Tamil Nadu is one of the most diverse states in our country. The southern state boasts of many beautiful and serene locations. The sheer variety this state offers is really unmatched. Be it long stretching beach, lush green valleys, open vast blue sea, ancient historical sites, highly revered ancient temples, and even Lost Danish colonies.

Valleys in Tamil Nadu have especially allured thousands of visitors every year. Be it Javadi hills, Kalrayan hills or Sirumalai Tamil Nadu valleys always gives you something unique. So we again visited these beautiful hills of Tamil Nadu and this time it was Shevaroy hills.

Shevaroy Hills

In the Yeracaud area of Salem district in Tamil Nadu standing tall at 1620 m lies this lush green magnificent hills known as Shevaroy hills. While people drive from here multiple times but not many stop and appreciate this alluring beauty. Shevaroy hills are spread over 400 square kilometers with both plateaus and hills.

With dense forest, mighty peaks, and lush green meadows Shevaroy hills is one of the most beautiful places you will see. Also, Shevaroy hills boast of the highest peak and Vantage point in the Southern part of Eastern Ghats. The highest point is the Solaikaradu peak.

Places to visit and things to do in Shevaroy hills

Yercaud lake

Yeracaud lake is known as the Emerald lake as it is one of the most beautiful naturally forming lake across all the hill stations in Tamil Nadu. The lake is covered by a lovely garden from all the sides and looks absolutely stunning.

There are motorboats, rowboats available to hire. You can take some time and see how beautiful this place is. Yeraculd lake is absolutely stunning in the evening. Go for long walks around the banks of the lake and spend some quality time.

Yercaud lake

Deer Park

As the lake is surrounded by a lovely garden from all sides the garden is known as Deer Park. Deer Park is a local park in Shevroy. This place is nice for those looking to sit and unwind. If you love peace, natural beauty and some lonely time than deer park is a must-visit. Evening walks around the park is beautiful. Not only tourists but locals too love this place a lot as you can see a lot of kids with their parents playing around.

park Yercaud

Yercaud Orchidarium

Orchidarium refers to a garden where you can see exotic and rare orchids. Yeracud Orchidarium houses more than 250 species of orchids some of which are declared extremely endangered by the Indian Horticulture Department.


There are several species of Rose, bamboo, and Sylvan plants. This garden is one of the most beautiful gardens you will see in the area. The bewitching beauty of this garden is unmatched.  

Shevaroy Hills

Old coffee estates

There are many old coffee plantations in the area to explore. While those are not very large or spread over in acres but are nice little places to feel nature. The coffee plantations estates will make you happy with all the greenery spread around. It is one of the most beautiful experience to stroll around these estates.

coffee plantations Yercaud

Trekking and Camping

One of the most beautiful experiences her in Shevaroy hill is to go for trekking and then camping up there at the hills. You will be spell bounded by the experience itself.  While I must clarify that it is not that heavy, tiring Himalayan treks but it is a short and beautiful trek around the valley.

As the flora and fauna of this place are very rich so trekking experience becomes very beautiful. Dense forest and lush green meadows entices you to explore more and more. You will be happy to know that you can camp here too.

Shevaroy Hills

See the spectacular sunrise while camping up on the hills. You will be stoked to see such a spectacular sunrise. The sky seems like the perfect canvas and one can see every color of the rainbow as the sun begins to rise from the hills. Camping with your loved ones is surely one of the most beautiful experiences.

Explore Flora and fauna

Shevaroy hills are rich in flora and fauna. There are several species of plants and animals which are endangered but still are present in these hills.  The higher slopes and peaks contain these species. 

In the list of animals which you can spot here are sambar deer, Indian Pangolin, jackals, hares, fox, spotted dear, mongoose, civets, squirrels many reptiles, and many more other animals and species which are hard to name. overall you can easily understand how rich this place is in terms of fauna.

park Yercaud

Also, there are various plant species that are indigenous to this place only. The most notable ones are bananas, coffee plantations, jackfruit, peats, oranges, and other citrus fruits. These types of things are in abundance here.

