Northeast India’s Best kept secret is surely Tripura. The states which were once home to the famous Manikya tribe is now also one of the most famous tourist destinations. The serene landscapes, dense forest, high mountains, gushing waterfalls are enough to visit this state. The tour of Tripura was on a list not just not for the love landscapes but also due to its rich history and culture. 

 Our tour of Tripura Tourism was not only where all the Travellers were going but also included visiting a lot of historical sites.  Like other North-Eastern states of India  Tripura is also very diverse.  The land of 19 tribes Tripura Also has some of the greatest waterfalls of India. 

 Tripura also is our window back to the past of the great living culture. The North-Eastern culture of India which is not truly shown in our textbooks. The Legacy and the tradition of this place is one of a kind which you will remember for years to come. So let’s explore Tripura. We will visit great monuments, holiday places and also try out tasty food.

How to reach Tripura?

Tripura is connected by all means of transport. Also this place has a robust transport system. The robust system ensures that we spend less time travelling and more time exploring.

 By air

 Agartala Airport in  Agartala Tripura is 20 minutes from the main city of Agartala. The Agartala Airport is a domestic airport and is connected with nearby cities like Kolkata and Guwahati by direct Air flights. You can find Taxi’s and other means of transport to reach the city of Agartala easily.

 By train

 The nearest railway station is kumarghat station. This is station is very well connected to stations like Kolkata, Delhi, and Indore. The railway station is 130 kilometers from Agartala, Tripura. From here we can find taxis to reach the city.

  By Road

Tripura is very well connected through road also.  The state of Tripura is connected to Guwahati via  Shillong by National Highway 44.
It takes around 24 hours from Guwahati to reach Agartala. Both public and private buses and taxis run from Guwahati. Also, you can also find taxi and cars from Kolkata itself which is 1645 kilometre.

Places to visit in Tripura


Welcome to the Home of Great Manikya kings. The capital city of Tripura Agartala is one of the fastest-growing cities in the Northeast. This city is rich in culture and heritage. It is a mix of natural beauty with different cultures. The city also boasts of many beautiful valleys and temples. The local bamboo handicrafts and hand made shawls are famous things in Agartala. Agartala is in the top of the list of Tripura tourism.

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Places to visit in Agartala

Ujjayanta Palace

Ujjayanta Palace is in the heart of Agartala city. While ujjayanta palace was built around 1901 but today it is more as a tourist place.

This palace has a royal history but today it is an epicenter for tourism in Agartala. This place has Durbar halls, Reception hall, Public halls, The Chinese room, and many other fascinating places. Not only inside is it fascinating but the view outside is serene too. There is a small lake outside around which there is a beautiful garden. The atmosphere here is beautiful. This Palace looks more astonishing and lavishes at night with lights.
Ujjayanta Palace is also the largest museum in northeastern India. This place is a hub for culture, tradition, and crafts. Ujjayanta palace due to its history and environment is one the top of the list of Tripura tourism.


Half n hour drive from Agartala will take you this another royal palace. The summer house of the royals of Tripura, Neermahal. It is located in the middle of Rudrasagar Lake. It is one of the most iconic places here in Agartala.

The palace is the vision of king Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bhadur. One of the most beautifully crafted structures in India. It shows how well artisans our ancestors were. The Palace is surrounded by lawns and flower beds. This palace is not only to appreciate but also you can do some adventure here. Yes, thrill and excitement inside a palace too. While not only you can do boating here but also birdwatching is becoming popular here.

One thing which you must not miss is the night show. The night show remains the heart of Tripura tourism. The evening show here in Neermahal is worth to watch. This place is way less crowded than any other big tourist destinations. Low crowded places also ensure that you enjoy the most here. It is also not restricted here and easily you can take a lot of photos.

Neernahal, Tripura

Sepahijala wildlife sanctuary

There is a wildlife sanctuary also near Agartala. This sanctuary is a research center also. There are various species of birds and animals in this sanctuary.
There is a rare species monkey that makes this wildlife sanctuary special. With all these, there are also various lakes around which provides boating facilities too. Sepahijala sanctuary is best for Wildlife Tripura Tourism.


The city of Agartala was surely a beautiful place. With all the Palaces and lakes, it was surely a nice welcome for our trip. But things get a little adventurous here. We went on for Kailashahar which is a popular destination here in Tripura. This place was once the capital of Tripura kingdom. Not only this is famous for its historical value but also due to tea estates. There are many temples here to visit and also this a popular trekking destination.

Now our trip takes us to Beautiful rock carvings and stone images. These rock carvings had grabbed my attention ever since I saw them, so it was a must-visit. Kailashahar remains at the top in the list of Tripura tourism.

