A highly regarded Sunrise Trek or Night Trek at Skandagiri is an epic journey through strenuous terrains that is as rewarding as it is tiring. The Skandagiri hill is one of the closest and beautiful places from Banglore. Nothing compares to the sunrise that you witness among clouds at the summit.

There are old ruins of the fortress of Tipu Sultan and dilapidated ancient fort ruins. That adds a haunting appeal to this trek. Skandagiri hill which overlooks Nandi Hills is also known as Kalwarbetta or Kalavara Durga. Walking among clouds here is an experience to relish. Skandagiri hills is the best one day trip in Banglore. While we all are busy in our lives this small gateway will surely make you happy.

Facts about Skandagiri Hill

Location: Chikkaballapura, Karnataka
Altitude: 1450 m
Trek Time: 5 to 6 hours
Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

Best Time Visit Skandagiri

Anytime is a good time for this trek. Winters and monsoons are usually considered the best time to go on this trek. On a winter’s night, nothing quite beats the stargazing after a difficult climb and in monsoons, the flora and fauna provide a fresh appeal to the trek. Summer trek to Skandagiri is doable if you have the stamina to withstand the treacherous summer season of South India.

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How To Reach Skandagiri

The nearest airport is in Banglore and after that you will have to take bus or taxis to reach here.

How to reach Skandagiri Hill by road

Take a bus from Bangalore to Chikkaballapur. From there you could take an auto-rickshaw ride to the base point in Kalawara village or walk on foot. You can also hire a direct cab from Bangalore to drop you to Chikkaballapura.
While if taking your own car/bike and arrange for parking in Chikkaballapur village. Park only if you know someone you trust or if you’re taking a driver along who will remain in the car. It’s best not to take your own vehicle to avoid fraudulent parking assistant.

Trekking experience and guidance

The trekking experience is one of the most beautiful. While we had done some tough trek in like in Bali pass trek but this short trek too was lovely. Sometimes long treks tend to become exhaustive while this one remains fresh and alluring.

I with my friends started the journey late at night. We started our journey from Bengaluru at around 1:30 in the morning and reached the hill base around 4:30 am. We then took the permission from forest department and you should too.

The permission from the forest department can be easily taken after reaching there. We then started our journey and reached the top at around 6 in the morning. While the trek is merely 4.5 km but it is a good grade trek.

The view from the top hill is one of the most fabulous ones. The sunrise view is one of a kind and explains why Banglorians love it. The view of valleys and the then rising sun was such a nice experience.

Skandagiri Hills

Things to Carry

  • Carry a woolen jacket if trekking early morning
  • Terrains are rough normal sports shoes won’t work good trekking shoes are a must
  • Carry a torch with batteries to help see at night.
  • Carry a water bottle with you
  • Carry some snacks and eateries.

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