My expereince of Shevaroy Hills

While we visited Kalrayan and even Ooty but most of the time this hill station was ignored. The best thing about Shevaroy is due to its accessibility from Chennai and Banglore. This small hill station is around 200 km from Banglore The hills are about 1620 m in elevation and have one of the best ghat roads.

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The road is very scenic NH7. NH 7 is the only road required to travel till Salem. There are around 20 hairpin bends when you drive uphill. The place being small and less crowded you will not see many cars or vehicles.  Yeracud lake is centrally located and is one of the most beautiful lakes I must admit. There is sufficient greenery all around which is really beautiful.

Yercaud lake

As this hill station is not commercialized as that of Ooty or Kodaikanal you will have enough space for yourself. While I will also say that place is not very well maintained. There is a lot of scopes to develop this place and make it into a booming tourist destination.

Shevaroy hills is overall a wonderful experience. It is a beautiful small hill station best for short weekend drives. People who seek peace and some private space will surely love it. With that, the rates are affordable and many places to visit which makes the experience even more charming. If you are into adventure then go for trekking and camping because these hills are wonderful.

Best time to visit to visit Shevaroy hills

Being a hill station, Shevaroy hills experiences pleasant weather throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Shevaroy hills is from the month of October to the month of June.  It is because, during this time, the temperature varies somewhere between 13°C to 25°C, which makes it an ideal destination.

In summers the temperature ranges from 16 to 28-degree celsius. While in other parts of the country the sun is scorching high but Shevaroy hills are cool and pleasant. Summer season is from March to June as during these months it is a perfect summer destination compared to any other south location.

Shevaroy Hills

 While if you come here in summers especially in May, there is an annual festival is celebrated inside the Shevaroy Hill Temple.  The special occasion is for the presiding deities that are Lord Servarayan and Goddess Kaveri.

I will say no visit here in Monsoon as it receives very heavy rainfall. Your trekking experience, camping experience everything becomes bad.  While the valley at this point looks extremely beautiful but traveling is a little bit hard.

  Being a hill station many people consider winters the best season to visit. The winter season is from October to February and is also the peak season in Shevaroy and Yeracaud.  The temperature during this time is mild and many festivals take place during these months.

At this, there is customary worship at the Servarayan Temple at the hilltop in Yeracaud. Tourists from all the nearby states come here to visit the beautiful temple

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Yercaud lake

How to reach Shevaroy Hills

By Air

Yercaud doesn’t have an airport of its own.  The airport is well connected through the air to all the places through the Tiruchirappalli International Airport. The airport is situated within the city of Tiruchirappalli in Madras and is that the third largest airport within the state.

The airport is connected to numerous international cities like Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Colombo, and Singapore. just in case of domestic connectivity, it’s very poor, because it is connected only with the Chennai. Major airlines providing connectivity to the current airport are Air Asia, Air India Express, Jet Airways, Malindo Air, SriLankan Airlines, Tigerair, etc.

By train

Yercaud doesn’t have a train depot of its own and also the railway stations in Salem, namely the Salem Junction and Salem Town are the closest. One can take the Yercaud Express from Chennai and obtain down at Salem Junction, which is 35 km removed from Yercaud. From there, one can reach Yercaud during a bus or a cab. Salem Junction is well-connected to the remainder of South India and every one south-bound trains pass via Salem Junction.

By bus

Yercaud is well-connected within Madras and also the nearby states like Kerala, Karnataka, province, etc. Yercaud is simply an hour’s drive from Salem, 30 km away and one can take a bus to Salem and further travel in a very taxi, to achieve Yercaud. Yercaud doesn’t have its own town utility but to succeed in Yercaud, there are frequent buses to and from Salem, both state-owned and privately owned.

The buses are traveled by Tami Nadu State Transport Corporation (TSRTC), Salem, and two private operations. Certain buses coming from Salem ply through Yercaud, connecting hill station to big places like Cauvery Peak, Valavanthi, Nagalur, Velakkadai, Swinton Bridge, etc

banglore to Yercaud

So when are you taking this epic journey to this beautiful hill station?  I am sure you will be thrilled to see such a beautiful and adventurous place.  Do not forget to comment down below and tell me about your travel, experience, stay and activities which you enjoyed in this beautiful beach.

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Happy travelling.

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