Tamil Nadu is one of those few states in India which we can say is diversified in terms of landscape. From exotic beaches,  waterfalls to hill stations it has everything.  We have also seen that there are many unexplored places here in Tamil Nadu.  Be it Kotagiri or Tharangambadi we were awestruck with the sheer beauty and adventure opportunity both of these places had.

Another such unexplored yet exotic place in Tamil Nadu is Sirumalai. Covering an expanse of 60,000 acres Sirumalai is a Hilly region in district Dindigul of Tamil Nadu.  The hills of Sirumalai are filled with dense flora and fauna.  Only around 90 km from Madurai and around 460 km from Chennai this also makes it one of the most sought out destinations in Tamil Nadu.

With a height of more than 1600 m and enchanting landscapes all around Sirumalai has been growing into a booming new hill station. The rich flora and fauna with ambient temperature and weather make it so popular.  The alluring landscapes were not enough for you then there are many places also to visit here.

Places to visit in Sirumalai

Sirumalai is an adventure full of experiences. There are many scenic places in the Sirumalai hills which attract many tourists every year.

Sirumalai Lake

 This beautiful lake was artificially created in the year 2010. This Lake is a man-made one.  Sirumalai lake is one of the most beautiful places to visit here. The beautiful lake is surrounded by tall lush green which adds charm to this beautiful lake. The lake looks mystical especially in the morning and in the evening,

The lake also offers boating facility and it is a blessing for those who want to slowly glide over the smooth running water of the lake. Family and couples love to visit this lake. While most boating facility is available on the weekends and when there is enough water in the lake. While still the morning walk and the evening walk is one of the most blissful experiences here.

Sirumalai lake
Small yet beautiful

Observation Tower

Like as we saw in Kotagiri there was also an observation tower so here also there is an Observation tower located on seventeenth Hair Pin Bend. From the top, you will see the jaw dropping views of whole are and the valley. It is a much needed stopover when you are traveling around here


Silver Hills

How can we miss a trekking destination here also. I know how much you people love trekking and going out so I even found a trekking destination for you here also. While this a short trek but I must say one of the most memorable ones.  Silver hills are located  in Agastya Puram. The silver hill is the tallest hill in Sirumalai.   The small yet beautiful 45 min trek will take you to a 500 year old Shiva lingam.

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IT is believed here that earlier this whole peak was made up of silver only. But as you know in Kalu yuga how much can a man be greedy. So as to avoid this greediness the hill was transformed into Stones via Alchemy. This was done by great Agastya Siddhar. 

While it is now a hill with stones and lush green trees but silver glitter still can be seen in sunlight. The peak has one of the oldest Shiva linga on the top. The overall trek experience is very good not with all the scenic views which you see on the way. While the trek by no means is a religious outgoing. It is more like a trekking experience with an added bonus of Lord Shiva’s presence.


Annai Velankanni Church

Annai Velankanni is an old Church here in the town. The church is on a slope at the top of the hill. The church is only 2 km from the nearest bus stop. There is a special festival “Our Lady of Good Health” that the Residents observe. This special festival is observed annually in the month of September.

Annai-Velankanni-Church Sirumalai

Sanjeevani Hills

There are a lot of hills in the area and one of the famous ones is this Sanjeevani hills. According to the legends, the Sanjeevani hills became famous when Lord Hanuman had to search for a certain herb, and not finding it, had to take the entire hill with him to cure Lord Laxmanan.

So as Lord Hanuman took the whole Sanjeevani hills so on his way back from Sri Lanka with the hill, a piece fell down here. Now that piece is known as Sanjeevani hills. The Sanjeevani hills are a part of the Sriumalai hills and look extremely beautiful to look at.

Sanjeevani hills

Saathiyar River

There is also a river which is famous locally. The Saathiyar River which originates from Sirumalai hills and flows southward. THe Sathiyar river then empties into the Vaigai River. While the river itself is beautiful but what interesting here are the basin covers.

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The Basin covers of Saathiyar river covers an area of 819 square kilometers (316 sq mi). While also the total ayacut of the sub-basin is 4,279.89 hectares which equals 10,575.8 acres. There is also a dam which has been created near Vadipatti, which is known by the name of Saathiyar Dam. This Dam has been created so as to help for the irrigation purpose.

Selvi Koil Point

Selvi Koil Point offers you one of the most beautiful views of the town and surroundings. The place offers you the panoramic view of Chinnamalai town and also of Dindigul. The specialty of Selvi Koil point is at Dusk. At the time of Dusk, this place unveils one of the most splendid views of the surrounding. Dindigul and Chinnamalai town looks extremely alluring and illuminating.

Lord Murugan Temple

There is also a famous Lord Murugan temple which is located in the Mountain. Only 45 minutes of climbing over the valley and you will reach one of the most famous temple of the town. The Lord Murugan temple is known as the Vellimalai Murugan temple.


Best Time to Visit Sirumalai

The best time to visit Sirumalai is from December to March. Not only at this temperature is ambient but also rainfall is very little around the valley. One can easily roam around at this point of the year.


While the temperature is pretty good all year but in summers it reaches above 30 which is not very ideal for traveling around.

Monsoon season starts here in august and till November Sirumalai receives a good amount of rainfall. It can receive even up to 200 mm of rainfall which is not very good at the time of travelling. The road conditions are also not very best. So if you will be traveling around in monsoon so do keep these things in mind.

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While already said winter is the best time. Not only you will receive less rainfall ranging anywhere from 3 mm to 70 mm. Temperature also is very good which usually hovers around 25 degrees celsius.

How to reach Sirumalai

As the nearest big town from Sirumalai is Dindigul so its better to reach Dindigul first and then you can come here via taxis.

Reaching by Air

The nearest to here is the Madurai airport. Madurai airport is around 70 from Dindigul. You can easily get a bus or taxi from Madurai to reach Dindigul and then Sirumalai.

While the Madurai airport is well connected to some of the major cities of India. It is also connected to the Chennai airport which is further connected to national and INternational destinations.

Reaching by train

The nearest railway station from Sirumalai is the Dindigul railway station. The Dindigul railway station is very well connected to the major Tamil Nadu railway station. It provides robust connectivity to both Madurai and Chennai.

All the trains which pass from Chennai to Madurai pass from here only in Dindigul. Hence there is no problem with connectivity via train. You can reach the Chennai railway station first and then can reach Dindigul railways station.

From the Dindigul railway station you can easily get taxi to reach here.

Reaching by Road

Major cities of Tamil Nadu are very well connected to Dindigul. Both public and private buses run from all over the state to Dindigul.

While if you are coming on your own vehicle NH 7 connects Madurai to Dindigul.NH 45 A connects Kanyakumari to Chennai which passes through Dindigul only. While if you are coming from Banglore NH 209 connects Banglore to Dindigul.

There are over 18 bends here in Sirumalai

So when are you planning to visit such a beautiful place. I think Sirumalai is one of the best place to visit on weekends and holidays. This place will be you nice little getway from you busy life.

While if you love reading about travelling around Tamil Nadu you can read at Ixplore for more.

Also if you love to visit unexplored places like this one we have a series of Unexplored places in India.

Happy Travelling.

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