too is very cool and breezy at this point of the year. The rainfall at this time is not very heavy. Riding experience enhances if you are going out at this point of the year.

Winters is the second-best time to visit the Church. Not only the temperature and weather is pretty good but the church is still a bit submerged in water.

There is something about this Church, that even though the place was dirty a bit but still the overall experience was rich and lovely. The Church itself is very mysterious and you tend to explore the church more. While a lot of tourists were not flocking around but romantic couples surely love this place. They felt this place was perfect to not obstruct their privacy. The rainy weather with the silence in the surrounding enhanced our trip to the church. Places like these are what Ixplore is about. Finding the unexplored and uncovering the mystery.

shettihalli church

So when are you planning your trip to  Shettihalli  Church? Do let me know how was your experience in the comments down below.

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