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This place is full of sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses. The entry here is free and there are a lot of steps to climb to see the carvings. The main carvings here are of lord Shiva though, but carvings of Ganesha and Nandi are also here. The central Lord Shiva head is a rock-cut carving of 30 feet in height.
These carvings date back to as long as the 11th century. To reach Unakoti you will have to reach Dharmnagar which is 50 minutes from Unakoti.

With these huge rocks, the background is of lush green valley. The environment is serene and peaceful. While it is a holy site and prayers are offered here, you must-visit Unakoti when you come to Tripura. History buffs and culture buffs will surely appreciate this unique offering by Tripura tourism.

Unakoti. The mystery of unakoti


After Unakoti we straight went for Dharmanagar. Dharmanagar is a small town in the north Tripura region. While this place is not as such a tourist place but the night is affordable here. The local community here is helpful and cheering. We saw a Strong Bengali influence in the community. Which is also seen in the tasty food which we ate here. There are many beautiful lodges here in Dharmanagar which have beautiful surrounding.

Jampui Hills

The next destination is the Jampui hills. From Dharamnagar the distance of Jampui is around 70 km which takes two n a half hours from Dharamanagar. There are various taxi’s available from here to visit Jampui hills.

The lush green valleys of the Jampui hills will surely attract you. With that, there are orchids and tea estates here in Jampui to explore. This place is for a beautiful short family trip. Also, the peaceful environment and pleasant weather all around make this place special in the list of Tripura tourism.


The nearest town from Jampui is Kumarghat. Kumarghat is only 70 km from here and it takes around two n a half hours from here. Also, there are a good no. of hotels here to stay. This place is affordable and there are good options for food too.


From Kumarghat we directly headed towards Amarpur. The distance from Kumarghat to Amarpur is 134km and takes around 4 hours to reach there. While Amarpur is a good place but the main attraction here is Dumboor lake and Chabimura. As soon as you reach Amarpur you can head out for Dumboor lake or Chhabimura.

Dumboor lake

Dumboor lake is just 40 km from Amarpur. For Amarpur you can hire a local taxi as we could not find any public transport system and also we were running late.

The charm of Dumboor lake is surely an attractive place. The water around these small islands is very pretty scenic. With that, there are a lot of birds chirping around. This place offers boating too and you can see dense coconut forest around you.
The water is clean and the weather was pleasant. The cold breezy wind was the added cherry on the top of this Tripura tourism offering.

Dumboor lake
Dumboor lake


We went back to Amarpur and stayed there last night. Early morning we went for Chhabimura which is only 9 km from Amarpur. There are a series of rock-cut panels here on the banks of the Gomati river. These carved panels are as old as the 15th century. These show the images of the Hindu god and goddess.

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While if you want to explore more you can hire a boat that will take you along the river. The boat ride is about of 1.5 hours. You can visit caves and waterfalls there. The path is risky and slippery as well. The area is too narrow and one can have a problem while breathing. The boatman also forced us not to go further ahead as it gets a lot worse there. We respected the culture and the words of boatmen and went back. Devtamura is a kept secret treasure of Tripura Tourism. Many stories also round on this mysterious place but we were more fascinated by the carvings.

Chhabimura/Devtamura, Tripura

Tripura Tourism tourist map

Tourism map of Tripura with Itinerary
original map taken from Tripura gov website

Tripura’s Food

The community in Tripura is a large majority of Bengali’s. This uniqueness is also seen in the tasty food of Tripura. Tripura Tourism is incomplete without mentioning the delicious Tripura food. While there are a lot of options to eat here in Tripura but the majority is dominated by non-vegetarians. The main course here is around meat and some vegetables. Also rice and fish is one of the most famous dishes here.

Some of the tastiest Food I had while in Tripura

  • Mui Borok
  • Bangui rice and Fish
  • Bamboo shoots
  • Chakhwi, Mwkhwi
  • Muya bai Wahan

Tripura’s culture

Tripura is based on tribes. This culture enhance the Tripura Tourism visit. The origin of these tribes date back as long as 2000 years. The people here are of Tibeto-Burman ethnicity. The population here largely remains Bengali’s.

While the prevalent culture here is Bengali but tribal customs are also followed here. The people belonging to Tripuri and Jamatia tribe perform a special dance Goria and Chakmas perform Bizhu dance. There are many Ethno-linguistic groups like Tripuris, Jamatia, Reang, Noatia, etc.

Best time to visit Tripura

While you could visit Tripura at any time. The weather remains pleasant and fine here. But avoid coming in the monsoon season as it would be really difficult to travel. If you want to see some grand festivals then you can enjoy it from the month of October to March.

So how did you find our Tripura Tourism guide. If any suggestion please comment below.

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