The land of gods Kerala always amazes me whenever I have visited it. Ernakulam and Munnar are few places we have visited here in Kerala. But we all know that both of these places are just a few of many exotic places this state has to offer.

Calicut is our next destination to explore. We will find the best tourist places in Calicut and see what these have to offer. The lush green valleys of Munnar was the first time when I fell in love with Kerala.

Tourist places in Calicut are not far behind in beauty. Calicut or Kozhikode is near the coast of Arabian sea. This means beautiful beaches and pleasant weather is what most tourists come for.

While the beaches in Kozhikode are pretty but the Wayanad hills on the east side have their own magic. These Tourist places of Calicut are just a few of many I have mentioned. In our trip to Kozhikode, e will explore a t of other places too.

How to reach Kozhikode

By Air

The nearest airport is in the city itself. Calicut International airport is very well connected. This Airport is not only connected to big cities of India but also to an international destination like Dubai.

By train

Kozhikode also has a very robust railway station. The Kozhikode main railway station is very well connected to nearby railway stations.

By road

There are many interstate buses running for Kozhikode. Popular cities like Banglore, Hyderabad, and Chennai have regular buses for Kozhikode

Tourist Places In Calicut

Kozhippara Falls

These stunning waterfalls are in the borders of Kakkadampoyli. These waterfalls are extremely beautiful. The water here is very clean. The surrounding environment is also very serene.


The flora and fauna of this place have attracted many trekkers her. you can easily spot many trekkers here. The main attraction ok Kozhippara falls is the alluring view of Kozhikode. many people indulge themselves in adventure and swimming here. With these many options available it is One of the most favorite tourist places in Calicut.

Kozhippara Falls
Kozhippara Falls

Kozhikode Beach

As I mentioned earlier beaches have always lured travelers to Kozhikode. The famous Kozhikode beach also known as Calicut beach is an ideal stress buster location.

The beach is satisfactorily clean and the waves are calm. The sunrise and sunset view from this beach is loved by most. This beach also hosts some of the biggest festivals of Kerala Malabar Mahotsavam.

This beach has a few restaurants and parks along with it. The place is not only ideal for solo travelers but also for families. This location has become a great delight for people seeking a calm atmosphere.

Kozhikode Beach
Kozhikode Beach

Thusharagiri Waterfall

Thusharagiri means snow-covered in mountains in Malayalam. While I am not sure why mountains would be snow-covered here but this fall can be named like that.

Lying in the western ghats of Kozhikode district the Thusharagiri falls are one of the most beautiful tourist places in Calicut. The falls are located inside dense forests and require a bit of trekking to reach there.

While many would think it as an obstacle but we as trekker love every opportunity thrown at us. Not only trekking but rock climbers also love this place. The trekking trail towards lakkidi ghat is one of the most beautiful delights here. The serene environment and mindboggling views make this place in our top 9 list.

Thusharagiri Waterfall
Thusharagiri Waterfall

Thikkoti Light House

One of the most famous attractions for the people of Kozhikode is the Thikkoti Lighthouse. The special thing about this lighthouse is that it is built on the remains of a shipwreck.

The lighthouse itself is on a rocky shoreline. The Shoreline offers a scenic view of the beach. The waves of the sea splash over these rocks which make the view even more beautiful. The lighthouse is gaining its popularity among the traveler community very fast.

Thikkoti Light House
Thikkoti Light House


While Kozhikode is a new city but it also has a rich history. This is an ancient part of the town which was formerly known as Vaypura or Vadaparappanad.

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It is a very famous shipbuilding port and is one of the busiest harbors for fishing in Kerala. Know famous as one of the most famous tourist places in Calicut it was historically famous for trading with the Middle East.

It was due to this port that now so many Keralites love the middle east. With increasing trade relations people exploring new cultures. Now this place remains very calm and scenic. While it can be busy on days but the overall aura of this place is pretty.



While I don’t recommend watching Dam or Dam sites to my readers but this place is a little special. This dam site is located in Kozhikode which surrounded by lush green valleys.

The serene landscape of this place has made its name in our list of top 10 tourist places in Calicut. This dam site is only 15 km from the Kakkayam bus stop. You will need permission to visit this place.

The forest up top is very dense and beautiful. The wildlife here also is very enticing. With elephants and many other wild animals this place is very diverse.


Mananchira square

Mananchira is another exotic alluring place in the heart of the city. The clear water pool is what makes it one of the favorite tourist places in Calicut. The Clearwater pool is the center of the Mananchira square.

The pool is surrounded by temples, churches, and a few ancient buildings which are in this square. This water pool is a man-made but is a naturally fed here. It is said that this pool was built around the 14th century here in Kozhikode.

Mananchira square
Mananchira square

Tali Temple

Very near to Mananchira square is the Tali temple. The Tali temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Not only this temple is one of the most famous tourist places in Calicut but also It is one of the oldest temples here.

The temple is built in Keralan style which gives it a unique perspective. The temples in Kerala generally have a small pond near the temple and the structure has a lot of engraving on to it.

The same goes for the Tali temple of Kozhikode. There are various religious ceremonies that happen here around the year. The best time to visit this temple is around the New year of Keralites.

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Tali Temple  Kozhikode
Tali Temple


Just 10 km from the city center we have got you one of the most popular tourist places in Calicut. Elathur is a small little place surrounded by epic views.

Elathur is surrounded by a lake on one side and a river on the other. This unique combination makes it so popular in Kozhikode. While the village is a little isolated from the outer world but the views here are very alluring.

The seafood here is also very famous around all over Kerala. The Elathur is becoming popular day by day. This peaceful serene environment is loved by all. People who love to unwind themselves and want to relax Elathur is the best option for you.

Elathur kozhikode

So these were my Top 9 tourist places in Calicut. While these are just a few of many enticing places the city has to offer. This place is one of the most beautiful places on the earth and is not bounded by any list.

Best time to visit Calicut

While the city is very beautiful all year round but I will suggest visiting Calicut in the months of late October to March. The temperature is pretty ambient at that time and the weather is very pleasant.

During summers it gets a little hot here in Kozhikode and traveling is tough at that time. While if you are talking about monsoon than be prepared for very heavy rains.

Some frequently asked questions about Calicut

Are Calicut and Kozhikode the same?

Yes, they both are the name of same places.

What is Calicut famous for?

For exotic places like
1. THusharagiri falls
2. Kozhippara falls
3. Beypore
4. Kozhikode beach
and many other places

Which city is called the City of spices?

The city of Kozhikode is regarded as the spice city. From early in history due to its trade relationships with foreign countries the city has garnered this status around the world.

How far is Munnar from Calicut?

Munnar is around 270 km from Calicut. You can read our detailed blog on Munnar here.

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